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279: Motosu Castle (Castle at the border to hold the middle of the city)

279: Motosu Castle (Castle at the border to hold the middle of the city)

Date of Visit: August, 2016

Motosu CastleThe castle was in Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture.
It is a mountain fortress built in Shiroyama near the Lake Motosu, one of Fuji Five lakes.
The exact time of the castle is unknown, but in the first half of the 16th century astronomicalMr. TakedaPresent as a castle,Genkichi SpringThere is a record of the person that remains.
The middle of theIt is thought that it functions as a castle of the border security, that is, a castle of the boundary to suppress.
For this reason, there are many stone base ruins which are considered to have defended the highway at the foot of the mountain.
In 1582, the destruction of Mr. TakedaTokugawa IeyasuBecame to serveWatanabe, FuusukeThe fight for Mr. Takeda’s remainsTensho Ren, It is said that the guard of this castle was ordered after the road ahead of Ieyasu who headed to the Center for the center of the journey to Kai, and has also repulsed the invasion by Mr. Hojo afterwards.

本栖城/01分岐付近.jpg  本栖城/02石塁入口.jpg
[Left] first of all, it is said to have defended the middle of the mountain.Stone BaseI decided to go up to Shiroyama after seeing.
The branch from Route 139 (Fuji Panorama Line) to the former Kamikuisshiki Junior High School (closing) is a landmark.
Right: entrance to stone base.

The stone base remains in the southeast side and the northwest side across the National highway as shown in the Guide board. First, we will look at the stone base in the Southeast (right).

本栖城/03石塁南側.jpg  本栖城/04石塁入口北.jpg
[Left] This is deployed in the southeast of the National Highway.Stone Base
The stone base to the northeast side can be accessed from the entrance of the old Kamikuisshiki Junior high School and exit to the Shiroyama entrance to the right.

本栖城/05石塁北.jpg  本栖城/06円になった石塁.jpg
[Left] This is also a longStone BaseRemains.
RightCircularAndMasugataThere is also a stone base assembled in.

本栖城/07城山入口.jpg  本栖城/08駐車.jpg
[Left] This is the entrance of Shiroyama. It is near the national road, but there is no place to stop the car beside this.
The altitude is raised at a stretch at the beginning of the climb. Can you see the red car below?
There is a space to stop the car on the side of the road slightly north of the entrance, but the other place is sail fast, so parking is dangerous.
It is likely to stop because the car does not pass at the former Kamikyuisshiki Junior high school now.

本栖城/09痩せ尾根.jpg  本栖城/10蛙.jpg
[Left] After the altitude is raised at a stretch and the east side of the ridge is taken, the Hosoo root like the photograph continues.
Welcome to the right.

本栖城/11堀切4.jpg  本栖城/12堀基地(竪堀).jpg
Left: The first of the highlightsHorikiri
[Right] for some reason, it is explained as vertical moat.HorikiriIs.

本栖城/14堀切2.jpg  本栖城/14連続堀切.jpg
Left: The ridge is one of four reasonsHorikiriIs cut off. Of course at that time, it is not because there is a mountain trail like present, and the siege side should exceed these separately.
[Right] short sectionHorikiriHas become one of the places of view from the continuous.

本栖城/15堀切1.jpg  本栖城/15竪堀.jpg
【 Left 】 close to the center of the cityHorikiriIs a powerful thing using the bedrock of nature.
[Right] This will continue from HorikiriVertical MoatCan be clearly confirmed.

本栖城/16石垣(堀切1).jpg  本栖城/18石垣(堀切1付近).jpg
[Left] in the vicinity of the last HorikiriLavaUsingMasonryCan be confirmed.
[Right] also this.

本栖城/19堀切1上.jpg  本栖城/20曲輪5.jpg
LeftHorikiriTo see from the top. The height and the angle are enough.
It bends in the front after it invades from the right and left and it goes up to this position.
Right: It appears after the Horikiri area.Sogawa

本栖城/21石垣(曲輪4).jpg  本栖城/23主郭下石垣.jpg
[Left] You can still check the masonry of lava when observing the side of the main Guo from the inflection wheel under the main Guo.
[Right] it shows that the unique blackness is lava.

本栖城/22主郭.jpg  本栖城/24主郭切岸.jpg
Left: the highest pointMain Guo.
[Right] from the main Guo to the side of the west, strong in the Lord GuoKirikishiLooking at.

本栖城/25のろし台.jpg  本栖城/26のろし台石積.jpg
Left: The song on the west side of the main GuoSmoke signals unitsThere is a temple called the Earth.
[Right] to smoke signals unitsMasonryIs scattered. It is thought that it was a defense facility to defend the west side.

本栖城/27のろし台の先.jpg  本栖城/28のろし台先の堀切.jpg
[Left] The west side is cut off like the valley from smoke signals units. I’m not going to go…
[Right] I was able to descend from the south side of the smoke signals. This is a respectableHorikiri
There seems to be Horikiri still on the ridge ahead, but the main part of the castle area seems to be this far.

本栖城/29曲輪3.jpg  本栖城/30主郭石垣2.jpg
[Left] come back and expand to the north of the main GuoSogawaIs.
Right: On the side of the main Guo from hereMasonryCan be confirmed.

本栖城/31中道往還.jpg  本栖城/33信玄築石.jpg
Left: Heading to the north of the castleThe middle of theLet’s walk.
Right hereShingen StoneCalledStone BaseIs left.

本栖城/33案内築石.JPG  本栖城/32枡形石垣.jpg
[Left] There is also a guide, but it seems to be thought that there is one that the Takeda army built to monitor an important military road because the masonry and the method of the Motosu castle are similar.
RightMasugata ToraguchiStructure such as the defense mechanism and the idea of the castle is exactly the same.

It can be said that it is a typical Sengoku period mountain Castle prepared for the battle to hold an important highway.
How about Fuji five lakes sightseeing? I didn’t see anyone.

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