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Chiba Day Trip, Part 4 ~ to Hot spring!! Complete pour “Senju no yu”

Chiba Day Trip, Part 4 ~ to Hot spring!! Complete pour “Senju no yu”

I went to the Yoro gorge because I wanted to soak in the hot spring.

Since before, I have checked about two places that can take a bath in less than 1000 yen on billboards and HP, although I went to these, both bathing was not possible on this day… (T_T)

Moreover, it has been considerably raised in the last few years, and there is even a place where information is different from the signboard and HP, etc.

The weekday of the season OFF after all,
Maybe it’s not a choice.
I want you to manage this HP and the signboard properly.

Well, it takes gas (kerosene) to boil the hot spring for a pair, and because it seems to be a management severe anywhere, I understand feelings… (^^;

The onsen in Yoro Gorge is also lost (T-T)

(Chiba Kenmin, I’ve never put it in… I have a couple of things that I brought back home.

Now, what about alternative Hot Springs (@ _ @;)??

Kameyama just went to the end of last year and
Since the Shichiri River also went the year before last,
This is a five-year aim.


It is open safely!
The bathing fee is 1000 yen…
Chiba Price but no char… It’s better than lost.
(The hot spring market in Boso seems to be box is at first glance, but there are a lot of cold hot springs except some, so let’s add that the money that boils the hot water hangs… But if I’m about 50 yen, I think the impression I give to customers will change…

This is a complete pour, and it is not bad in the spring quality.
Since the PH is quite high, the hot water of the beauty of your skin smooth

The bathtub is one… When it is crowded, it seems to be serious with Choi.


When bathing here, this source is able to be a little.
Do women have to substitute lotion??


A three-minute drive from here, there is a road station you

Here also Chiba Local Gourmet,
You can buy the Taimaki matsuri Sushi!!
It’s a little bit…


By the way, in the immediate vicinity of Senju-no-Yu,
Because there is a famous deep-groove waterfall recently (the river which reflects in the heart shape)
Would you like to come by then?

Senju No Yu HP
↓ ↓

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