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Charcoal and Nakajima Park store

Charcoal and Nakajima Park store


Yakiniku! I went to a fairly famous shop “charcoal and Nakajima Park shop” ◎

The hormone of this place is seen well in the supermarket!



Is it open this year?

It is the first time to enter the store! Fun!


The store is more spacious than I thought, and it’s not smoky at all!

Is it very good ventilation?


Here is the menu.



The type of meat is less, but the price is cheap!

It is good!


Draft beer (460 yen)


I’m happy to have one coin cut for beer ◎

It’s cool to be kinkin and it’s delicious!


It is meat that I ordered.

Here is not the sauce! Didn’t know!


Salt hormone (300 yen)


Speaking of charcoal or salt hormone!

It has a solid taste, and it is delicious without a strange habit ◎


Pork Satari (420 yen)


It’s pretty thick, but it’s soft and delicious!

The taste is proceeds and beer is also here!


Tontoro (420 yen)


The juicy feeling of Tontoro is the best!

I also like a crisp texture ◎



It is also good to bake it by charcoal.

I’ve only taken this photo, but I’m very satisfied with many other things.



This is the best price for this quality!

I became a fan of Yakiniku here ♪


Also with the line.



Charcoal and Nakajima Park store
● Address
3-10-39 Minami 9 Jo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Business Hours

Monday to Saturday

17:00 ~ 23:00


16:00 ~ 22:30
● Telephone
● Regular holiday

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