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Baseball anime is here! “Diamond A-SECOND SEASON-” Review!!

Baseball anime is here! “Diamond A-SECOND SEASON-” Review!!



Baseball anime is here! “Diamond A-SECOND SEASON-” Review!!


ダイヤのA SS 3 [DVD]

Broadcast time April 2015-March 2016
Original Yuji Terashima
Official HP Http://

Sequel to the previous work [a diamond] .

Blue Road High School which missed Koshien in summer.
The third grader retired, and a new system where the new captain was put in Miyuki started.
However, the hole where the third grade which was the main force was missing is large.

Evaluation Score: 86 points (Ryosaku)

※ Because it contains spoilers, please read carefully.


Shiri Gari, high degree of perfection

“A” of the TV second series of “Diamond,” because it was broadcast without putting the time, it will be many people who have been the same way of capturing the same anime rather than secondary.

However, the climax of the end of the term was a masterpiece, and it was difficult.
The team’s flagship, and the hole where the third grader who was too “cool” member came out, is not the one buried easily.


A growing tan as a whole team

Therefore, the atmosphere of the work differs greatly in this work and the previous works.

In other words, the atmosphere of the team is completely different.
This might be “new team”, and the standpoint of the first grade of Sawamura changes to the position “team’s mainstay” instead of “rookie”.
The member who tightens the former team, and has been livened does not exist already, and the role hangs chiefly on the shoulder of the sophomore year.


When the atmosphere changes so much, it is a little impression.

It is easy to say that the third grade has come out.
However, the person who was there is not so empty, and whether it is the one to change the scenery so much. And, when this work is seen, it is keenly felt so.
Of course, this is a change that is felt because it was to draw a living character only that this work, and have built a world view that has been established.
And, it is a way of feeling of the reason why the shortage and power down of a pure war force is made to be felt strongly because it is a sports one at the same time.


And this whole new team is the second phase of this work, which aims to compete in Koshien.

It would be a totally different drama from the team of the Summer Games that had already been completed.
There is a sense near it for the viewer who has seen from the one-term though it is probably an exaggeration to say starting from zero.

There is no Yuki senior who boasts the Australian hit. Where’s the first? What about the number four?
There is no senior Masuko who was strong, too. (In another sense, Masuko senior)
Only the second base has been taken over by the Kominato brothers quality, but overall the forces are down and sensation.
Do you really want to win a powerhouse school with this level?

Such a feeling of presence or a tight feeling comes out from the team before the qualifying start am fully convinced and overflows.


Kataoka’s resignation disturbance and the strange coach Ochiai

And, it is the resignation of director Kataoka to occupy a big weight in this work.

However, it does not resign immediately even if it says resignation.
“This year is full” or “until the Fall Tournament” is the term of office.

Strangely, the story of this setting suddenly contracts.

In the first place, the fall tournament is not a battle that cannot be defeated.
Because, there is the next.

Of course, it is hard to think that actual ball children are thinking about such a thing, but the story is different if it sees from the viewer.
“The autumn tournament is the next summer…? It is a wicked feeling, and the presence is thin compared with summer which becomes “last” by all means.

It was this autumn meeting that brought a sense of realism to the dramatic, the resignation of the director Kataoka.

We can’t resign after we go to Koshien.

The team tightening in this word of Miyuki, and the goal turns into a mission.
The rise curve of the Sawamura, the time of the start of the tournament also combined, from here is the feeling that the real thing.

And, the character named Ochiai who is taking office as a coach moment by the succession supervisor is exquisite.

It is a severe rear list, and this coach with the characteristic of the true opposite to the kindness and the severity that the zeal guidance of Kataoka and the student’s growth is the first is “it is a certain person” and is “adult” at the same time.
He is confronted with his ability as a coach everywhere, and he also proudly and brutally says to the director Kataoka.
On the other hand, there is some charm in the ruthless rear-list-ish conduct, it is this person’s charm to have neatly “gag character element” which seems to be this work.


The charm of this work to see a hero named Sawamura

It is a character of the hero named this Sawamura that I think that it is good.

Up-down is intense, the position of the team is not stable this character is the basis of the sports root part of this work, and those who dislike such a sports root feeling (I do not like too much… It is only a “tooth floats” element for the W.
However, because the drawing as a gag character is basically thorough, the “Nekketsu” element is suppressed to a minimum, it will be the terrible of this work that follows from the previous works.


No Nekketsu in vain


This personality is amazing in a way.

Throughout the story, the “hottest” development has always been prepared, but there are many patterns that are directed in the episode rather than Sawamura.
The main character is the use of Sawamura as a gag worker to liven up the Nekketsu element.
It is a bold strategy to use it for “venting” of the hero in the creation.


On the other hand, the way of Sawamura is only “result”.

This character is always directed by the reversal from the weakest pitcher position.
The uplifting feeling of the “rise” episode will probably occupy the majority of the “fun” of this work by putting out various “hottest” developments of this work.

However, the Sawamura “fall” in order to “rise” is just necessary.
The “Fall” episode for that is somewhat of a malaise, rather than a “rising” story, of course.
That might be the only drawback.

However, the story during the “Fall” episode, but I will be covered by the seniors of the hottest! W


Do you read manga or watch in anime?

The proposition might be there in the person who does not know this work yet.

I don’t read all the manga personally, but I think the rhythm is good and easy to read.
The picture is beautiful, and is definitely interesting.


On the other hand, the rhythm of anime is never good.
The length of the interval of one sphere, similar to a Dragon Ball stretching method (W), is possibly

It’s a toss! (Д °)

That might lead to a frustrating w

However, it is certain that the tempo is loose, and the character can be emotionally imported firmly. (Psychological depiction is also polite)
Such as the appearance of the look that is cut in with the ferocious BGM, directing is also not bad.
Anyway, it takes time because there are a lot of talk, but I think that it is not bad to see in the animation if time can be secured.

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