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April 4, 2019 Maid Cafe & BAR in Akihabara [Blue egg] first infiltration…

April 4, 2019 Maid Cafe & BAR in Akihabara [Blue egg] first infiltration…

Good evening, everyone. I went to the Maid Café & BAR“BLU EGG” which opened in Akihabara in March after spending one and a half hours at the familiar Con café by Akihabara on the way home from work last night.
It is a shop made by the project Selene Co., Ltd., a company that is developing four restaurants in Nagoya with a body language accessories firm.
Made in the original design and bright blue and white decorated I feel good feeling from the woman.
The shop is located on the 5th floor of the Multitenant building in the area where maid cafes gather. All tenants become the Con Café.

At the entrance, the name of each store in the Con Café is lined up.

The elevator rises to the fifth floor.

If the door opens, it becomes a shop from there.

By mistake, the owner who wore the maid clothes was greeted with a smile from the counter seat when getting off from the elevator while thinking that the button on the floor of the destination was made a mistake, and the maid immediately guided it.
There are five counter seats and four tables in the store. The room was very small.
It is a somewhat unsuitable feeling to enjoy it with five people and six people in the group. If the seat is vacant, it is possible to sit dispersed.
The maid had a description of the system and a guide to the menu.
What is the address and system of the shop? 】


Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, 1-6-3, Akiba play Pavilion 5f


Twitter Account



It will be here on the map.

JR Yamanote Line Akihabara station Electric town Exit 5-minute walk


Business Hours

Weekdays: 18:00-23:00

(Monday to Friday)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 13:00 to 23:00

One hour charge system
Male: 800 yen
Female: 500 yen
※ In Akihabara is not uncommon automatic extension system, the maid will confirm the extension 10 minutes ago.
Prohibited items in the shop
It is also forbidden to rant, touch and act as a nuisance to other customers.
The photograph seems to be limited to the food of the table or the counter that the cast and other customers do not enter.
Introduction of the Menu
・Maid’s BREW BLU Egg coffee 800
・Various soft drinks ¥ 700 yen
Grapefruit juice
Ginger Ale
Orange juice
Oolong Tea
Green Tea
BULU EGG Proud tea 800
Blue Egg
Earl Grey
・La Busan Souchong
Le Fna
Various types of alcohol
Whisky 800
(Horns, Tris, Jack Daniels)
Beer 800
(Asahi Super Dry, Heartland, Kirin Ichiban Shibori)
Wine 800
Shochu ¥800
(Black Kirishima, Fukano Takarayama, Yoshiyoshi 4 6, Kagami Mon)
・Assorted cocktails 800
※ There are various kinds of champagne, but I will omit it here.
Various food Menu
Popcorn 500
Mixed nuts 500
・Assorted sweets 600 yen
・Usleaps ice 600
Enter the new
Cheki 800
・Reward drink 1000
(We can toast with the maid.)

It takes time for tea to make coffee for the maid.

Tea was a very stylish pot, and I felt the tea cup design was good.
I ordered La Busan souchong for tea.
Here’s a quick introduction to la Busan Sioux Chong .
It is called the original tea, and the origin is tea made in Wuyi Mountain city in Fujian province in mainland China, and there is a peculiar smell and fragrance because it smoked using the pine in the production process of the tea leaf, and the habit is strong tea.
It is a popular tea leaf in Europe.
In Chinese name, it is ” Shozan small ” (Chung Shanxiao Chong).
Because tea is favored in United Kingdom and abroad, the name of the region of China, which is the origin of the country, has been translated into an incorrect alias.
As an aside, Wuyi Mountain is a scenic place that is also registered as a World Heritage site, a kind of Chinese tea (Oolong tea), and is famous for it.
Tea leaves are harvested from tea trees native to the weathered rock of the surface, but the tea tree of the highest-quality product ” Daikurenai ‘ fees ” is put under the control of the Chinese government, and the price is valued in the cost of several hundred million yen .
Now, back to the subject from an aside, pour the hot water into the pot poured into the cup from the steaming flavor and smell of smoked incense is a feeling that I drink decoction the herbal medicine strongly habit.
But the rear entrance is a refreshing tea when you come to like it.
So, if you are interested, I want you to drink it by all means.
But tea with a habit is not good if you order Darjeeling and Assam.

I was serving three maids, but everyone came to greet me with a smile.

The owner, Mon-San, has four shops in Nagoya and a maid café in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, and there are also some maid cafes that have been produced in the shop, and the experience is piled up, and employee education is done well.
I have visited the shop in Nagoya several times, but the maid’s education is very 行ki届ki and tight.
In the shop in Nagoya, there is a severe examination to be promoted from the opening of Twitter and an apprentice independently.
If you pass, you will be treated as a full-fledged maid and a Twitter establishment.
When I went to Nagoya, I heard a story to the maid of the series store, but it is likely to fall once or twice the test.
But when I passed, I was very happy to talk to my best.
I think that the shop of this place and the maid’s education are made as well as Nagoya.
I thought that it was a serious hard work because I saw the operation of the shop while shuttling between Nagoya and Tokyo.
In the shop, I thought that the table and the counter seat were unified in a bright atmosphere based on white and pale blue, and it was easy to enter the store for women.
The restaurant was a lively atmosphere with regular visitors.
Of course, when the customer is few, it is possible to guide a new customer by distributing the flyer as well as other stores in Maid Street (in Akihabara, as the maid is handing out the flyer in the side most).
I was impressed by the polite feeling and smile when you are watching the maid’s customer service.
I was wondering if there is a lot of exposure of the skin to look at the image and Twitter and maid clothes, but it was a good feeling than see in the photo and not so much when you actually look.
I stayed for only an hour, but I was able to enjoy talking with the owner, Mr. and the maid.

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