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390 Yen Steak

390 Yen Steak


I went to the shop “390 yen Steak” where you can have steak in a cheap place ◎

It is located just a short walk from Kita 24 Jo subway station.



The name of the shop with impact, it looks!

Immediately entered the store!!


There are a number of counter seats and table seats in the store.

There is also a little bar atmosphere??


First, a meal ticket machine welcomes you.



Various menus are pasted on the wall, and worries while seeing them….

Because it is with a photograph, it is easy to image!



The 390 yen steak, which is also the name of the shop, looks like the amount per 100g.

But the 390 Yen menu is pretty good too!


Order yourself here!


Hash Cheese rice Bowl (540 yen)


It’s not steak! It is a hash de cheese rice bowl. Lol

Grilled cheese on top of hash beef ◎



Hash beef as expected! Delicious!

The cheese goes with the sauce which is a little sour ♪

Because the amount is modest, the man might be good to make a large-sheng!



The side menu such as the salad was 100 yen, and there was a lot of menu to be worried ◎

But I should have made a steak blog…!? Lol


Also with the line.


390 Yen Steak
● Address
4-2-1 Kita 24-Jo Nishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business Hours

11:30 ~ 21:00
● Telephone
● Regular holiday

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