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At the Purple moon Birthday event of the Maid Cafe “Aqua Princess” in Akihabara.

At the Purple moon Birthday event of the Maid Cafe “Aqua Princess” in Akihabara.

Hi all! It has been a day of rest in September.
Last weekend in September, I went to Akihabara in the afternoon when it rained.
I arrived at Akihabara station for about an hour after being rocked by a train.
Today I came to the maid cafe “Aqua Princess” in Akihabara because there was a birthday event of the maid’s Purple moon .
※ Because I am writing about the Birthday event this article,
The introduction of the shop (system, etc.) is omitted here.
If you are going to the store for the first time, please read past articles.
In this article, I introduce the system and the menu of the shop.
(Past articles)
I don’t know anyone who knows me, but I’m not good at events.
There is also a feeling of gratitude for the birthday event of the maid who treats it kindly always in the shop, and it is likely to go to the celebration if the convenience of time fits.
This time I had a promise to go to Hazuki-chan .
Akihabara in the rain was a lot of walking with an umbrella, it was difficult situation.
When I entered the shop, there were a few customers at the table and the counter seats.
Everyone, it was like a regular who rushed to the celebration of your daughter.
I was taken to the vacant counter seat and sat down.
It was Mr. Su who was greeted and guided.
Mr. Rimu is a person who is reliable because it plays the role like the maid length which bundles the maid’s.
It seems that Aqua Princess is working as a real leader, although she does not have a maid length or a position.
This is the event limited menu.
First of all, I ordered the original cocktail (with bromide) and the event limited hood.
Because I was out of lunch, I was just glad that I was hungry.

Some of the customers in the shop seemed to be pushing for her , so I opened the champagne and celebrated it.

She seemed to be enjoying the event by chatting happily with the guest in the table seat.
Hazuki-chan , even if busy from the time of the usual waiter to call me, I was thinking about the convenience of the customer and without inviting me forcibly even if I distribute the flyer outside.
At that time, I shake my hand with a smile, so next time I want to go and see them.
I thought that regular customers would come to celebrate even in the rain because the character is always served with a smile.
Well, I started to organize the card case I bought a new point card accumulated.
At that time, the maid’s sleepy-chan came to talk.
I was able to see the figure that I had grown up Buri two months because I had never seen her when I met her at the first serving of the new maid who just entered in July.
At the time of the first serving, I was nervous and I was confused about how to move, but now it moves well and it seemed to be able to communicate well with the customers.

I was relieved to see a calm feeling.
It seems to have overcome various worries wall through the waiter when I listen to the story.
While we were talking, the food we ordered had been carried.
This is the moon-watching udon .
It was delicious because it was fried in tempura.

Next, I ate it here.

It is potato cheese mochi.
I like the texture of rice cake. It was delicious.
And the last is the dessert strawberry Montblanc.
It is a cute cake that looks like it shines Insta.

By the way, you can get one bromide when you order the original cocktail of the event limited, but this is what I took in the studio in Kimono maid clothes that are not put on the blog It was only the one that I thought that I wanted all with a natural, lovely expression.

I thought that it was good to come to the event by having been able to GET the bromide of this place.
After this, the maid Yamada-chan came to talk with a smile.
I had a cheerful and cheerful smile that I had after a long time with you , and told me that I had been on a date with a maid who was serving at a maid café in Ikebukuro the other day (now I graduated).
To tell the truth, the maid of this place had been serving in the café in the past in Akihabara, and it was the pushing maid’s when you passed as a young lady.
When I met the maid at a certain maid café in Ikebukuro, I wrote it on Twitter and the blog, and it was possible that you and the maid were able to meet again.
And they finally got a date, but it seems that you had a good time with a meal with someone who was a good maid.
I know two things. I was glad to hear that the relationship between the two deepened and made friends.
I learned that my blog has the following effect in the voice from the maid and the reader besides the above.
-The person who wanted to go to the Maid Café began to attend.
The girl who wants to be a maid became a maid by reference.
There was an unexpected encounter (with the maid) in the shop introduced in the blog.
I tried to take an interest in the shop introduced in the blog.
I was able to have a reunion with the past pushing through the blog.
Blog, I was writing in the diary instead of beginning to know that there is an effect that I did not imagine now, I think it was good to continue the blog.
It was the maid’s coming-chan that came to talk to you next.
Her hair color was golden, but it looked good.
Because it is the birthday event of Hazuki-chan , when the birthday thing becomes a topic, when I ask a birthday,
On December 23rd , I was surprised to find the same birthday as the emperor.
I told him that I was going to celebrate because I heard that my birthday is the same as the Christmas period and I’m worried about it.
I don’t know if there are any events, but I personally wanted to go and tell them about the celebrations.
Well, the lead- Chan is going to take a break from 16 o’clock and say, almost overlap with the time entered my shop, was not able to talk.
Because I can not continue without a break because it is a long-time serving, I was spending with chillin not to worry.
At 5pm, I extended one hour and ordered another original cocktail.

The original cocktail was a very beautiful pink original cocktail that I thought that it might have made it in pink in honor of my name that the sleep-chan made it.

At 17:30, she returned from the break and her clothes were changing.

At this time, there were a lot of regulars who rushed to the celebration, and it was crowded with the Wai- Chan , and was chatting around the table of the visitor.
The special Live event was scheduled from 17:30, but we stopped the order only for the live time, so we were late from the scheduled time by the order of the rush and the guidance of the visitor in the shop.
I ordered the pin cheki of Hazuki-chan in addition, but this one was taken busy. I was so busy that I couldn’t get enough time for the drawing, so I told him that it was easy and I had a quick draw.
This is the leading role .
I had my next appointment, so I decided to leave without listening to the live music.
It was passed off to the maids, and it left.
It was a long time to participate in the event, but thanks to the maids, we had a nice day.

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