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[Congratulation and Fourth period!!] Up until now, the universe is useless! I tried to summarize the series!!

[Congratulation and Fourth period!!] Up until now, the universe is useless! I tried to summarize the series!!



[Congratulation and Fourth period!!] Up until now, the universe is useless! I tried to summarize the series!!


The fourth stage of the rainy day was announced “Heaven and earth! Muyo Emperor “.

Well, at the time I heard the information

“Hoheh!” Σ (Д °)

I was talking about the water in the sleep, but the expectation grows over time, and the uneasiness increases. I’m in trouble W


But the universe is useless! But now it’s a pretty old piece.
It has come to be included in the classics of the last minute in the Nineties.
I think that people who are interested also have too many derivative series and do not know where to start.

So, today is the heaven and earth! Total summary of the series!!
The heavens and the heaven are so nostalgic, I look back!!


Everything from here… -Heaven and earth! Muyo (OVA)

天地無用!魎皇鬼 一 [Blu-ray]

Date of presentation: 1992
Related: (original)
Recommended degree: ☆ ☆ ☆ * ☆

It was announced by Masaki Kajishima in 1992, and the Universe of “original” is useless!
It is this, “Heaven and earth! Muyo.
It is called “Kajishima Heaven and Earth” by taking the name of the original author as a vulgar person.

Moderate seriousness and slapstick feeling, and dense content such as SF action outstanding destructive power.
This is crammed into the short length of six episodes.
And putting studying thoroughly special hen, Episode 7 “The Night before the festival!” A name episode that leaves its name in Anime Magazine!

Still, heaven and earth! It is this speaking!!


Each character’s design is attractive to each, but it was advanced by the depth of the description of each heroine.
The depth of the background setting of the heroine is outrageous, it will be the biggest point of this anime.
Because of the depth of the background setting of its so, Masaki Kajishima of the original is also said to set the cooks but (laughs)

However, the depth of this background setting is useless.

It shook the world as an innovator of slapstick love comedy. The universe is useless! Created many followers, of course.
The reason why many of them scattered miserably is that this work has made a mere “mystery motemote story” without understanding the depth of the story and the weight of the character in the back end.
The depth wriggling a variety of events in the backside that manzai doing, is the gist that supports the charm of Kajishima heaven and earth.


The universe is generally useless! Among the fans, point to this OVA series “Heaven and earth!” It is often referred to as.


To a deeper world! -Heaven and earth! Muyo (OVA)

天地無用!魎皇鬼 四 [Blu-ray]

Date of presentation: 1994
Related: (original)
Recommended degree: ☆ ☆ ☆

Original Heaven and earth! The second installment of the unique work that incorporates the story of each character abundantly.
The background of each character that was concealed in the overwhelming volume is told.

The atmosphere is slightly different from the one-term as for the supervisor and the screenplay because of the change.
There is also respect that the enemy who comes out is not as cool as the god of one term, and it is a fact that it lacks the upsurge.
However, the episode of the character that was dug up anyway, it is this series to enjoy endlessly with slapstick love rice.

And the mystery remained, and we fans were made to wait for nearly ten years until the third period (laughs)


By the way, I think that it is this second stage that the feeling that the universe is “family” looks strongest.


The popular version of Heaven and earth! -Heaven and earth! (TV) ~

天地無用! TV SET2 宇宙篇 〈期間限定生産〉 [DVD]

Broadcast Date: 1995
Related: TV version heaven and earth!
Recommended degree: ☆ ☆ ☆

And it was aired on TV since 1995. Here.
It is the one made by Hiroshi Negishi, and it is said, “Negishi version Heaven and earth”.

This TV series, the OVA version up to now has no relevance to the story.
Another story with the same character.
The setting of each character is re-developed, and “Seisound” has appeared as a new regular.

Anyway, until now “heaven and earth!” Slash cut a large amount of back settings that were in the demon Muyo], it is a feature of this work is finished in slapstick love comedy easy to understand to anyone.
The quality of the TV animation is high, and the universe is useless! It is also good to say that the work was pushed up in a dash of publicity.


The story is not profound or complex, but the elements involved are thin, easy to see and understandable.
It is the best series to look leisurely ♪


The first theatrical version to commemorate! -Heaven and earth! In Love (movie version)

天地無用!in LOVE [Blu-ray]

Screening Period: 1996
Related: TV version heaven and earth!
Recommended degree: ☆ ☆ ☆

And Heaven and earth! The first movie version is here!

The whole body of the theater Emaki depicting about the mother of Heaven and earth “Achi Hana” which was talked about in the field in the parents of heaven and earth especially.
To save the mother of heaven and earth, I draw the heavens and the earth to fight in the past.


