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Dodaiji Temple (worship on May 1, 2018)

Dodaiji Temple (worship on May 1, 2018)

Head to the Domanabu Temple of exceptional of the 20th sacred sites in Shikoku from pilgrimage Kannon.

This is the temple where Kobo Daishi visited when he was a child and was trained in the study.
It is a temple of the tragedy that the main temple burnt down by fire last year.

The ruins of the main hall are already cleared away.
It is up to the worship if you can be useful in the very little.

Address: 605, Ishiuchi, Ishii-machi, Naganishi-gun, Tokushima
Sect: Shingon sect Zensuji-ji Sect
Principal Image: Yakushi-Nyorai
Founded: Asuka era
Kaiki: Gyoki Bodhisattva
Fusistation: Shikoku exceptional 20 Sacred sites, Shikoku thirty-six sacred Sites

At the time when Kobo Daishi is called The Prodigy
It was long time stagnant in the mountain, and it was played the study training,
It is a terissue with the most venerable.

Hirohito 6 (815) when Hiroshidaishi was 42 years old, he visited the temple again and developed a cathedral
He carved the Yakushi-Nyorai, Amida Buddha, Kannon Bodhisattva, National Heaven, Bishamonten,
Kangiten God was enshrined.

Tensho years, the whole mountain was burnt down in the wake of the Chosokabe Motochika ex-parent’s military fire,
Genroku years have been rebuilt by endurable spirits of tin monks who come from higo countries.

On March 25, 2017, around 5:30pm, a fire is expected to be kuri.
Buildings such as the main hall and Kuri are burnt down.

The statue of Yakushi-Nyorai, designated as a country’s heavy statement, was carried out and was safe.


The temple is in a very long-winded place.


Because it is not able to go by car to the gate seen in the back,
I parked my car in the vacant lot next to the pond.

There was no clear parking lot, although it was a large precinct.

Temple Gate

This is also a unique and interesting gate.

However, it is a shock when passing through the gate.

Such a terrible graffiti is full.

I visited a lot of temples until now,
This is the first time I’ve seen graffiti that is too cruel.

I think there is almost no Japan in the whole country.

I became sad with anger.

Shame on those who doodle!

I’m sure you will not die in a decent way.

But the priest and the temple officials,
Why are you playing this graffiti left?

It’s impossible.


Take a look at the graffiti and go to the grounds while having a nasty feeling.

[Iroha Daishi]

【 Kangiten God-Dou 】


[Treasure 亮h Mark Tower]

[West Country 33 Kannon mini Sacred Sites]

[Nirvana Buddha]


【 Treasure Lord 】


[Pilgrimage mini Sacred Sites]

Wisteria Trellis

[Ming Dynasty Fudo]

Seven Lucky Gods

【 Xers Arami 】

[Jizo Bodhisattva]


[Kamamochi Water]

It is said that it is a sacred fountain of Hirohodaishi.

Mean the pate steadfast was enshrined.

Rock Garden


There seems to have been a place next to this gate.
There was no trace now,
There was still a burnt-out next to the gate.

[Main Hall Ruins]

The main hall is like this now.

The fire that occurred from Kuri spread to the main hall.

I’m sorry to say that I’m so sad.

Luckily, the principal image was rescued.
It is the salvation at least.

If you look at the pattern of the Fire “Awa-otoko’s blog” like.

[Cut Branch lantern]

Temple Gate

I left the gate while praying that I would be restored as soon as possible.

[Red Seal]

The Red seal was received two bodies.<!–


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