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At the Maid Café “Cat ear Maid Shop” in Akihabara on April 6

At the Maid Café “Cat ear Maid Shop” in Akihabara on April 6

Good evening everyone. Yesterday, I went to the maid cafe “Cat ear Maid Shop” in Akihabara, I will write a little about that.

Yesterday, I went to the maid shop in the cat ear after I stopped by Aqua Princess .

I went to see the maid’s maid who gave me a consultation when I always had trouble about the Maid café and the Maid-san because she was serving in the housemaid Shop of the cat ear .

The counter seat and the table seat were crowded almost filled when entering the cat ear Maid Shop .

I sat at a vacant table.
The menu was taken by the maid’s, but I met her after a long time, and I felt relieved when I told him that I was getting better because I was worried about my asthma.

There were new customers and regular customers in the store, and they were chatting happily with the maids.

The Earl Gray of the tea which I ordered came to be carried, and the maid of the new comer came to greet it when drinking.

The cat ear Maid Shop has been instructed to go greetings such as introduce yourself so that you can remember the face and the name to the regulars in the education of the rookie maid.
After this, the maid’s daughter came to talk. She had graduated from the maid Shop of the cat ear once, but had been away from Akihabara for a while and was returning as a cast again.

She is a very firm maid and she is also studying sake and making cocktails.
It seems to make the Shaker The swing of the cocktail in earnest.

I met him after a long time, but the expression was crisp as before, and it showed a smile at times.
I felt that it will become a shop to be able to enjoy even more than the cat ear Maid Shop by the reliable cast’s return.

Then she came to talk to me and ordered a Kana Kozakana drink (a soft drink that we could toast with the maid) and talked to her.

She had a bad throat with a cold and gave her a delicious ginger bath and a throat candy from a shop that had a reputation for being in Osaka.
The spicy, medium-spicy, used Kuzuko (litter) uses good things and warms the body gently to the throat.

Well, I was talking to the Chan-san , and the Maid cafe suddenly made in Nihonbashi in Osaka was a hot topic.

This is borrowed from the official Twitter of Mr . WHO graduates in a burst .

The Maid Cafe Sengoku Cafe in Akihabara in Tokyo in the series & BAR Although it is a photograph that wore the maid clothes of the Puru, it is a very pretty lovely housemaid.
As an aside, I have decided to open the second store in Nihonbashi, Osaka on April 17.

When she went to Osaka to play, she became a fan of the encounter, so I went home to Osaka on the 26th, so he was happy to go TO the meeting and get a cheki and give a gift.

I ordered Mr. Yu ‘s cheki, so I asked him to write a message for him.
I will take it back to Osaka and give it to Mr. Rabbit .

I stayed in the store after this, and spent it leisurely.
In the shop, customers come in succession, and it is buzzing to guide the customer who put the voice when the maid is distributing the flyer outside .

Scheduled time (1 hour) Because I exceeded it, I ordered tomato juice and watched the news on the net.
The new maid came to greet me at this time. The maid of this place is a friend of Yu -san.
She told me that she didn’t have a maid experience because she was invited by her and entered a cat-eared Maid shop .

It was very easy to talk with a beautiful woman, and it was a good impression without feeling like being tense like a rookie.
Mr. Maids graduated in spring and it was less, but the new maid came in and is increasing again. The number of students enrolled is more than 30 people.

The maid was introduced by a friend, and the relation between maids looked good.
* The appearance between the maid is an impression seen from the standpoint of the customer side to the end.

The manager is in charge of the maid ‘s education.
It is a person who also distributes leaflets outside to stand at the head of the maid in the direction to talk positively to customers without a smile.
The guidance seems to be polite and gentle.

There is the guidance, and the cat ear maid shop can spend without getting bored because the maid speaks positively.

Some parts of the shop are being renovated and it seems to become wider soon.
I am looking forward to how the menu will change as it is scheduled to be revised.

I stayed here for two hours and left the shop, but she saw me off.

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