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The perfect animation of “STEINS” by Hanada Akira GATE Review

The perfect animation of “STEINS” by Hanada Akira GATE Review



The perfect animation of “STEINS” by Hanada Akira GATE Review


Broadcast time 2011 Spring Anime
Original 5pb
Official Http://

Rintaro Okabe, a leader in the “Future Gadget Research Institute”, a small invention circle based in Akihabara, was repeatedly inventing a daily basis with Mayuri Shiina, a member of the Institute’s Hashida and childhood friend.
One day, Okabe meets with Makise, a genius girl at a lecture hall headed with Mayuri

Score: 94 POINTS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (MASTERPIECE)


Thanks to the staff who perfectly reproduced the goodness of the original

A piece that became content enough to say that there is no one who knows no longer, the Steins gate.

The original story is a game.
The work of the story branching out by the choice while reading the sentence.

Now the work is an animated piece of work.


How to make the original very high degree of perfection animated.
It was not an exaggeration to say that it decided the completeness of this work.

In conclusion, this animation is perfect.

Drawing, directing and music.
And more than anything, screenplay and composition.

It was a work that only a writer and a composition were served by veteran Hanada Ten Teru.


I want to convey the charm of the anime that I have conveyed (rather than the charm of the work) and the charm of the original.


The charm of SF that explodes at once

The surface appeal of this work would be the charm of a unique SCI-fi setting.
It is very good to draw this SF setting.

The work is now a “time leap” piece in SCIENCE fiction.
No matter how many times you fail, the hero can go back and redo in the past like a game, and trial and error to achieve big goals.
It is a work that repeats the same time axis many times.

In these works, the repetition of trial and error makes the appeal of the work.
The biggest attraction of these works is the ability to inspire viewers to feel as if they are a player in a game, how to make a difference, and how to act.


However, the biggest attraction of the Stasi is not only here.

Accents the process of moving from everyday to SF, the explosive power of the character that it produces is the greatest attraction of the work now.


Too long everyday parts become “tame”

Now the opening of the work is pretty sober.

The hero who makes the microwave of “telephone range” which has an unusual character of becoming gel when warming the banana.
Various trial and error is carried out to this machine with unexpected function.

At the beginning, the scene of the functional experiment to this “telephone range” continues.

Use five or six to find out the cause of the banana as a result of the gel.
Then, the development itself is sober though there is a little progress though the function of the new “telephone range” is found gradually.

In addition, the main character is a free university student, and it is a so-called “play” for the experiment because it is not a professional researcher.
Therefore, there is no serious atmosphere, and the daily part continues for a long time.


But there really is a little bit of a serious mood that starts to flow.

What we’re doing is really dangerous, isn’t it?
Such an atmosphere begins to flow into the work.

If it is normal, the atmosphere of the entire work becomes serious without countered to such a flow.
But now the work shall not.


The reason for it is that “Okalin” which is the main character is “Phoenix Academy evil True” exists.

He is a terrific cooks two sickness.
“El Pusai Konguru” of nostalgia to various, quoting the word from the Greece myth, and talking to the organization of colleagues toward the mobile without the caller (of course, the brain setting is not real) and you want to do.

He returns the atmosphere that tends to be serious by comedy at a dash.
That’s why it’s a bright atmosphere in the work, and a comedy relationship centered around him that makes it possible to taste the charm of the surrounding characters well.

Because it is a peaceful world, it is possible to recognize the goodness of the character firmly.
In a world where people suddenly die, the mind does not move at all even if the character dies without knowing what kind of guy is usually.
The charm of a serious scene explodes because it has the attachment to the character firmly in the daily scene.

I knew this work well.


And, the serious mode which was tame to the tame explodes at a dash in the chance of a certain event.

The hero who was just that comedian was dismayed and the atmosphere of the whole work changed 180 degrees.
So, in earnest, this work begins to shine as a SCI-fi work.

