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Chiba Day trip, Part2-delicious water of Chiba!! Kumano Shimizu @ Naginami Town

Chiba Day trip, Part2-delicious water of Chiba!! Kumano Shimizu @ Naginami Town

Now, the trip around the neighborhood from Ichihara…

Near to draw the spring water springs to the station of a certain local line,
On that foot, I stopped by the water field that I was really curious about.

Readers from the previous blog I think you know,
My other hobby is
The investigation of the hot spring Water “Metamorphosis Act”… (̄ ̄;)

Now when I was writing the blog that was finished, but was writing a food report, the relationship was mainly hot springs.

Now it’s the reverse, and the local cheap gourmet and specialty gourmet are the center.

So, when I went for a trip or a drive, what I was doing did not change much at that time…
If it says, and the admiration for the thing to eat a little strengthened, that the number of meals has increased, in order to collect the Neta write this blog, I wonder where the field of view has become wider… (̄ ̄;)

… Well, for this day trip, I want to mix the spring water neta.

The shrine with “Kumano Shimizu” in Naginami town, next to Ichihara City, has been there before.

Back then
“It seems that this spring water was used in the spa in Tsuruoka Hachiman-gu directly under direct management, so whether there is still some mineral water left…”

… I went to check it out.
Let’s introduce it as a pure, delicious water this time (^^)


When you enter Naginami town, there is a signboard here and there, so it’s done without hesitation (-_-;)…


Let’s fetch the spring water immediately after the worship of the thank you to apologize for the morality of me in the shrine, and to Gradierwerk is finished


Famous spring water scattered around the Kururi line Kururi station, and the wells of Shibamata and Teishaken in Tokyo, the sulfur smell like a hot spring is conspicuous, and there is a thing that there is a feeling of a very only when salt and metal in the inside,
I don’t feel that way when it comes to this spring water.

Usually delicious washy. It feels pretty soft.
There is no habit…
After hundreds of years, I wonder if it became a normal delicious spring water from the habit of mineral springs…

In pet bottle for the time being,
Grog (^^)
This is a whisky system.

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