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Ban’etsu-ji Temple (the Buddhist Kannon) > (worship on March 11, 2018)

Ban’etsu-ji Temple (the Buddhist Kannon) > (worship on March 11, 2018)

A temple on the southern tip of the Nuakuma Peninsula, about 4.8 kilometers from Tomonoura’s Pudong,
It is a Ban’etsu-ji temple which is popular in the Agabin Rabbit Kannon.

Also known as the Breast Kannon, aka
It is a temple that the star person longs for the boob. Lol

Well, I would become unscrupulous if you look at the man’s Eye,
It is a serious temple cling women who suffer from breast feeding to pray for easy delivery. (^ ^

Address: 1427-1, Notokihara, Nuakuma-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima
Sect: Rinzai sect Myoshin-ji Sect
Principal Image: Ten-sided Kannon Bodhisattva
Founded: Shoyomi 3 years (992)
Kaiki: Pope Hanayama
The temple: Setouchi 33 Kannon Sacred sites, bingo West Country 33 Kannon Sacred Sites

Enshrines to principal image the statue of ten-sided Kannon stone by the Hanayama Pope,
To pray for the safety of the nearby voyage.

The former calendar 2 years and Hiyonaga 4 years (185) devastated by Genpei battle

Kenbu 5-year-old (1338) I had a thick faith in Ban’etsu-ji temple.
There is a tell to the dream pillow of fishermen of Tomonoura, as the next morning told,
The statue of the stone is taken to the net and reenshrined in the offing of the Cape.

Yongroku 13 years ago (1570) Mori Terumoto rebuilt and maintained the temple.

Received the generous protection of the past bingo Fukuyama Lord, the Fukuyama clan four generations of the Lord Waterfield wins,
The stone wall, the bell tower, and the corridor are extended and it becomes a figure near present.

The dō of important cultural properties is the beauty of Utagawa Hiroshige’s ukiyo-E,
There are many topics covered in paintings such as the landscape prints of the Kawase Tomoe water.

[Abu and Main building]

The location will be easy to understand if you aim at this ryokan.

There is a free car park dedicated to Ban’etsu-ji temple in the eyes and nose of the ryokan.
I think that there are about four cars parked.


As there are closed signs,
I can’t go from here by car.

Only those who are affiliated with the temple can go.

The Roots of Trees


It is an island called Tajima that looks over the sea.

[Treasure 亮h Mark Tower]

Stone steps

It’s a three minute walk from the parking lot.

There seems to be no gate.

A reasonable admission fee of 100 yen is paid to the precincts.

It is the amount that is impossible in the city at the time when the admission is 100 yen.

I think that you may take the entrance fee of 300 yen honestly.


The guests were unfortunately not allowed inside.

If you can also visit the visitors, you can pay 500 yen.

Stone Buddha

I feel like I saw this somewhere.


Stone Buddha



If you go up this corridor, there is a dō of your aim.

I want to see the breast, no superstars, I want to visit,
I climbed the stairs to run. Lol

Bell tower

A bell tower was hung in the middle of the corridor.


Take off your shoes here.


I look back and feel like this.

【 Outside Corridor 】

People who don’t like high places may feel fear, but
I was raised in a very exhilarating mood.

You can go around. (^ ^

[Dō Inner Team]

[Ema Oppai]

A lot of handmade breasts ema to be dedicated.

It is spectacular when there is only this. (^ ^

Women in modern times, such as diet and stress unexpectedly,
I hear that there are a lot of people who do not breastfeed as you think.

This is also handmade breast ema,
It is a beautiful milk of the pink color.

Yes, this one. Lol

I sell such EMA,
If I had this at home is a pervert. Wry smile

Speaking of the breast Kannon, I think of the Kannon in the Aichi Prefecture Komaki City.

There is still a strong memory that I can visit there happily.


The breast EMA there was 1,500 yen and amazing was strong. (^ ^;

【 Sea Cliff 】

It is quite scary when I look directly down from the outside corridor. (^ ^;

You can see that it stands on a high cliff.

[Bingo Nada]

Great views. (^ ^

Is hog.

Stone Pagoda

There is a stone tower when I look down, and it seems to be able to go there.

[Six-body Jizo]

It is great height.

I’m not saying I’m building on a cliff like this.

Stone Pagoda

The dō seen from here is special.

That’s great.

The admission fee of 100 yen is too cheap.

The location is just the place is not very likely to visit,
It is worth the trouble to visit.

The man is going to react to the EMA of the breast by all means,
It is not an exaggeration to say that the Holy Land of women who want to fulfill a keen wish here.<!–


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