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At the Osaka Nihonbashi Mansion Maid Café “Andante”.

At the Osaka Nihonbashi Mansion Maid Café “Andante”.

Hi all! Since I’m back in Osaka from last weekend, I’m going to introduce a maid café in Osaka.
First of all, I will introduce it from the shop which I visited on Sunday 18.
On the 18th, I went for a walk to Osaka Castle Park in the morning.
After that, we moved to Nihonbashi in the afternoon and headed to the Maid Café “Andante” .
Please visit the following WEBSITE for the Andante’s opening hours, System and menu and access methods.
Andante is a long-established maid café in Nihonbashi that is proud to be able to eat handmade dishes.
It has been operated for a long period of time, but there was a closed crisis in the middle.
There is a strong support and a warm voice of a regular master, the young lady and has survived until now.
When I come to Nihonbashi, I stop by to eat if I have enough time.

I didn’t eat lunch, so I came to enjoy the daily meal.


The daily specials on this day are pork loin rice bowls .

When I entered the room, the second floor was vacant and I sat up the stairs.
Andante is divided into non-smoking seats on the first floor of the basement and the second floor.
And, the roast rice bowl of the daily pork and the drink made it to the pineapple separately.
The menu is detailed on the HP, but I will keep the image up a little here.
The basic one is either a single drink or unlimited drinks.

The drink menu is here.

Tea is also an obsession and there are several flavors of tea available.

The maid’s Kotori , the maid’s Kuro-san , was cooking in the kitchen.

I was sitting on the table at the back of the second floor, but you can see the kitchen on the first floor and the maid’s cooking from the table at the side of the staircase.


First of all, the pineapple juice of the drink was carried.

I had a little talk with Kotori-san , but the glasses suit well, and the customer service was a polite maid.

In Andante, you can talk longer by giving a drink to the maid, but you may not be able to speak at that time because the waiter will be busy when the order enters.


It is a shop loved by local regulars, so many people come to eat food or to taste tea or dessert.

And, it waited for a while and Mr. Kuro was carrying the daily day.

Mr. Kuromichi was able to tell a little story when I visited the day before, but I talked about the Maid café in Akihabara and the Maid Café in Nihonbashi.

The maid was very easy to talk to.


And this is a pork loin bowl .

A small bowl and miso soup are attached, but a small bowl comes out and there are a lot of home-like dishes that change depending on the day.

Pork was also delicious with thick meat.

Every time I visit each restaurant, I feel the high quality of the maids ‘ cooking.

The Master of Osaka thought that it might be natural that it was delicious because it satisfied the people a lot of people who were noisy in the taste.


The visitor also came from the afternoon, and the visitor of the woman also visited, and the dish and the drink were tasted.


Because it is a maid café, you can order a commemorative two-shot Cheki from 500 yen per piece.

The maid clothes are not able to be seen easily in the other with a long-length maid clothes based on a classical green.

I want you to take a picture in commemoration when you visit.


After eating delicious food, I became full and went to the shop for the next purpose.


I was able to go out of the shop in the mood because the maid’s bird saw me off with a smile politely.


Andante is a shop that wants you to stop when you come to Nihonbashi because the food is delicious and the maid’s customer service is polite.


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