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Anime version of [A Diamond] Review! It was hard to start looking at it somehow WW

Anime version of [A Diamond] Review! It was hard to start looking at it somehow WW



Anime version of [A Diamond] Review! It was hard to start looking at it somehow WW


ダイヤのA Vol.1 (初回特典:44Pスペシャルブックレット,寺嶋裕二先生コミック表紙原画使用ミニクリアファイル) [DVD]

Broadcast time October 2013-March 2015
Original Yuji Terashima
Official HP Http://

Eijun Sawamura was eliminated because of his own last junior high school tournament.
In front of such an Eijun, a scout of the Tokyo baseball prestigious school and Blue Way high schools appears.
I don’t feel like going to Tokyo, Eijun.
The Blue Road High school which was taken by the middle force without the mind…
Then, Eijun meets the catcher and Miyuki Kazuya called the genius.

Evaluation SCORE:★ ★ ★ ★ 88 points (Ryosaku)

※ Does not include spoilers


Whether you’re interested in baseball or not…

Anyway, Omoro.


There is a disadvantage if it sees as an animation, and there is a place which wants to be thrown.
But it’s genuinely interesting, and it’s a piece that anyone can enjoy obediently.

Whether you like baseball or not, it’s sure to be a great destructive scenario.


The greatest weapon is character’s personality (gag power)

It is the one that the character making is very long, and this work is the same.
Character is standing in all of the characters that come out anyway, how to draw is terrific.
The desire at that time, the background to be there, there is no compromise on each character, it would be the biggest attraction.
It is a very good story that is adept at how to make episodes and does not require easiness in psychological depiction.

Especially the character of the hero’s Sawamura and rival’s descent is excellent, and it is not an exaggeration to say that this work is the maximum factor which draws the line with other baseball cartoons in these two people.
It is a genius, but nuke is not sarcastic, and the Nekketsu system is annoying too much, and sawamura not annoying in the reverse.
It is the development which becomes the main axis of this work that the Nekketsu system drama of verisimilitude is sittin’ on supported by each gag element (W).

Sawamura’s Nekketsu-based behavior is likely to be quite disgusted (annoying) by a person.
There might be a person who avoids sports one by saying that “I dislike this”.
However, the greatest feature of this hero is that it is a gag character thoroughly from usual.
Therefore, most of the action is included in the gag element, and “annoying Nekketsu scene where teeth float” is not so much W


The biggest differentiation of the common Nekketsu-based baseball cartoons is that this anime mixes the gag elements well in a serious line, and the atmosphere does not become too nekketsu…… Is not it good that the venting is done?

Of course the workmanship of each serious scene is also a masterpiece.


The tempo is loose, and the inside of the character is easy to transmit

I read the original story (halfway), but the impression that I received a little in the original and the animation version is different.
It was felt like all of the charm from among the game development of a good tempo in the original, “the hottest”, but in the anime version, the way of drawing is gradual, it is made to be more conscious of the inside of each character.

But is it closer to a result theory rather than a compliment? W

If anything, it might be close to stretching (time-earning) techniques like the old Dragon Ball.
It is not bad as directing, but because it is long between one sphere, it might be irritated by a person WW


The drawback of seeing it as an anime…

As I mentioned earlier, it is a very interesting work in ordinary, but when viewed as an anime

The drawing doesn’t move.

The point is worrisome W

No, it’s okay.
It is usually interesting, and the drawing of still images is yell.
Because the expression that the character’s psychology entered firmly in each scene is drawn, there is no lack feeling separately.

However, it seems to be anxious that the person who is anxious does not have a dynamic drawing.
I think that the level of ordinary people do not care so much, people who stick to the drawing a little attention W


As a baseball anime is definitely the highest peak

It’s an interesting piece anyway.

Even if you remove the categorized of the recent, it would be a level work that can be said to be enough “the highest peak of baseball anime”.
Such as some basketball anime and certain valley anime, while the anime of the sports genre that has not come out so far is conspicuous, it is a work that showed me whether this is also the ability of baseball anime is the Royal Road.
It’s definitely recommended for people who like baseball, and even if they don’t have interest, they can recommend it to people who want to watch anime and other things.

Well, after that is where I want to be a great anime soon!


※ More Banff National Park Review,“Diamond A-SECOND SEASON-“ is written in (spoilers), so please read it if you are good m (_ _) m

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