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The Royal Road SF anime that the true value of the imaginary abyss has been demonstrated! “Suihoshi No Gargantia” review

The Royal Road SF anime that the true value of the imaginary abyss has been demonstrated! “Suihoshi No Gargantia” review



The Royal Road SF anime that the true value of the imaginary abyss has been demonstrated! “Suihoshi No Gargantia” review



翠星のガルガンティア (Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet) Blu-ray BOX 1

Date of presentation Apr.-Jun. 2013
Original Without
Official HP  Http://

The human race who advanced into space formed “Human Galactic Alliance”, and continued the war to annihilate the space life body hidears.
Lieutenant Redo, the military pilot, was caught in the warp of the carrier when he withdrew from the battle with Hidears, and was transferred to an unknown space area while boarding the human-type fighter “chain Bar”.

When he woke up, it was a ruined Earth.
People were sending the sea life to the sea because of the rise, and he who had been hibernating in the chain bar was raised from the seabed to the salvage shop of a huge convoy “Gargandia”.

A new life in the Gargandia of Ledo begins…


Evaluation score: 90 POINTS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (MASTERPIECE)


※ There is no spoiler


The first story of a great perfection

First of all, a part of the first episode of this work is depicted as a space monster called “Hidears” and a total war of mankind.
The main character, ” les de ” is fighting on the robot named ” Chain Bar” as one soldier in this total war.

The degree of perfection of this A part is terrific, and it is not surprising that one cool animation is made in this nori.

In addition, the terrible of this A part is to make the viewer understand exactly how the human race is caught up in a hopeless total war.
However, instead of explaining by the monotonous and tedious deployment of narration, it is described with a thrilling battle scene full of realism.

It is drawn so that the viewer can grasp the view of the world of nature and this work from the information of the image which flows to the screen.

However, the scene that the beautiful girl who feels the fantasy whiff enters a cheerful moving around when entering B part.
This girl is Amy, the heroine of her work now.

In the everyday feeling that does not feel the miserable atmosphere of a part, what she is seeing is a figure that the robot and the chain Bar where the hero was riding lie.
A mysterious robot made of a substance that does not exist in the everyday life of her.
No matter how you dismantle it, you can add a shock to it.
This different feeling gives us a tremendous sense of excitement.

On the other hand, in the view of the Rede, the scene of the chain Bar where Amy describes the spoken language as a completely incomprehensible language, and then analyzes and translates it at high speed, is a good scene where you can really feel the SF feeling.

At the end of the first episode, Redo learns that the Earth is now a planet, and the viewer is informed by the camera work that turns the current Earth’s state into a word rather than a term.
And the chain bar and the hero, and the heroine has started to confront clearly.

The pull of this first story is wonderful.

The cause of this excitement will still be strange of the script of Gen Imaginary Abyss.
After being confronted with a brutal and SCI-fi world view shown in A part, the hero who was living in such a world is thrown out to the world of the peaceful, fantasy of the opposite.
There will be no one who does not care what will happen.

At the same time, the direction of this work is implied by the story of a hero and heroine who lived in two different world views and changed.

Personally, I think the advantage of the hidden imaginary abyss is that there is a point where you can write the introduction of a story that attracts a jerk to the world of work.
In that sense, it was the first story of the script which seemed to be very imaginary abyss.


“Everyday” animation in the middle, taking advantage of SF setting

This anime, Robo also appeared, but there is also a solid SF setting, the contents of the middle of the “everyday” anime it would be good to say.

The hero with a completely different sense of values, I will draw the state of living in a huge convoy called “Gargantia” with basically one complete story.
It is admitted as a member of the convoy gradually though it conflicts with the difference of the sense of values at first, and the hero also causes the change in the frame of mind.

I draw this process very carefully, so I have to hold the meaning of each story firmly, there is no story to throw away.

The story of not only a serious story but also slapstick gag is put, and it is a very good content of the balance though it is thought that the confrontation from the difference of the sense of values is only heavy content when writing.

Rather than “worrying about the continuation of the story”, “I want to see more of their daily life” I want to see the next story will be because it keeps the high quality as “everyday” anime depicting lively characters who move vividly on the wonderful world view.

Of course, just because “everyday” anime, not that I wasted the existence and SF setting of Robo.
The chain bar which has the overwhelming performance in various meanings contributes greatly to the gag and the serious.
The Mysteries of ancient civilizations and the SCI-fi settings, such as the Hidears, have also given suspense elements to the story, making it an important element to make the “pull”.

I try not to get tired of viewers by adding spices that are not in such ordinary everyday animation.

Amy cuteness of heroine to say anything

I recited the wonders of the anime and various everyday, the most attractive of this anime midfield will be the cuteness of the heroine.

In recent years, the Orthodox heroine Amy is a very sober character with characters.
Energetic, cheerful, gentle, but just a little angry.

