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A real youth and impression “a place far from the Universe” review

A real youth and impression “a place far from the Universe” review



A real youth and impression “a place far from the Universe” review



Broadcast time January-March, 2018
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While I want to start something, the girl who has become the second grader of high school without being able to take a step in the first place, aka Kimari meets with the girl and Kobuchizawa to aim at Antarctica in the wake of a certain.
Even if it is said that the high school student is not able to go to the South Pole, Kimari who was moved to the figure of the report which never tries to give up absolutely, along with the report, “place farther than space”, aiming at Antarctica…

Evaluation score: 90 POINTS ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (MASTERPIECE)



The keyword of this work is “youth”.

The main character of the story is an ordinary schoolgirl.
However, in order to break away from normal life, when you enter high school, you will be youth! It declares.

The pleasing action power of this hero is drawn in the early stage.
In order to be young, I skip school and plan to travel alone, but I get scared just before I do, and after all, I usually go to college as usual.

The story begins to move by meeting the girl with the hero who was not just take in such a timid person.

It was a girl who declared that she was going to Antarctica while she was a high school girl.


It is this work that a variety of dramas are drawn to achieve the impossible goal of landing in the South Pole centering on two more people, the individuality of four people in total, and the high school student.


What is “Youth” in the first place?

There are a lot of works of the category of youth.
Youth and Love.
Youth and Sports.
The word youth is multiplied into various genres, and it is made.

Then, what does this “youth” mean on the whole?


A dictionary or a philosophical meaning is put, and the definition of youth in my story is the following one.

“A growing story of immature characters moving toward a big goal”

If this goal is love, romance youth work.
If it is a result in sports, it becomes a sports work.


However, I think that the part “immature” is a point.
Basically, the main characters of these works are not the people who have grown up, but there are still a lot of immature points.

I think that it is “youth work” to grow up as the “blue” person (regardless of age) works toward the target for such something.


In that sense, the work now works like an example of a youth work.

The main characters are age and mentally young.
It has the purity of being because of youth, and it is a very attractive character only by it.
They go through various dramas toward the goal of going to Antarctica and grow up.

How to draw this drama is perfect.

Let’s look at one of the perfect elements.


Anime so revitalizing story.

If you try to draw a young work in anime, often in the live-action? It often becomes a conclusion.

Rather, the live-action might be more effective in some cases.
What is necessary for the youth work is the character and the situation which can sympathize, and it is easy to realize the real stage and the live-action work using the person.


However, there is clearly a reason to make it in the media of animation in the work now.

It is to draw the goal of the work “aiming at the South Pole while being a high school girl”.
This goal is very difficult to depict in live action.


First of all, it is a budget problem.
If you try to incorporate the landscape of Antarctica in a live action, it is essential to take pictures locally or to synthesize by CG.
However, it is good if it paints the background of the South Pole just like drawing the stage of the medieval fantasy if it is an animation.


Besides these budget problems, the effects of animation are great.
One of them is that they can be a weapon of non-reality.

The necessary empathy and reality in the youth work.
If you make an unreasonable setting in the live action, these will be destroyed.
As for the actor of the reality, the desire to the reality feeling is high by using the stage.

It cools down at a dash when there is an unrealistic setting and the deployment even a little.

On the other hand, there is little demand for such a reality in the animation work.
Because it is a world of unreality, and divisible.


However, this work has never been the main process of going to Antarctica, and communicating life in Antarctica is not a documentary piece of the message.

I want to draw the youth of high school girls to the end.

So, Antarctica-related depictions are as small as possible to minimize the sense of non-reality.
The process which is decided to go to Antarctica is comparatively easily.

The time saved by these is devoted to depicting the movement and feelings of characters.

And, because there is no contradiction in the depiction of these drawn by taking the most time, the viewer can immerse himself in the work world firmly.


First story to tell clearly what kind of work

So, even if you expect a political bargain to go to Antarctica in this work or a survival life in the South pole of high school girls, nothing is gained.

The one that this work wants to draw is “youth” as written at the beginning.
The keyword “Antarctica” appears as a tool for drawing it.


This message can be clearly felt from the first episode.
Normally, if you go to Antarctica, the main character is the girl who definitely wants to go to Antarctica.
In fact, her mother was an Antarctic expedition, and such a character appeared in the work now.

However, the main character is not a person who wants to go to the South Pole with such a special background, and is a high school student “want to be Youth”.

She is a work to experience the youth…!
Such a message has been sent Bing from the first story.

Specifically, it is a detailed technique and the expectation to youth by the narration by the hero.
You will understand this expectation if you can actually watch it.


A skillful character making

The appeal of this work would be to make a polite character to say the least.

The main one is four high school girls.
I do not increase the character or more, only these four players to the end.
Because I’m focusing on this small number of people, I’m drawing a character’s episodes and features even in one cool piece.


It is also very tempting to make four characters.

Each character has its own weaknesses and strengths, and the characters are compensated for each other.

A character that only has the ability to act.
There is brightness and kindness, but it is a character of Zubora.
He is a strong entertainer, but timid and community-impaired character.
A pure, single-mindedly positive hero.

The exquisite teamwork of the four people, there is a sense of security that can not say anything.


It is not a dark character but a good character hero

When I introduce four people like this, the character of the hero is slightly thin.

It’s not wrong.
However, as a hero, I feel that it is a very good character as a character of this work.

First of all, it is a person who can sympathize well.

He is not an entertainer, nor is he a special upbringing.
However, it is a high school girl who wants to have youth.

It is a passing point as the hero of such a youth work in the respect.
However, only it ends with a sober character.
What is a worthy element as a hero?


I think it’s “purity.”

The other three are more pure and neutral than anyone else.
That’s why we do what we want to do, which we see from a point of view, and we are liked by other characters.

I think it was a good hero, but the unfortunate thing is that no definite growth was drawn.

While the other three have grown up through the story, I wonder if the feeling of the hero’s growth could have been a little more.


Not sadness, impressed.

The inspiring scene of such a youth work is to make an impression scene by sympathy for someone’s death and sad circumstances.

Personally, I don’t like that kind of work.
It is natural that a person is dead and sad, and it is thought that it is a certain kind of “reaction” that the mind shows, and it is not a true “impression”.


In the inspiring scene of the work now, you may say that there is no tears of such sadness.

The most pure impression I think of, may be the impression of my work now.


It is an impression by the achievement of the target.

Various targets come out in the Sakuchu including a big target “going to the South Pole”.
It may be a small goal of making friends, and it may be a heavy target of the feeling of mother’s death.

However, the characters make an earnest effort toward the target.
As I mentioned earlier, it is a very attractive character, so I will be emotionally populated with nature and rooting for them.

That is why we are so impressed when the goals they were desperately chasing were achieved.
Tears are out.


Attractive characters, each like their character, by chasing the goal, born impressed.
I think this is the real thrill of entertainment.


Great anime without compromise

Screenplay, directing, drawing.
In all, it is poured to draw the youth of four high school girls, it is a splendid youth entertainment.

I’m not really impressed by these works, but there are many scenes that I am very impressed with in my work, and there were a lot of scenes of tears.

It seems to have given the value of the category of the youth work in me.

It might be a masterpiece recommended for a lot of people.


If there is a point, the destructive power of this work will be even more great if it is drawn carefully with a longer animation.
And, if the character which crazy more (in a good meaning) was in this work, it might have been a more memorable work.


Ended up in the end,
A place farther than the universe
This is a nice title, but I like it the best.

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