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Shiwasu No on Saturday in Akihabara, Maid Cafe “Edge Roman Pavilion” [Cat ear Maid Shop] [Aqua Princess].

Shiwasu No on Saturday in Akihabara, Maid Cafe “Edge Roman Pavilion” [Cat ear Maid Shop] [Aqua Princess].

Good evening, everyone. Yesterday I went to Akihabara after a long time.

The shop I went to is the edge of the Maid Café, the cat ear Maid Shop and Aqua Princess .
I woke up from a nap in the afternoon and left home at 15:00 to Akihabara.
I arrived at Akihabara after 16:00 in the evening.
First of all, to the Edge Roman Pavilion .
Although it is a shop with the concept of Taisho Roman, the maid’s uniform is a kimono and a hakama, and it is a shop that I like to talk to a maid and is friendly recently.
Rim Roman Pavilion If you want to know more about this, please refer to the past article below.
It was Mr. Rika of the veteran maid ‘s (maid) , and the rookie was Miko who was serving.
We had two guests, and we first ordered melon-sawder.

I showed the thing which Rika-san immediately.

It was a caricature. I asked a writer who is drawing a picture of the maid who follows on Twitter to draw it here.
The writer is also a hobby and is haunted by a maid café.
This is your Twitter account.

I draw a maid’s cute as you can see even if you look at the work that is published here.

I was able to order it smoothly when I request a caricature because it is understood well of the maid’s.
The request of the caricature is not accepted at all times.
It is irregular, but when I accept a request for a caricature, I think that it is better to ask after confirming a tweet because it is notified by a tweet.
The size of this picture is the postcard size .

Rika-San was very pleased with me and was humbled to be glamorized and praised for drawing with a good grasp of the feature.

Rika ‘s smile is lovely and I am attracted by the smile of this place and go to the Edge Roman Pavilion .
※ The table to set the amount and amount of the image below is not included.
This is what I purchased separately.

At the Edge Roman Pavilion , I was able to decorate the shop because I could not present it to a maid.

Rika ‘s likeness was taught the account of Mr . And the note at the time of the order because there was a visitor who wanted to draw the picture of the maid who was popular with a regular visitor.
I was also happy to have a caricature.
After this, I spent a chat with the regulars and Rika-san .
It is a cat ear maid Shop that stayed for one hour and headed next to the curb Roman pavilion .
If you want to know about the cat ear Maid Shop, please read the following article.
I write about the cat ear maid shop in detail since the middle of the article.
In the maid Shop of the cat ear , there was a birthday event of Maid Chan- san .
She came to celebrate because she was thankful by the maid who had become a consultation partner when it was always troubled by the pushing thing.
Here is the event menu.
I ordered the Kana Kozakana of the green apple soda and the maid’s exclusive drink of the original cocktail of Chan-san .
I decided to choose one of the four types of original cocktails with a bromide.
They were all pretty, and I was lost, but I chose a good smile.
Because it was early in the shop, the master (Designation of the Master in the Cat Ear Maid Shop) and the young lady were few.
She was very happy to give her a caricature of the present. It was drawn in the uniform of the Cat Ear maid Shop.
In addition, because I was drawn as a Christmas present a sketch of Yuri-chan of the pushing maid , I was delighted with a high tension when I handed it to Yuri -chan, Chan Yu , Yuri-chan was a big smile.

Yuri-chan is not a boast, but it is very pretty, and it becomes cute every time she grows up.

I think that it is to support the growth to a nice maid’s in the one like to polish the rough of the diamond and to make a beautiful diamond that recommends the maid’s.
Because it was an event, I ordered a Kana Kozakana for the maid and ate it with Yuri-chan because I could eat the food with her.

The manager , Mr. Mai , was teaching the maid of the first serving today, and explained it gently and politely.

Yuri-chan , Yu-san , and the customer spoke with a follower mouse .
The mouse is always Watching my Twitter and I push my favorite button.
It was nice to meet you this time because I didn’t have a chance to see you.
It was a maid café and maid’s favorite master(name of the master in the Cat Ear Maid Shop) to the maid.
Yuri-chan told me to come to see you on Christmas Day (December 25). I don’t know if I can come to see them on weekdays on other days, so I don’t have a day to see them this year.
Yuri said that she wants to come because it is lonely to be able to meet even if there is 15 days till next year.
It has been understood that the maid of the pushing says like this because it is pleased, and it is said from the real intention not the compliment or social polite.
I thought that I had to adjust somehow and go to meet this.
The day before I went home to Osaka, I answered that I would come to see you soon after work.
The schedule was an hour, but I decided to stay for another hour.
The next drink was hot coffee .
At the time of 7pm, the customers were visiting Pochipo Bee, but the maids went out to distribute the flyers outside. When I came back, she said that she was shivering and cold.
I was worried about my physical condition by looking at my hard work while cooling my body.
At this time of Akihabara, it is chilly to go outside because it is at night and it is difficult even if I wear a coat overdressed. If you go back and forth over and over again in a short period of time, you will get sick.
It is easy to become a maid, but I felt again that it was a serious thing to continue.
When I stayed for two hours and left the cat ear Maid Shop , the maid Yuzu-chan and Chan-yu saw me off with a smile.
After that, the Aqua Princess was headed.
In the Aqua Princess , the shop was waiting for the Aqua (maid) of Yuchan and Kimi .
Aqua Princess has a concept of the sea and Princess, and the Aqua-san in a calm atmosphere
It is very friendly.
Because the food is a concept café, it is higher than a regular restaurant, but you can taste delicious food.
Yuchan guided me, and took the order with a smile.
I always have tomato juice, but this time I made peach juice.
I ordered you a maid drink.
Rika-san of the Edge Roman Pavilion , Yuri of the Cat Ear Maid Shop, and the likeness of Chan Yun -san I was very interested in showing the original illustration, so I asked him to draw a sketch, and when he asked me, I told her that I’d draw your picture.
Kimi-chan is a maid who listens to the talk while smiling very often and always smiles although I have seen since the rookie who started the waiter.
I talked about the work of the past to check the break time when I told a Twitter account so that I liked the style of Mr. A very much.
I’m very fond of the picture of Mr ., but I did not think that there is an echo from the maids.
It is understood that it is working sincerely that it is firmly grasping the feature in the photograph when drawing a caricature well knowing the maid’s thing and drawing pretty.
You can see that it is not a handy caricature that you are drawing in spare time.
I stayed here for about an hour, but I was able to have a good time talking with you, Kimi-chan , and later in the waiter.


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