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At the night of the weekday in Akihabara daughter daughter Bien…

At the night of the weekday in Akihabara daughter daughter Bien…

Good evening, everyone. I came to Akihabara at the end of my work today.
It was raining unfortunately, but the maids were working hard to distribute the Flyers.
I wandered aimlessly to go, but the maid of the Chinese concept Maid Café daughter-in-the- garden made me smile.
It was a cute maid wearing the maid clothes of the petite blue cheongsam style.
I decided to go to the shop after a long time because I was attracted to that smile.
When I entered the shop by the Maid’s guide, the bottle lined up in the back bar was increasing from the time of the last visit.
I felt the commitment of the manager Lana Todo .
The kind of whiskey is increasing, I like whiskey, and I thought that I wanted to come again.

There was a coaster which was not the last time.

The maid of the following was served on this day.
Mr. Lana Todo , Lili , Mr. Key, Yu-san .
About daughter and daughter Beauty garden , I am writing an introduction article in the blog in May of this year.
Please read the reference if you are good.
(Past articles)
[Points that are different from the above article]
The consumption tax is added.
-Free first charge for female guests
Food menu is increasing.
There is also sake that is not on the menu.
* Original cocktail (handling of 1000 yen)
Please check with your maid for details.
I think that a high liquor is more than 1000 yen.

I looked at the menu and ordered a craft tea as well as last time.

The maid who guided me was Mr. Yu , and it was rookie of the fifth time becoming the maid of daughter daughter Beauty garden .
When I got to know my name, I was asked to write a blog and he told me that I was reading a blog.
The reader of the blog is in the maid’s is often, but I’m glad when it is said to be very helpful because it is written in detail about other shops.
The inside of the store was not as big as before, and it was good.
The reason why I have a stuffed panda in the counter was a little calming.

Well, the craft tea that had been ordered was carried.

You can see the flower in the tea, and the flower open.
It is a tea to enjoy watching.

There seem to be three kinds when I look at a menu.
However, it seems to become other tea leaves if it is out of stock not always having the same tea.
The price is 1500 yen, but I can enjoy it because there is Niaki.

Because the cup is a glass, the color of the tea can shine beautifully and drink it deliciously.

Mr. Yu talked about the present of the drink (also called the Maid Drink in other stores).
The original was the lady who went to the Maid Café and became a maid to admire the maid’s.
It was longer than black hair short, hair was straight and shiny and beautiful.
She used to be blond, and her hair color changed a lot.
But the hair quality is good, so it’s not hurting? If you listen to genetics or the hair is a good condition.
The shop was relaxed at one point, but the maid came back to guide the customer as soon as she went to the flyer handing the panda’s cover to her head, and it has become lively to come to a regular visitor.
Lana , the manager of the store, had been busy working to follow the maids and customers with a smile.
Because Mr. Yu ‘s maid clothes appearance was suited, I asked the cheki in two shots.
Because it is a very pretty maid, I want you to go to meet.
Thank you for drawing cute!

After this, the maid Lili came to talk, and talked about the Shrine maiden Café “Akiba-tei” including the thing. Lili served as a priestess (maid) at Akiba-Tei during the day and told us that at night she was serving in her daughter-daughter Beauty garden.

It was fun even if I talked with a nice maid who smiles like a blonde.
I thought I’d like to see her wearing the Miko’s costume.
Then, Mr . Key came to greet and talk, and it was said that it was happy to be able to serve together because there was a cute maid in daughter daughter Beauty garden . There seemed to be a maid of the pushing in Akiba-tei, and it was said that it was a lot of fear to serve with the maid of the pushing if it heard why it did not serve at Akiba Tei. I thought that it was the one that it was important like that when the same maid also was a pushing. (^ ^;)
Mr . Key felt that the snappy and the movement were good also in the waiter.
I was able to talk happily with the attitude to talk with the customer positively.
I was able to stay for about one hour while tasting the craft tea and happily talk with the maid.
When I finished checking (accounting), the maids waved with smiles and sent me.


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