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Zen Temple (February 24, 2019)

Zen Temple (February 24, 2019)

The temples and shrines of Tanba continued, along with the niche temple of the High Temple of Aogaki and Yaminami
I went to one of the Sanzan Tanba Momiji Temple.

It is about three and a half years of worship,
The last time was a lush green hydrangea blooming.

On June 28, 2015, visit >

Address: 983 Miaburacho, Tanba, Hyogo
Sect: Soto-shu
Principal Image: The Bodhisattva of Ruyi ring
Founded: Eitoku 2 years (1382)
Kaiki: Ashikaga Yoshimitsuru
Founder: Yoshitoshi Einaka
Imperial decree: Emperor Enfuse
The Temple: 33 Sacred Sites, west of the Ice County, 88 sacred Sites



It was enshrined in a place 200 meters away from the temple.


There was a lot of greenery in the hydrangea season.
Is there no leaf here in winter?

It’s too dull. (^ ^;

Stone Buddha

[Shimizu Jizo-son]


Stone Buddha


Temple Gate


Two heavens are enshrined in the left and right of the gate.


It is black without the eyeball.

This is scary.


This is the winter temple.

It is the one that the green was overflowing really when the last visit,
If there is not one leaf, it is dull here.

The time of the cherry blossoms and the autumnal leaves is surely wonderful.
I couldn’t even imagine it in my brain. (^ ^;

It was so different from the same temple.

[Five muscle fence]


You can see a huge main hall in the back.

【 Belfry 】

Main Hall

It is a really splendid main hall.

This is the largest wooden building in the region.


I am so glad that you will be able to get in the inner circle.

【 Principal Image 】

The principal image is told that it was made from Emperor Komatsu later.

[Founder-Daruma statue]


It was in the back of the main hall,
I don’t know if it’s a treasure or a mortuary.


The Yakushi-no-Buddha, Jizo-son and others were enshrined.


Hanging scroll


[High Priest Lion statue]

This is the end of worship of the main hall.


[Water Koto Cave]

[Ming Dynasty Fudo]

【 Shoin Garden 】

The other side of the main hall did not go when I visited last time.

Stone Buddha

Persea thunbergii




I’ll make it in full bloom in the brain.


【 Kuri Corridor 】

[Idaten Fudo Ming Dynasty Daikokuten]

[Kuri entrance]

[Red Seal]

It was a memo as usual.<!–


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