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A masterpiece that seems to be “precious” and obediently. “Gem Country” Review!

A masterpiece that seems to be “precious” and obediently. “Gem Country” Review!



A masterpiece that seems to be “precious” and obediently. “Gem Country” Review!



Broadcast time October-December, 2017
Original Ichikawa Haruko
Official site Http://


Synopsis: The youngest of the jewels is the most fragile and brittle, with a hardness of three and a half, and is not suitable for combat.
Also, no other job aptitude. Only the mouth was a truly true drop of one-out before. The first work is finally given to such FOSS at the verge of 300 years old.
It is a work of the museum compilation.
He looked at the world by the eyes, and was swallowed up by a big swell gradually in the experience of various things although it was Foss dissatisfied with a sober work.


Number of Evaluation: 87 points (Ryosaku) ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


※ There is no spoiler


Overwhelming image Beauty

The biggest feature of this animation might be in the image still.

The recent evolution of anime CG is terrific, and many works have come to be drawn in CG.

CG animation often has pros and cons, but in the case of this work, CG animation has given the quality of the work.


The appearance of the work now Carkler is not a normal human being, the body is made of jewelry (even the hair is made of jewelry)

In other words, it is an inorganic character.

The character’s texture, brilliance and mineralization are beautifully expressed in CG animation.
This expression can be expressed only because it is a CG animation.

Inorganic, candid, the CG anime that is often accused of various things like that, fit well in the atmosphere of the work, and brilliantly give the overall quality of the work.


In addition, just because CG animation, not that there is no force in the battle scene, the battle scene that characters who are pretty figure moves to Spiydi is very attractive.

The battle scene has become very attractive by the camera work to which it is thought how to put out the force which does not go out in the CG animation, and is not a rough production that it only has to move fast simply.


But the real charm of this work is in the drama that the charming characters make.


It’s like a royal road story, not a story

The main character of this work is the so-called “drop off”.

It is not sturdy enough to combat the enemy, which is said to be “moon-man”, and is not skillful enough to repair broken companions.
Each other character has a role, but only the hero is a drop that does not have a role.
It was two kinds of stories that I imagined seeing such a hero.

It is not a Nekketsu story that the hero crawls up.
It is not a story that the weak hero suits the insidious bullying, and depicts the human drama that it is in love.

This does not mean a certain kind of development.
Why is that?

I came to the conclusion that because all characters were out of the person.

They live for hundreds of years without being old.
There is no threat of life except for the moon.

All the characters that live in the world have their own unique atmosphere.

However, it is not only an overtly impersonal character.
Everyone has an attractive personality and emotions.
It is feminine cuteness.

However, it is different from a normal person somewhere.
And it affects the whole piece, the whole story.
You will never know if you want to watch this.


The most human, the hero

In such a way, the most human is the main character.

No good eliminating, not give up, bright and nosy.
Not only the ability side but also the character meaning she is different a little.

This hero does not have a special charm, but why not keep an eye.
There will be a setting of powerless, but it has a mysterious charm that can not be explained only by it.
Is it because of the peculiar performance of Kurosawa and Mr.?


As she is involved with her, the characters around her are changing as well.

They basically don’t change.
It has not only the appearance but also the sense that it is different from an ordinary man in the character, and has the feeling that it saw.

However, while spending time with different protagonists, they gradually change.

At the same time, the hero also changes.
Despair of the lack of ability of their own, or cursed the harsh workings of this world…
However, it continues to live without discouraged.


The main attraction of this work will be the drama created by the human hero and the characters around it, and the figure of the hero who grows through it.


The relationship where the adjective “precious” is perfect

There is an adjective “precious” as a term used between a recent net slang or a female geek mainly.

This is the impression that is used for the picture and the scene of the coupling and character, but if it expresses the relation between the hero and other characters of the work now, this word might be perfect.


I’m looking for a new role in my heart, Shinsha.
I shy away to myself with the ability to hurt others, and gradually open my mind to a hero who desperately tries to find a new role in Shinsha.

During the winter, the two of us went on patrol with the instructor.
The affection moves gradually by seeing the hero who strives desperately though it is irritated with the hero who does not hibernate.


The relationship between such a hero and other characters is surprisingly embarrassing to the sentence.
However, it has succeeded in creating a mysterious atmosphere, such as the screen by the CG described above and the world view created by the characters of the gem, involuntarily looking up.

I want to see more of the relationship between these characters, and I don’t want to break them.
It is possible to have such a desire strongly.

So keep an eye on the story unnecessarily.
And, it becomes a serious composition if becoming it in the second half.


A serious development facing the world view

The story goes to the setting which becomes the key of the work world when entering in the second half because the viewer vaguely understands the view of the world, and the doubt arises, and it is said that it will solve the doubt.

The identity of the enemy who is said to be the moon, the existence of “human”…
Such a mysterious development is developed from the second half.
The charm of the character mentioned above also combined, it is attracted to the story more and more.

And, the moon person is strengthened gradually, and the battle scene increases the sense of urgency.
Unlike the beginning, the minute you are attached to the character, keep an extra eye from the screen.


It is a change of the hero to symbolize the seriousness in this second half.

How will the main character, which was bright and the Noh weather, be changed?
I want you to confirm it with your eyes by all means.
She was bright in the first half, and the shock was terrific.

The most astonished of this change was the acting power of Kurosawa who had accomplished the acting of the voice which did not lose the fosphylite whiff while emitting a completely different atmosphere.


Screenplay, setting, character, drawing, all excellent work.

It is considered important in animation.

Screenplay (composition), setting (view of the world), character, drawing.

It is this work that all of them are excellent.
A unique world view and character, the animation that conveys it beautifully (CG), and the screenplay that attracts viewers perfectly to the world.

It is a work that all has begun to beat the level or more.


However, the problem is only two points.

One is that it is difficult to feel the early stage of fun.
Characters who have a unique view of the world (and quite a lot) are depicted at once, so it is difficult to keep up with a little.
Also, as the story does not have a dramatic development in the early stages, it is not to be attracted at a stretch.

The creator also understands it, and the early focus is placed on the relationship between the character and the hero of Shinsha.
Whether or not you feel attracted to the relationship between the two will be the difference between this work or not. (I was a dohamari).

It is a point that it ends in a insanely good place.

Please make a Niki…
It’s the way to end.
Because the original purchase is definitely a set, I might not be able to recommend it to the person of the’m broke Now (laughs)



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