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At Cafe BISCOTTI (Biscotti) on October 3, 2017

At Cafe BISCOTTI (Biscotti) on October 3, 2017

Good evening, everyone. If you think that the temperature seems to fall in the Chunichi of three consecutive holidays today, it was heat exceeding 30 degrees like summer.
I took a train from the afternoon and went to Tokyo.
First of all, I headed to Otsuka station next to JR Ikebukuro Station.
I got off at JR Otsuka Station and headed to the Café which I found by chance on the internet search the night before.
This blog is usually written about the Maid Café in Akihabara and Tokyo, but this time I’m writing about a regular café rather than a maid cafe.
The name of the shop is called BISCOTTI ( biscotti) .
Italy Biscuits.
I will explain how to find this shop and why I have noticed it.
In the Maid café where I often attend, maid clothes become necessities naturally, and the maid clothes are often talked about in conversation with the maid.
Therefore, I am looking at the homepage of the Candy fruit of the maid Clothes specialty store in Akihabara.
Candy Fruit is planning and carrying out the production of original made clothes, sales of eyeglasses as well as sales of glasses, and a photo shoot of a collection of photography models ( sponsored by Candy Fruit Photo Club) .
I was interested in the Twitter account of the model that belongs to the Candy Fruit Photo Club and I knew that I worked at this shop.
The shop was not just a coffee shop or a café, but a shop operated by the Marshmallow Photography Association which collects the model like candy fruit , and it seemed that the model worked as a cast.
The store also doubles as a gallery and exhibits works of photography, and exhibits various events, individuals and groups at a fee.
I especially stopped my eyes in the uniform of Mr. Cast. Because it is not a maid café, it is not a maid clothes, but there are goods in a very neat, and it was a nice uniform of the feeling which looked like the maid clothes.
I would like to see the cast page of the homepage.
So I was curious and decided to go to the store.
A 7-minute walk from JR Otsuka Station North exit, you can go straight ahead without hesitation as shown in the following map.
Take the north exit of Otsuka station and go straight ahead on the left Diagonal street.
If you turn left when you arrive at the arrow part of the map above
You can see the shop.
There is also a terrace seating outside.

The plate of the shop is a stylish feeling.

Then, it enters in immediately.

The clerk greeted me with a smile and a warm voice.

There were three counter seats facing the kitchen, and a table seat on the wall side behind the counter seat, and there was a table seat in the interior.

The room was clean and the room was very comfortable.

The table was decorated with flowers, and the table of dark feeling was made gorgeous.

The clerk brought me a cold towel with a smile and gave me a menu.
You can see the menu on the website, but soft drinks are from 400 yen to 500 yen and the same price as regular CAFES.
Alcohol is 1,000 yen for beer and 600 yen for cocktails.
The food is 300 yen for snacks, and the curry and pasta are from 1000 yen to 1300 JPY.
The dessert is 800 yen ~ 1000 yen, but it seems to be a 100 yen discount to order with a drink and a set.
The food was a little high compared to a regular coffee shop, but I thought that drinks, alcohol and desserts were average.
It is a supplement, but because there is an outlet which can charge With WiFi in the store, it was feeling that I could do the computer work for a short time.
I was still having lunch, so the highest beef curry in the hood and a drink iced tea
And, it waited for a while and the curry had been carried.
There is a warm ball in the center, and it is a usual curry feeling seen.

The taste is delicious, but the price setting of 1300 yen is a little balanced, and it is a place where the evaluation is divided by the person.

I made the Clerk delicious (including the hot Ball), and the taste in the Maid Café in Akihabara and Tokyo was not so much, but it was a range without dissatisfaction if I think that there might be more than 1000 yen.
After I finished eating the curry, I thought it would be nice to take a picture of a woman’s model on the wall, so I took a look at it and wrote down a memo on the inside of the store.
The customer was like a regular clerk and words, or you have seen the smartphone in the extent that conversation three words, I was only those who have seen the photos that are exhibited in the same way as me.
So, the inside of the store is quiet and calm, and you can spend time relaxing in a calm space.
It might be difficult for me to sit down for a long time because the chair is wooden, but I thought that it was also good to bring a favorite book and to read quietly.
Finally, I wrote that it’s not the same as a regular CAFÉ, but there are some things that are different. Let’s enumerate it.
(1) There is a reward drink to Mr. Cast. (Drink fee + 300 yen)
(2) There is a cheki shooting with Mr. Cast. (1000 yen per cast of one person)
(3) There is a cast’s original cocktail. (1,000 yen per cup)
(4) The shift of Mr. Cast has been released.
For those of you who have read my blog, “This menu is in the Maid café? It may seem, but it is not a maid café, but a regular cafe .
I was also worried about how I could understand, but cast is not a maid, so some people are doing a photo session model, I thought it is a personal guess that such a menu was born.
I stayed for about an hour, but when I summarize the evaluation of the shop, it becomes the following.
(1) in a residential area, there was no noise and it was comfortable in a calm space.
(2) Mr. Cast’s customer service is polite.
(3) WIFI, power supply also can be like Nomad.
(3) You can appreciate the works such as pictures of beautiful models.
(4) There is also a delicious drink and food.
(5) Exchange with the cast (model) is also possible.
(6) There is a point card (line Shop card system).
 * Give one point per visit, earn 10 points and drink a cup free.
(7) Credit cards can also be used in accounting.
The location is just a few minutes walk from JR Otsuka Station and it is one station from Ikebukuro Station, so when you are tired of shopping or play, or you want to spend time in a quiet space, I think it’s a good idea to stop by.
I’d like to go there again soon.
I’m interested in what kind of shops we have at night, so I would like to visit and report again.


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