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A recommended maid café in Akihabara (business from noon on weekdays)

A recommended maid café in Akihabara (business from noon on weekdays)

★ ★ December 2, 2018 (Sunday) update… from here

I will add about the shop which can go in daytime on weekdays.

The new additions are (7) “The Edge Roman Pavilion (that is, the Mankan)”, (8) “Ah-ru”.

★ ★ Updated on December 2, 2018


I picked up a shop which I can recommend for the first time that Momotaro goes to the Maid Café .


★ Are precautions before introducing .

Maid Cafe (including Concept café), the maid’s graduation event,

Various events such as birthday events are often held.

  At the time of the event is crowded with regular customers, the maid is also busy and not enough customer service is possible

  Is high.

In addition, the atmosphere of the Maid café because there is a case to cosplay not usually uniform (maid clothes)

You may not be able to taste it.

If you are visiting Akihabara from a long distance, do you have any official Twitter or other events in advance?

It is recommended to confirm beforehand.

For those who come to Akihabara from a long distance to the shop when you are a normal business in maid clothes

I want you to go. I can spend it more happily.



[Akihabara Beginner’s recommended maid Cafe]


Click on the part of the shop name to go to the WEBSITE or official Twitter.


★ Shops open from noon on weekdays


A shop that is friendly to beginners


(1) Honeyhoney Akihabara store

The interior is very refreshing and bright with sunlight from outside.

  There is no charge charge in daytime and it is a shop to put willingly.

* The appetizer fee (390 yen) is required at night from 17:00.


Lunch and soft drinks are set at 1100 yen and reasonably priced.

The Omurice and cakes are plentiful and the maids are Omurice

You will be drawing.

The maid is also cheerful and cheerful people, you can talk casually.

It is a shop that I can recommend for a beginner.

  ※ For women, maid clothes (maid clothes that are commercially available rather than HoneyHoney uniforms)

There is also a set that can be worn.

 (Added on April 17)

  HoneyHoney is equipped with a charging outlet and WIFI.

From April 21, Saturday and Sunday holidays will be non-smoking in the shop.

From July 2, the inside of the store will be non-smoking on weekdays.


(2) Private library Schesquiste

It is a relaxing shop near a coffee shop rather than a maid café.

It is popular with the person who works in the maid café such as the Maid of Akihabara in a long-established shop and the person who attends

The same You can enjoy delicious tea and cooking.


(3) Cure Cafe

In the store of a relaxed atmosphere in a long-established maid café with a history of more than 10 years in Akihabara

A neat maid of the long skirt is serving.

The food is delicious and there is a good lunch.

There are many kinds of teas, and there are delicious sweets and can be used as a place of the tea of the young lady

The same


(4) Akiba Absolute Area

The shop which is popular in Akihabara is the absolute area of Akiba.

In addition to enjoy the live of the Maid has been featured in the TV and magazines, Cheki shooting,

You can also talk with the maid.

For those who want to experience the Maid Café of Moe Moe feeling that there is a charm unique to Akihabara

It is recommended.

  The charge fee is 600 yen per hour, and the drink is a one-link system.


(5) The Snow Fairy’s abode “Lillian Prian”

  It is open from 13:00 on weekdays.

A maid café with a concept of snow fairy.

There is a counter seat which imagined the crystal of the snow in the shop, and can talk a lot with the maid.

It is a shop.

Please take a look at the following article in the past to write the access method with photos.

  (Reference article)

   At the weekend evening Akihabara Snow Fairy’s abode “Lillian Prian”


  (Added on April 17)

WIFI and charging outlet are provided.

Non-smoking in the shop (Aikos: Electronic cigarettes may have been OK).


(4) rabbit Concept “Jibu”

Open from 15:00 to 22:00 on weekdays.

Weekends and holidays are open from 13:00 to 22:00

It is a lovely interior decorated with pink tones. The uniform is a very cute uniform which matched pink and white.

It is a shop where you can talk with the maid of the thing Moe Moe feeling is not.

