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Chiba Day Trip, Part 1-Looking for local gourmet and Taimaki Matsuri Sushi (Hana Sushi)-Michi no Sato Ichihara

Chiba Day Trip, Part 1-Looking for local gourmet and Taimaki Matsuri Sushi (Hana Sushi)-Michi no Sato Ichihara

The festival sushi, which is the specialty of Boso,
Looking for a place where you can buy as close as possible,
In recent months, I’ve been trying to find some time…

Only the “Roadside station” in Chiba Prefecture
“Yachiyo” and “no” is not put in,

As for the roadside station, it was found that “Higashijin” and “No Sato Ichihara” were the northern limit.
(If you have a bunch of stations, you can put them in the Kasori store.)

This time,
About Michi no Sato ichihara…


This is within 20 minutes of the Ichihara interchange on Tateyama Road.
It is in a place easy to go comparatively.

We went into the store from the farm shop where the roadside station came.


If you go near the cashier,


The desire to face (^-^)/


There were a lot of patterns, but still sober…

The goods bought here
It is also possible to eat at the indoor resting place.
Tea and water are also provided.


For Chiba, the service is unusually good ♪

We select the flashy guy as possible (^^)


What is the spinach?? , Such as burdock and carrot pickles.
It is considerably devised, and it is delicious even if I eat it!!

Personally, dogs were the most delicious. U ^ Q ^ U
In order to avoid lost, it is better to arrive after 11:00.

By the way, it is on the side of the Taimaki festival sushi
It is a rare article that is not sold well here except the fig bun.
You can buy from one unit, but close to 170 yen…
But anyway, it is delicious. You should eat it.

No Sato Ichihara HP, in detail here.
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