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At the Maid Café HoneyHoney, Akihabara in the mid-November 3 consecutive holidays

At the Maid Café HoneyHoney, Akihabara in the mid-November 3 consecutive holidays

Yesterday, I went to Akihabara in the afternoon with an eye examination and a band adjustment of the clock.
Because I did not eat lunch, I entered the Honeyhoney Akihabara shop of the Maid Café first of all.
Fortunately, it was not crowded, and I was able to enter without waiting.
I sat down because the counter seat was vacant.
Because the appearance of the maid’s waiter is seen well from the counter seat, the maid’s movement is understood well.
The maid Reiko took the order with a bright smile as usual.
The daily specials of the Honeyhoney Akihabara store are teriyaki chicken rice bowls .
Some of the maids met for the first time.
Mr. Koito, it is a chrysalis . Both of the maids were HoneyHoney for the first time.
Koito is a very cute maid with a semi-long bronze color But her hair is petite.
The impression was good because it talked with the greeting with a smile.
Sasagi-San spoke with a gentle expression with a slightly unfussy feeling. He told us that customers are kinder and easier to work than previous bytes.
In the counter, Mr. Shirayuki , a veteran maid, was busy with snappy and setting up dishes that had been transported from the kitchen, putting drinks and accounting.
The situation of the shop was always confirmed, and the instruction was put out to the maids of the hall as appropriate.
I was impressed that the maids are moving well even if they are busy and snappy with a smile on their face.
Since the restaurant is a long holiday, many regulars and new customers come to our shop compared with the regular Saturdays.
The Honeyhoney is attractive because there is no charge fee and delicious food is served at a reasonable price during daytime.
The maid is also busy and is serving to talk to the customer and enjoy it.
Now, the teriyaki chicken rice bowl is daily.

Try to up the bowl.

It was delicious, and after it had filled the belly, it drank hot coffee after the meal.

The daytime lunch time is 1186 Yen with a set of daily and soft drinks.

Some customers order Omurice and other dishes.
Every dish is offered at a cheap price in a maid café in Akihabara.
It is a shop where the Maid Café is easy to put without resistance even for the first time.
It is a maid café, but the type of sake is substantial, and there is a visitor who comes to drink sake with whiskey and sake, too.
Because there are a lot of table seats, the Akihabara store can cope with a large group of people.
It is advisable to call in advance if you want to visit with more than four people because it may be crowded on weekends and holidays, or weekday evenings.
For more information, please visit the website above.
The following points should be supplemented:
The store is non-smoking at the Akihabara shop all day. There is a smoking place outside the shop.
You can also pay by credit card .
・Various events are held on an irregular basis, and some of the national wines and specialties are added to the menu for a limited time.
Omurice the maid’s drawing, there is also a latte .
The orange squash made by squeezing the orange in front of the maid is also popular.
There is no Cheki shooting in the menu at other stores. Once you have completed one point card, you can take one of the next Cheki.
You can take the group Cheki with the maids who were serving you when you shoot the Cheki.
It is recommended for the person who wants to experience the Maid café for the first time because there is no attraction menu like the other shop and the shop which can enjoy willingly.
I was going to have an eye exam, so I had to leave in an hour.

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