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Candy Fruit Photo Club in Edogawa Bridge Fresh Pastel Studio personal photo session

Candy Fruit Photo Club in Edogawa Bridge Fresh Pastel Studio personal photo session

Good evening, everyone! This time, I will write about the personal photo session that I experienced for the first time, not the article of the Maid Café.


First of all, I would like to introduce a photo session.

The photo session I participated in was designed to design, manufacture and sell original maid clothes in Akihabara.

This is a photo session sponsored by Candy Fruit Photography Club which is a division of Candy Fruit .


Because I think that there is a person who does not know the photography meeting, I introduce it easily.

The photography session is an event in which an amateur photographer performs portrait photography and Gravure photography in a studio or outdoors on the subject of a female model.

The photo session is divided into groups and individual units.

My participation is not a group shoot that many photographers gather, but a personal photo shoot with a model.

In the personal photo session, the cost will be different from the group, but you can shoot at your own pace and you will also be able to shoot the model to request a pose.


The Candy Photo Club supports the model’s recruitment, studio arrangements, cost collection from photographers, and Galleria payments to models.

It is difficult for a photographer to recruit a model for an individual, and it is hard for the model to face the photography with confidence.

By entering such a company, the model can apply with confidence and it is possible to do the photography smoothly.


This model is an active maid who belongs to the Candy Fruit Photo club .


[Model’s introduction]

Name: Akeno (Ayano)

Shop affiliation: melty Plant

Other: Maids, models and other music activities.

She is a lovely woman who loves Kyoto and wants to visit shrines, shrines and eat vegetarian dishes.

It suits the maid clothes, but it has the charm as the woman who suits kimono Japan

It is a model.


How did you get involved in the photography session? 】

Mr. Ayano is a maid who is serving in the Maid Café “Melti plant” of Akihabara that I often go to.

The melty Plant is a shop with a concept of a garden, and there are also six kinds of maid clothes with a long length, two kinds of short, and a different color.

The design is excellent, and it is good that only the maid clothes and the illustrator’s Poyotsu Mr . Design are elegant.

If you want to know more, please click the URL of the affiliated store above, or read the past article.


(Past articles)

At the Maid Cafe Melty plant in Akihabara…


I came to attend because I could speak a lot of tea and also a delicious maid, but I was interested in listening to the photo session from Ayano and decided to participate.

The maid clothes of the long-length skirt of Ayano are suited with a very neat feeling, and it is a reason to participate also of having thought that it wants to shoot in the SLR not the Cheki taken in the shop.


The melty plant seems to be able to do the activity outside such a store because it does not put the restriction about the activity of the maid’s live activity and the model.


How do I book a photo session? 】

You can purchase tickets in 50-minute increments by selecting a photo session schedule from the Candy Fruit Photos Club ‘s home page. (Credit card payment only)

Of course, you can buy a two-frame (100-minute) or three-frame (150-minute).

It is not possible to specify clothes for the model though there is a note in the homepage.

In addition, it is forbidden to take pictures on smartphones and mobile phones.

SLR, or mirror-less camera, I think the compact camera is OK.

For more information, please visit the official WEBSITE of the candy Photo club below.

Because there are a lot of beautiful and lovely models enrolled, why not try taking a picture by all means participate in the photography meeting if there is a chance.


Candy Photo Club Official WEBSITE


[After arrival of the shooting venue]

There is a female staff in the hall, and the reception is made.

It is possible to enter the studio 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

Enter the studio and start preparing.

This is my first studio shoot, so I’m still puzzled.


I tried to take a test shot, but there was a lot of hesitation, such as how to use the lighting is not satisfactory.

I was keenly aware of the lack of study in a de amateur still.ショボーン   


It becomes the scheduled time, and it came out to wear the maid clothes ( made by Candy fruit ) from the waiting room.

The maid clothes of this place are the one that Ayano ‘s bought privately.

I thought that it is high consciousness that I have the maid clothes in my own because I love maid clothes in the active duty maid.


In addition, the uniform of this place is an aside, in the popular maid clothes, the Maid café of Akihabara [Akiba Absolute Area No. 1 Store] and Osaka maid Café [Ara Alba] has become a maid clothes of the store regulations.

It was fortunate to be able to shoot a nice maid wearing the same maid uniform as the uniforms of such a famous store.


For those who want to buy maid clothes, please see here ≫

Candy Fruit Official HP

The maid clothes of the candy fruit are adopted in the Maid Café (concept café) nationwide.

It is ideal as a present for the woman who longs for the maid clothes.

We also have a sale from time to time, you can buy cheap if the timing is right.


Back to the chase.


The studio had one large room, divided into four compartments, a kitchen compartment, a bedroom compartment, and a set of fixtures.

There are about four large lighting for shooting and you can use it freely.


This day we were selling four frames each in three models, but only three of the frame and the model was only Ayano ‘s.

If the other two models have been sold, the three photographers will use the studio.

In that case, you will take turns taking the four divided compartments.


The cameraman was only me this time, but in the next compartment, a photograph of the uniform of the candy Fruit was taking place.

I took a picture on the homepage of the candy fruit , and I thought that it was a photograph of the professional while taking a glance at the next door.


Well, I started taking a picture of the Ayano , too.


The image that I put on this blog has received the permission of the publication from the person in question.

In addition, the image quality is dropped by the restriction in the blog.


[After the start of the shooting until the end]


First, the kitchen space is taken with props.


I tried to shoot a little pose with a fork to stab the cake.

I had a long black hair in the back of the cupboard this time and was held pretty.

Put a box of bread in the kitchen side, and a little menu

I took it as if I was thinking about what to do.

Get a bucket of sweets, this looks delicious!

It tried to take the expression that appealed.

If you can bring a delicious cake with a smile to the maid, any person

I think my face will fall.

The maid is pouring a cup of coffee in front of her with a smile.

Move from the kitchen to the colorful wall, with a focus on the maid’s clothes

I tried to shoot.

In the propaganda of candy fruit maid Clothes

There’s no closer look at the design

I know goodness.

At an angle that looks up from the bottom up a little

I tried to shoot.

There is a part of the skirt casually spread when viewed from the side

It looks cute.

The glance that I turn to the camera casually of the Ayano , too

I felt something that attracted me.

This time, it moves to the bedroom compartment and it is taken separately.

On the bedroom bed reminiscent of a girl’s room

I took a look at the sitting.

I was holding a stuffed animal and smiling, and I was shooting.

It makes me wonder and happy.

Sit on the chair beside the bed

I tried to take a picture of the hair bundling gesture.

We’re going to support your face with your hands and your camera.

The eyes were matched.

This is the living compartment.

To sit on the sofa, a cute pose

I tried to take it.

The length of the foot has been emphasized

I know the goodness of the style.

With a hand in the wardrobe, like a little look back

I tried to take a pose.

I took it from the side by changing the direction of the gaze a little.

This expression is drawn to me and I like it.

And finally I tried to take a pose like a beautiful woman in return.

I like this one that I can shoot by chance.


The 50-minute shooting time has ended.

The number of shots was more than 250 sheets.

It is only a part that I introduced in the blog.


It was photography meeting of the reflection point that the photography was too amateur.

I thought that it was difficult to pull out a woman’s casual expression and an attractive expression and to take a picture.

It was time to learnt the greatness of a professional cameraman again.


To the model’s Ayano, I am thankful for a variety of poses and facial expressions to the camera.

I think that it was able to take a good photograph while being poor by responding to my vague request.


As there are other attractive models, I would like to participate in a variety of photography sessions, and I want to improve my photography skills and to be able to take a satisfactory portrait.





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