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Birthplace of the temple (April 10, 2016)

Birthplace of the temple (April 10, 2016)

We are going one step further toward the fulfillment of the twenty-five spiritual traces of Honen.
No. 1 birth temple, No. 2 Honen-ji Temple, special sacred sites Aoryuji Temple
The distance is severe.

Because it is in the far place called Kume-gun in Okayama Prefecture, birth temple
It is not possible to visit easily.

Today’s visit finally came true.

Address: The birthplace of Kuyoninami-machi, Kume-gun, Okayama 808
Sect: Jodoshu
Principal Image: Enemitsu Daishi
Founded: Tatehisa 4 (1193)
Kaiki: Houriki Hasyu (Kumagai naominoru)
Temple of Honen: Twenty-five spirits, China’s thirty Jizo-Reido, China thirty-three Kannon sacred Sites,
Sanyo Flower Temple Twenty-four temple, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu 108 Kannon Sacred Sites

Bando Musha, Kumagai Naominoru became a disciple of Honen and became a priest and named Houriki Hasou.
Hasen was the father of adores Honen in the fourth year (1193), the virtue of Honen.
A temple was erected in the place of the birthplace of the former home of the Uruma, that is, the honen birth.

This is the beginning of the birth temple.

【 Corrupt world-Dou 】

It is 300 meters from the temple gate.
Six statues were enshrined here.

Stone Buddha

Temple Gate

Seitoku 6 years (1716) An important cultural property that has been erected.

The muscle wall was donated from the Fushimi-Miyai to Ansei 4 years (1857).

There was a free parking lot beside the gate.

[Reverse tree’s public grandson]

One of the seven Wonders of birth temple.


The main hall.

Genroku is an important cultural property that was rebuilt in 8 years (1695).

It is a splendid temple suitable for the birthplace which is the Holy Land of Honen.


The inner team is free to enter. (^ ^

Shooting is OK except principal image.

His principal image is a 43-year-old original figure of Honen
When Kumagai Irimichi was 61 years old, he was enshrined in the grave of his parents by the life of his master.

The head of the Dark

There was something to be frightened in the back side of the temple.

This is the face of Honen who was in the Bunraku Theater of Naniwa.
When the Bunraku theater was on fire, only 顏 remained without burning.

One of the seven Wonders of birth temple.

【 Stone Buddha Daishi 】

It was one of the seven wonders of the birth temple in Stone Buddha.

【 Bishamonten-Dou 】



【 Treasure Lord 】

Because it was a fee, I stopped entering when I looked inside from the entrance. (^ ^;


The Bodhisattva, Ming Dynasty, and disciples were enshrined.

The temple of the Chinese 33rd Kannon sacred sites.


Stone Pagoda

【 Honen statue 】

[The statue of Mr. Qin]


In the back, there is a well of the hot spring.

[Spring Maple]


[Ryou of both Hatata]

[One-eyed river]

【 Seto-Dou 】

It is a mausoleum of the parents of the Honen people.
This is a bit lonely and damp.

[Treasure 亮h Mark Tower]

【 Tomb of Harada Mikawa Sadasa 】

[The Olympic stone tower]

[Well of the birth water]

[Okuin-in Rokkakudo join Temple]

This is the 菩提所 of the parents.

Hex Hall.

After this, it is a visit to the garden and the guest.
It’s been a long time since tomorrow.<!–


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