Perfection is quite high in both the story and the Drawing, heaven and earth! I am proud of the perfect workmanship as the first theatrical version of the series.
The mother is Megumi Hayashibara is a tag of the Dream (laughs)

On the other hand, a very serious story on the whole.
The substantially is like a sequel to the TV series, but the atmosphere of the TV series is thin and easy to see, there is little slapstick love comedy Like Heaven and Earth (laughs)
The drawing is also suppressed in the overall dark color, I put out the atmosphere W


Can not be seen without tears!? -Heaven and earth! Midsummer’s Eve (theatrical version)

Screening Period: 1997
Related: Fiction edition heaven and earth! Muyo
Recommended degree: ☆ ☆ ☆

The second edition of the movie released in the following year, this “heaven and earth! Yves in Midsummer.

This is a rainy day tear!
It is a mysterious development that the daughter of heaven and Earth comes, but the last scene invites tears.

Heaven and earth! The story of the heroine is not a “love enemy”, but the setting that is the “family” anyway to make use of.
I think it can be because it works with the settings of OVA system.
It is a story to which the kindness of each character was felt in such an episode, and it was able to be done very well though the Muyo call which goes mad at woman’s jealousy and is usual (laughs).

The ending theme and the drawing are too great.


The world feeling (which is a series of useless) is quite complicated, but I think that it is safe to think that the sequel of the TV version of Heaven and earth is useless.

Not strictly the TV version, but the original “Heaven and earth!” The work that Muyo the flow of the Emperor Demon.
It is a story that is developed on the world view of the novel version Heaven and Earth (Fujimi Shobo) which was handled by Nahoko Hasegawa who was a screenwriter of the first stage series.
You can read the story after this in the novel version!


Why!? Rainy Day Special edition!? ~ New and Heaven is useless! (TV) ~

新・天地無用! TV DVD-SET1 東京立志篇

Screening Period: 1997
Related: (none)
Recommended Degree: ☆ ☆

No way.
Memorable Heaven and earth! The second edition of the TV series, has been competing in an extra-knitting elements throughout the series.

Hero Heaven and Earth is rainy day “living alone in Tokyo”!
And heaven and Earth-kun that rested from the heroines, the heroine who come across the wall of distance (Okayama-Tokyo) with overwhelming power easily.
The new heroine who comes out there is a classmate of high school in Tokyo.

It is a work with a unique element that is not easily seen.
The sheer ness of the universe is very thin, but it is also true that you can enjoy a variety of stories that were not present in the universe.
And that scenario is never crass.

However, the character Deza was too peculiar as a fatal defect…….
The character of the Heaven and Earth series has been refined considerably (and destroyed? Because it is stored, the element which cannot be accepted by the fan is also Tihora….


The story is not interesting, but it is not, I can not deny that it was the contents to be deployed in the theater version at most OVA.
It is an overwhelming mystery to throw away the original strength of the heaven and earth, and to have ventured on the big stage of the TV series Dare…….

Limited to those who have seen the other universe useless series, it may be a piece that can be enjoyed as an extra edition.


TV Series Complete hen! -Heaven and earth! In Love2 (theater version)

天地無用!in LOVE2 [Blu-ray]

Broadcast Date: 1999
Related: TV version heaven and earth!
Recommended Degree: ☆ ☆

The TV version is useless! Concludes the story of the complete hen.
The story of the missing heavens and the heroine who looks for him…… Well serious is fine W
Rather than a grand finale works, it is a strong atmosphere of parting works.

The fans of the TV series should hold their work.
It will not be boring even if other people see it, but would you choose a person?

It is not a slapstick love comedy to begin with, it is not a SF action, and the drama spun felt they were.
Perfection is high, and the skill of the director Hiroshi Negishi who accomplished it is splendid, but heaven and earth! I do not feel much.
In that sense, the first TV version of Heaven and Earth, which began with a sense of “normal”, is the feeling that the big adventure ended.
On the other hand, the original “Heaven and earth! Muyo “If you look from the fan, it may be seen in a somewhat heretic work by any means…….

TV Heaven and Earth, “the Universe Family” element is thin (sweat)


TV Muyo Demon Series that finally came out! -Heaven and earth! GXP (TV) ~

天地無用!GXP Vol.8 [DVD]

Broadcast Date: 2002
Related: Heaven and earth! Muyo
Recommended degree: ☆ ☆ ☆

It has been a long time as an imaging work.
The very long-awaited, the original [Heaven and earth! The TV series that received the flow of the Muyo Emperor] series is this GXP.

The hero and heroine are different, but the world view is common with the original.
Perfection is very high, the small difficult back setting seems to Muyo Emperor Demon series is alive and well.
The other side of the slapstick love comedy is doing, and various circumstances that seem to be difficult are moving, it might be said the workmanship like Kajijima heaven.