A dark character like the Lanbebe heroine has not been at all, but still obediently cute, I think it is attractive.

The cause of her cuteness is the drawing which moves well, and the acting of the voice actor, too, and the main character might be entangled with her still most.

As I mentioned earlier, the hero’s Rede that never had a normal life at all.
Basically it’s like an inorganic machine, so I don’t feel much emotion.
And I don’t feel hesitation to kill what I see as an enemy.

It’s hard to be emotionally populated with these protagonists, but since we also see the battle with that miserable hidears that were shown in the first episode, the action of the hero is also understandable.

The hero who causes the action which does not seem to be such a person is isolated in the Gargandeia, and only Amy does his side in such a while.
He does not miss the human likeness of a little bit of the Rede, and supports him.

It is basically really a good child.
There will be no man who is so kind and does not fall.

He is not a spineless hero though it becomes a useless man only to be saved when writing so.
There are only former soldiers, and their determination and physical abilities are high, saving the pinch of Amy and her companions several times.
She has a good sense of coolness that she has a favorable impression.

Kawaiihiroin with a cool hero.
A boy who didn’t even know to laugh and a girl who often laughs.
Both of this and Amy’s romantic comedy are terrific attractive, not only to increase the attractiveness of the two characters, but also to improve the appeal of the entire work.


A little bit of a serious late-end, but…

The daily part of the midfield is a no-no.
After that, various problems such as the isolation of the redo and the crisis of the convoy occur, and the transition from daily life to serious.

The serious part as digging about the character and the redo of the convoy is very interesting.
However, it was very boring to delve into the SCI-fi setting for the climax and the appearance of the Las boss.

Mystery elements such as the mystery of the identity of the hidears and ancient civilizations that were consistently present in Sakuchu, SCI-fi elements are solved at once, but this setting is not a shocking setting separately, and can be slightly “predicted”.

The LAS boss was predictable, and it was not very burned (personally).

The tempo which had been ideal until now became bad, and “sag” began to be seen.


Hot final story to overturn all

I thought that the evaluation of this anime, the end of the sag I mentioned earlier, about 80 points is a valid place.
However, the evaluation is easily overturned by the final story.

First of all, it was done to the development of the Super Royal Road everyone set.
The companions who overcame the problem so far and rushed to help the hero.
The heat of the development here is uneven to other anime because the daily part of the midfield was excellent and was attractive to all characters.

And, it is a state in the final story of the heroine and Amy who came personally a jerk.
Of course, an ordinary girl, Amy, does not participate directly in the battle.
It is very difficult to give such a heroine a role in the final game.

A lot of writers do it, and the heroine is made to “pinch” by the hostage etc.
Then, the heroine can be put in the center of the story in the final game, and it is possible to make the burning development.

However, there is a problem in the method.
It will feel the “sense of luggage” to the heroine.
Even though things have progressed so far, it is very often that this pattern is ruined because of the heroine, rather than being negative.
It can become sad that I feel a little hate to heroine that I liked until now.

It is a personal ideal that the heroine is not only saved by the hero but also wants to support the hero, and to be a purpose.

This work gave me such a wonderful ideal.
In the final episode, Amy does not participate in direct combat, but is in the role of assisting in combat and is depicted as an indispensable existence.
This role also foreshadowing the “delivery business” drawn from one story, so there is no discomfort at all.
Of course, it is involved in the combat in a positive ideal form of not getting in the way of the Battle of the Redo.

And, the heroine was to have given hope and the target to the hero at the end to be glad above all.
I can not write in detail because it becomes spoilers, the way the appearance of the heroine in the final story, such as the determination of the hero of receiving it is a wonderful depiction I want you to see.

The last foreshadowing recovery, the hottest deployment

And at the end of the final episode, the hottest development is waiting.

I can not write in detail because this also becomes spoilers, but you will feel if you see to the end.
It is a scene to defeat the character and the hero parting, and the Rasboss that defeated the Rasboss.

The heroine is not the only one who has fostered a bond with the hero in the everyday part of the current.
One of the things I wanted to draw in my work now is to say that it was “friendship” with this character clearly.

Personally, I think his death is a memorable scene in the History of anime (‘ · ω · ‘)


The Royal Road story that the genius of the imaginary Abyss shines

There is an image of a screenwriter who makes a miserable deployment, and it is likely to be able to finish drawing the Royal Road story which is the main charm of him now like the work.

Except for the end of the SAG, there is really no place to complain, personally I think it was a really good anime that was excited to see every week.

Icing on, but now the work was a work that really re-recognized the terrible of the imaginary Abyss Gen.
Gen Imaginary Abyss is not involved as a main screenwriter, but is involved in this work as a series composition.
But only the first story and the final story that he was a solid compliment, he noticed that he wrote the screenplay directly, so… I was willing to think.

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