Originally, the High-level SF setting, the addition of serious, will become more complete SF work.
Above all, the drama becomes interesting dramatically by attachment to the character cultivated in a long, daily part.


The character that supports everything and makes the charm

This is a masterpiece, and it continues to be popular because it does not depend on a catchy SF setting, and it focuses firmly on characters who move on the setting, and it draws there now.

It is the one to draw the character if the serious SCIENCE fiction development after it has been tame from there also is seen well ahead of the daily part.

Repeat the time leap to solve the mental and physical problems of each heroine.
There is a drama between characters.
I want to show the SF development is not a setting, but a character.
The story becomes interesting, neither the setting nor the world view, and only consist by the character.
I know this work well.


Cool hero

The hero of gal game must be cool.
That’s my claim.
I admit the objection, of course.

The hero of the work now, Okalin is a very cool hero.

He has little special abilities.
There is only the ability as an observer, and it is very helpless.
It is also the leader of the lab, but it does not have the ability to hack or have high technical skills.
And, it is a double sickness of cooks.

It is a mysterious useless hero that the beautiful girl gathers around when writing thus.
But when I finish watching this work, the audience is definitely going to like Okalin.


The reason is various, and it might be the biggest reason that the core is a hero well even if it looks comedian.

I firmly defend a fellow named Lab men.
I really cherish my childhood friend Mayuri.
From that posture, the viewer learns that he is not really a bad guy.
He’s a hero.

However, he does not disturb a comedian posture.
That’s why it would be more appealing.
This is the point of this character.

Not only a serious hero, but also an idiot, show the eccentric firmly.
They bravado hard
Too cool, and vice versa, but really cool.

The feeling that the viewer finds this hidden charm is the reason why it becomes to like Okalin more.
Even if it is cool, it is made to be natural, and it is different from the hero who show off outright.


And his unique character has created an atmosphere of work for both good and bad.

That is why we can continue to stay at the center of the story, and viewers can see the story with convincing.
It is an interesting character that is really unique and attractive.


Ability as animation

Above, it might be charm from the original rather than the ability as an honest animation.
What is the appeal of this work as an anime?


First of all, the charm of the original is to be animated, this will be exhausted.

Of course, it’s a natural story, but only a lot of anime is not able to do this.
There is no blurring of the axis as a work.
There is no difference between the original and the animation, and the fundamental appeal of the work.
(This is normal, but…)


Above all, the most attractive is the great composition by veteran Hanada, ten-hui.

Anime is different from the game, in about 24 minutes, the separation of one story is forced to be set.
In the last 24 minutes, intro, excitement, easy, finally pull to the next story.
It is a condition of the masterpiece that these elements are firmly in.

This is not to be done simply by dropping it into the animation just as it is from the game.
After grasping the overall composition of the game firmly, what kind of composition as a TV animation becomes attractive?

Thought it firmly and felt it was made up.

Really interesting every story.
In particular, the early stages tend to be dull, by making a pull to the next story firmly, so that you can continue watching.


There is a work to be beaten, but personally I love the screenplay and composition of Mr. Ten Hanada.
Even more, Xenogracia, euphonium…

It did not differ from such a masterpiece, and the work was beautifully made up to the masterpiece now.
Kanki Kaneda, Yosuke Kuroda, Hideyuki Kurata is a personal favorite screenwriter.
(Someday I’ll write a blog to analyze the screenwriter…)


The masterpiece which made a wonderful animation beautifully.

It can be said that it is a perfect animation.

In particular, the role played by Mr. Teng-hui, a screenplay and composition, is a big part of this work.
It is a splendid work that the person of the first sight and the fan from the original can recommend to both.


By the way, the story of another ED was added in the recent reruns to connect to “Steins Gate Zero” which broadcasts from the present (spring to summer of 2018).

D Anime store, so you can watch it, I think it is good to see in the unlimited distribution site.
From now on, the first look is better to watch zero from the original Ed rather than the added Ed, and finally see the regular ED of the work now.

I want to erase my memory.



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