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I tried to evaluate the whole series, including the anime version [Utawarerumono] to commemorate the first remake

I tried to evaluate the whole series, including the anime version [Utawarerumono] to commemorate the first remake



I tried to evaluate the whole series, including the anime version [Utawarerumono] to commemorate the first remake



This time, not a review of the anime Solowork, as an extra edition, I would like to review all the works of the game “Utawarerumono” series.
Because it is an anime review blog, I also review the anime version of course!


The other day, the first installment of the series [Lullaby to those who fall to be sung] is remade in the PS4/Vita version, it has been released.

There will be people interested in the series in the wake of this, in this article, and a brief review of the game (original), the difference from the remake, I want to summarize the difference and evaluation of anime ver.


The latest remake of the first just released, also summarized what changes there.
Please take a look at those who are worried about the series fans.


Utawarerumono (the first)


This is the first film in the series.

Teleread is a Win98 version of PC adult game.
It is the eroticism game that says popularly.


However, erotic is not the main.

It is a serious game that does not suit the atmosphere that a Kemomimi girl comes out, and many characters die.

The masked man who lost his memory and the Haquoo, the drama that is caught up in the war is the most attractive of the work now.
Especially, the revolution from a small village, and becoming the king of the country named Tusukul, and it is not possible to be excited by a very great synopsis of the war with other large countries.

In addition, I started the hero of Haquoo, the good thing about this game is that there are many attractive characters in the man!
Schemer, hot-blooded ovolo, cool Benawi, Battle-Maniac Crow.
Such as, lots of attractive man characters.
Of course, the girl of the heroine is also cute so rest assured.

The view of the world is built firmly, and it is a very high quality game.


The battle is done in the simulation RPG.
This is unexpectedly interesting.
It has a high degree of perfection and can be enjoyed by a wide range of beginners and experienced people.


Now, three degrees (! The subtitle “Lullaby to The Falling person” is attached to the work to which it was remade, and was remade.
First of all, these three remakes and the animation version are reviewed.


PC version

Since the PC version is quite an old work, it will be almost impossible to play now.
No voice.
Basically, the scenario is different.


There is only eroge, and there is an erotic scene.
However, the creators also knew that the appeal of this game is not erotic scene.
It ends easily.

In order to finish the erotic scene in just a few clicks, the main character is “The Emperor premature Ejaculation” what nickname is attached among the fans…

Because the pattern is also old, it will be no use to buy this game now for the erotic scene.
Let’s buy a remake version quietly.



Currently, the cheapest you can recommend is the PSP version.
PS3 in the game archives, if you can buy a PSVita 1000 yen Choi.


Unlike the PC version, here is a full voice by the gorgeous voice actors, great OP animation.
Of course, there is no erotic scene.
Love this OP personally wow.
The contents of the OP will also change according to the progress of the story, please try to see the person of the first sight many times.


I want to see it for the first time, but I have no money. This is the most recommended for people.

The battle scene is a simulation by the graphics of the same dot as the PC version, but there is no problem because the high degree of perfection originally.
Rather, this is the taste, and I like it.


The PS2 version is out, but there is no big difference with the PSP version.


PS4/Vita Version

It was released last month here.


The battle scene changed greatly.
Dot was changed to full CG……


It’s subtle, yes.


The battle system has become a thing after the second film, the depth is increasing.
But, if you want to do a simulation game there is not a lot of choice or even Dispgaia…

The music is also a rear range, and the image quality has been refined, but it is not from the area of a faithful transplant after all.
The most promising was the new OP animation, but no change.


Honestly, it’s not much worth buying if you’ve already played…
Tentatively, the character of the sequel in the DLC also seems to be used in the battle part, this is also faces…

Even though I bought it without hesitation if there is a new standing picture…
I think.

However, the price is also affordable, I want to do on the big screen, this is good for those who want to play with the latest models.
The package is cute, too.


Anime version Utawarerumono The lullaby to the falling person

The first generation has been animated in 2006. (Another 12 years ago…)

It is basically faithful to the original.
But I do not know because of the presence of the broadcast code, there are some changes (not the person of the erotic)


For example, he is a childhood friend of Eruruu, the heroine, the last of Nuwangi was a bad substitute.
In the anime version, the stargazing state ended up missing.
On the other hand, in the game version, when you move to the country to move for the heroine, broken man soldiers who became a wild bird is killed.
There may be many points that the anime version is slightly milder.

But, as the original is a masterpiece, I have a solid quality work now.
A concrete review is here.


The old picture is now as an anime and it would be a disadvantage to see…


The Mask of Deceit (second film)

The second film of the series.
Hard PS4/Vita.
The main character is not haquoo, but a person named Haku.

Drama in the first half involved in the war,
Instead, the story of what a kettle and the leader of the country’s help team, Haku weak to defeat the evil.


Because the tempo is not early in a peaceful mood, it might be boring at first.
However, this is the second half of the preparations.
Characters who came to love here, the drama that depicts is a masterpiece.
Especially, the drama of the character between men is hot more than the previous work.
If you have not finished the work now by playing the first one, I want you to play to the end.


The disadvantage is that it is a sequel.
It ends with a good thing.
I can rest assured that the sequel is sold now.


It looks like the previous work and the story is not connected, Banff National Park connected, I recommend to play as the numbering and chitin.


Anime version

Unlike the original anime version, this is not a very high rating.

Because the scene which feels the tempo is slow even in the original, and is faithfully animated, it is considerably guda.
In addition, the second half has been increasing the modification of the original anime, this is clear worse.

The quality of the drawing is not high, and it is not recommended to enter from an honest animation.
The OP was good, so there’s only one thing you can evaluate…


A detailed review is here.


Two white Emperor


The last installment of the series.

The story is completely a continuation of “false mask”.
Unlike the previous work, completely war mode from the beginning.
I had to keep the fun of the previous work completely until the middle, but the end is a little disappointing development…
I felt that I had done a very shame usage of the element of the interest that the previous work had left.


However, it is not kitsch, and I have put out a passing point as the final work of the series.
I think that the series is finished neatly.


About “two white Emperor”, the article that thoroughly reviewed here ※ There is spoilers 





Above, I tried to review all the series Utawarerumono.

The anime version is still
First > > > second film

I feel that.
However, because it is an old work even in the first generation, if you enter the Utawarerumono series from now, I recommend the remake.

PSP version is the most recommended because the price is reasonable.
If there is a Vita.


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