The focus is, at the time that was rushing into the era of anime heyday soon, the character design of Mr. Masaki Kajishima emits a color of its own good or bad?
I think that the design which is coming to an adalty adult woman chooses the person whether it likes or not.

Just the story is interesting overall!!
Especially from the people who were chasing the Muyo Demon series, I had a glimpse of a variety of elements that had not been visualized until now, even moving (laughs)
Because the content can be seen without problems even people of the findings, “Anime is too old too little…” It is also recommended to try to enter from this around.


By the way, heaven and earth! The heavens and the heroine of the Muyo emperor appeared only a little!


Miraculous Revival!? -Heaven and earth! Muyo Emperor Tertiary Period (OVA) ~

天地無用! 魎皇鬼 第三期 DVD纏(まとめ) [DVD]Announcement Date: 2002
Related: (original)
Recommended degree: ☆ ☆ ☆

The following year of the broadcast of GXP, it is the original story that was finally reported “heaven and earth! The pure sequel of the Muyo “series.
Heaven and earth! It was the announcement of the Muyo Emperor Demon Tertiary period series.

I’m sure I’m not the only fan who’s willing to shed tears W

Production moved from Pioneer LDC to VAP, but the director and screenplay were the second-stage staff.
The contents aired with great expectation and a little uneasiness…….


Yes, the universe is this.


There was certainly an element that made me feel the flow of the years.

Longing for the first stage series, that impression is not completely back.
But this is an inevitable change.
It is a degenerate, it is deterioration, and it might be one appearance of the heaven and earth which evolved according to the age at the same time.


Many fans were rejoicing, the heaven and earth of the long-awaited! Masashi, is the Resurrection Hen!!


It’s a masterpiece, but… The story of the Holy Knights of the Different World (OVA)

異世界の聖機師物語 3 [Blu-ray]
Release Date: 2009
Related: Heaven and earth! Muyo
Recommended degree: ☆ ☆ ☆ * ☆

OVA series announced in 2009.
Because it was aired prior to the full story in Animax ahead of the release, it may be a feeling that runs even though the anime series rather than OVA W
OVA is going to be aired prior to the release, I wonder if there was a very “sell” itself…? (‘ Ω · ‘)

The hero, the main character, is clearly defined as a blood relationship with the half brother of heaven and earth.
In Sakuchu, each of the proper nouns, including the eagle feather-chan, comes out and the title is different, but it is clearly a series that is useless.


Anyway, the workmanship of this work is a masterpiece.

Heaven and earth! The quality daily part which has refined the essence of the slapstick love rice which continues from the age further is said clearly and is unparalleled.
I feel like sending cheers to Kajishima world after a long time.
And, there are a few back settings lurking in the back of the day, and the feeling of a conspiracy play that is produced from there is really interesting.
It is the foundation of the fun of the series that does not fade through the years!

The biggest drawback is that the second half of the serious scene increases.
If the emotional depiction of the serious part was a little more skillful, it was definitely a masterpiece (^ ^;


The universe is useless from now on! For those who start to see the series, this work is probably the best recommended first!

The drawing is also good, and it moves slimy, and the relation to the Heaven and Earth series until now is hardly on the surface.
Because the story can enter easily from one story, it is safe.
I want a sequel!! W

For more information on this work, please see this review .


Short animation of Mystery-love, heaven and earth! (TV) ~

愛・天地無用! 参 [Blu-ray]

Announcement Date: 2014
Related: Unknown
Recommended degree:?

Heaven and earth! It was made to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the work.
By the way, 5 minutes anime.

Honestly, I didn’t see all of them.
The old heroines are out for a while.

The evaluation seems to be quite a break, but it was a feeling that it becomes interesting in its own way if I saw it.
It was a feeling of the development of the mystery that the heaven and earth which had been assigned to the girl high as an educational trainee simply was chased by the schoolgirl, and continued endlessly though said.

The director is Negishi Hiroshi of the TV version is useless, but the relation to the TV series is not clearly specified.


To a new history… -Heaven and earth! Muyo Emperor Demon (OVA)


And in 2016.
Finally…… Or rather, the fourth phase of the rainy day has been announced!

The ten years that flowed from tertiary period took away a lot of things.
I’m very excited to see what works.

The official homepage is here ♪



After all, there are a lot of works after all W
It is limited to the only imaging work, but there is also a radio series, novels, and cartoons…….
If you have a chance, we would like to introduce you.

In addition, “photon” and “dual” are sharing the view of the world Kajishima Works, the main character of the “Magical Girl Pretty Sammy” series is omitted this time.
Fan, Sorry m (_ _) m


Above, I looked back on the past Heaven and Earth series!
When the fourth period series is announced, we will continue to add here!!

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