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Current Temple (November 11, 2017)

Current Temple (November 11, 2017)

To today’s main temple.

This is a temple which is usually managed by the sea and the mountain.

Ten-sided Kannon seated statue of a rare heavy sentence of the present light temple is famous for Buddhist statues mania,
It is a desire to worship Buddha once.

However, in order to open the storage in which this Buddha is enshrined,
If you need a reservation, it is impossible if it is not more than 15 people.

These 15 people are too high a hurdle,
It was a situation that I could not talk without tears that I could not even want to visit.

What it is and this is the special public cultural Property in Kyoto,
You have the name of that current temple.

When I saw this, I doubted my eyes.

I wonder if that present light temple participates.

I do not know when you can visit and escape this time.
It is very valuable.

Today, it became the worship of the desire.


From a large temporary parking lot to a place beyond the railroad tracks,
We found a temple called Yakushiji.

Crispy to visit the temple.

Walk on the road that only the local people pass.

The visitor was not passable by car.

It is a 5 minute walk from the temporary free parking.

Address: 9, Kitayama-machi, Kamo-cho, Kizugawa, Kyoto
Sect: Shingon Sect Chiyama Sect
Principal Image: Ten-sided Kannon Bodhisattva
Founded: Unknown
Founder: Unknown
The temple: Kyoto Minami Yamashiro Furuji


I was surprised to see a large procession suddenly.

There was a group of tours, too.

No, it is so popular.
I was a fool of the current temple. (^ ^;

The visitors are also very good. (^ ^

I also line up the admission fee in the payment queue.

It’s cold and has a long wait.

I waited about 30 minutes and finally went into the storage.


In the past, villagers had been guarding the small temple for a long time.
Since it was designated as a heavy statement, it was to be enshrined in the storage,
The current storage is the second generation because it is decrepit.

The inside of the storage is narrow, and the dozen is crowded.

There is an explanation by the volunteer guide of the Whoa-chan.

【 Principal Image 】

(Images picked up on the net.) )

Anyway beautiful.

It is just like a beautiful Buddha.

It is truly an important cultural property.

The left and right are usually deposited in the Nara National Museum.
The four kings also temporarily homecoming.

In the Meiji era, this wonderful principal image
It was enshrined in a devastated little kusan.

I can’t think of it now.
There is also a time when the Buddhist temple was destroyed or the time of the abolition of the Buddha,
Many Buddha statues were treated like this.

Some of the statues of the existing national treasures and the heavy sentences have been observed.
There was an image of the Buddha that was forgotten in the ruined hall of the windswept.

Even the five-storey pagoda of that Kofuku-ji was likely to be sold for cheap.

The Buddha image of a heavy sentence should have been bought at that time in the dirt cheap now.

If you can tell my ancestors.
I want to say that I can buy these statues and leave them to my descendants. (^ ^

Main Hall

After worshiping the Buddha of the desire in the storage, it is a stroll of the precincts.

It is said that the principal image was enshrined here in old times,
Nothing is enshrined now.

The pain becomes violent, such as leaks and floor exits,
Principal image in this main hall shall not be enshrined,
The great cultural agency has reached
The collection was built by the people around them.

It is normal to be deposited in the Temple of the Sea and Kyoto National Museum.
By the local people who want to protect the principal image,
We are still protecting the building of the storehouse.

The restoration of the main hall was managed by the Kaizumi temple.



[Stone lantern]

【 Belfry 】

There was no bell tower.


[Red Seal]

It was only a memo.<!–


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