You can listen to Cheki shooting and the maid’s live.


(6) Miko Cafe “Akiba-Tei”

 Footbath Café “Roman-Tei”

Miko Cafe ” Akiba-Tei “, Footbath Café ” Roman-Tei ” is on the same floor in the affiliated shop.

Akiba-Tei and Roman-Tei also talk to the maid at the counter seat (Akiba-Tei is Sajiki seat).

Is a shop where you can.

Romantei is able to talk with the maid while soaked in Akihabara’s only footbath.


Charge charges are as follows per hour.

Akiba-Tei: 600 yen, Roman-tei: 1,200 yen


(7) Rim Roman Pavilion

This is a maid café opened in December 2014, with the concept of Taisho Roman.

Because the name of the shop contains the romance, there is a person who is confused with the above-mentioned (6) Roman-Tei, but it is a completely different shop.

It is a style to enjoy the conversation with the Maid (maid) without feeling that Moe Moe in the counter main shop.


Business hours are as follows.

Weekdays: 14:00-23:00

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 12:00 to 23:00


It is as follows in the unlimited drink system rather than the charge system.

Soft drink: First 30 minutes (1000 yen), extended 30 minutes (800 yen)

Alcohol: First 30 minutes: 1,500 yen, extended 30 minutes (1300 yen)

You can also take a picture in addition to Cheki.

Because the maid will talk to you positively, it is a shop that can be enjoyed because it is not left unattended.

I want you to read the reference because I am writing a detailed article about the curb Roman pavilion.

(Past articles)

Akihabara Maid Cafe “Edge Roman Pavilion” first infiltration of Sunday


(8) for those who

This is a maid café with a concept of a cute animal that opened in June 2015.

It becomes the affiliated shop of the Edge Roman Pavilion above (7).

The system and business hours are the same as the Edge Roman Pavilion . (Some menus are different)

Although the concept of animals is made in the store, you can feel the concept of the animal without feeling discomfort and feel free to enter.

In addition to the counter, there are table seats and groups (more than 4 people) can respond.

It is recommended for the person who wants to go to the Maid Café because the Multitenant building where for those who is in is only in the Maid Café.

I would like you to read in detail because I write about for those who in the past article.

(Past articles)

The first infiltration of the Maid cafe in Akihabara.


[A shop with a little hurdle is high]


(1) Akihabara heart of Hearts

It is a maid café of the school system in a long-established Akihabara.

There is a feeling Moe Moe, the feature is done in the Maid café, such as a charm and omurice drawing

You can enjoy what you want.

It is a famous shop in Akihabara and also become the subject of TV dramas and entertainers visit.

It might be good to try a ladder because it is in the same building as the above -mentioned Sengoku Café & Thing .

  ※ Sengoku Cafe & Stuff is open from 17:00 on weekdays.

There is a maid who is also idle activity, and live is done frequently in the shop.

So I want to talk to the maid quietly in a bustling shop that was very noisy so quietly

It might be unsuitable for the person who wants to spend.

It is recommended for the person who wants to listen to the maid’s live, and to enjoy it.


(2) Bakumatsu-Dressing cafe, new selection group

It is a high-profile shop as a dressing café of Akihabara.

It is a shop that I can recommend to a young lady because there are a lot of handsome’s dressed.

The location is very close to JR Akihabara station.


(3) Maid Cafe Mia Cafe in a noisy topic in Akihabara neighborhood

  * This is open from 17:00 on weekdays.


 The official Twitter topic is often noisy here.


It was a shop which was not very noticeable though it is a long-established café which lasted more than 10 years in Akihabara.

However, the runaway tweet By The official Twitter operator from around February of this year

Become a hot topic in ( burning tweets → Real intention exposure of management), the net neighborhood, in the Neighborhood maid Café

Has become a topic.

The shop itself is not a problem in a regular maid café and many people commute long.

I think that it becomes a travel commemoration to go to the shop which became a topic.


This is the shop which I can recommend in Akihabara that is easy.

If you are interested, I want you to come and visit us.











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