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Greetings in 2019

Greetings in 2019

Happy New Year to everyone.
Thank you again this year.

The blog of the castle visit which started in March, 2013 is also in 2018Over the 300th
He was transferred to Thailand in October of 2017, and in 2018 he was writing a blog in Thailand.
But the frequency of the yearly update fell to about halfMore than 30 books have been updated.Let’s say it is good.
I was prepared to just spit out the stories I had visited, but in fact I was fortunate to have the opportunity to return home.30 visits over the castle. In the balance of the In-Out, it is said that the in (visit Castle) is winning Out (article update) a little. The blog seems to be able to continue for the time being.

Where did you find the impressive castle in 2018?
2019ご挨拶/01赤穂城.jpg  2019ご挨拶/02杉山城.jpg
First of allAko Castle! His first Japan since his appointment in Thailand (February, 2018). The first visit to the castle
-Also firmly entered the Kanto.Cedar CastleI was able to see a wonderful territory as well as the maintenance is made a masterpiece of the castle of the soil.
2019ご挨拶/03松山城.jpg  2019ご挨拶/04坂本城.jpg
-This is a trip with a bullet in Shikoku travel allowance.Matsuyama CastleIs a castle without explanation, the existence tower, renewed impression.
-Sink to the lake Biwa was not thought to be seen again at the endSakamoto CastleStone wall.

This blog has an analysis of the ranking in the site, 2014-2017 I tried to think about the reason of the castle with a lot of access number, but how was it in 2018?

Country Historic SitesRunaway followed by a boost since the designation,Jincheng Castle
2016 NHK saga “Sanada Maru” has been in second place since the effect of,Daisakashiro
Japan 100 CastleAfter the selection to the third placeSumoto Castle
The third place, after all, is unchanged from last year.


In this way, we will continue to thank you in 2019.

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