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From December to January 2019, Momotaro is scheduled to take action.

From December to January 2019, Momotaro is scheduled to take action.

Good evening, everyone! I don’t want to do anything this time. I will post the action schedule of the New Year.

Well, because I think you are not interested, even if you do not read, it is OK even if you come through.

爆  笑

* The schedule has been changed on December 13, 2018.


This year’s holidays are expected to have a lot of expenses and there is a need to curb spending.

So, we will save this year’s holiday at The Maid Café.


The following is the schedule. (Current provisional schedule)


December 15 (Sat) Akihabara cat ear Maid Shop (1 hour stay)

            The maid of Chan-san BD Event


December 16 (Sun) the morning was dispatched to Tateyama City, Chiba Prefecture. (3 hours one way by train/bus)

            Support for the experience of wearing armor at the Museum (volunteer).

           At night, we went to “Akiba-tei” of Akihabara shrine.

* Participated in the maid Yayoi ‘s 1st anniversary event (1 hour stay)


Sunday, December 23, Akihabara Aqua Princess

            THE REAL BD- Chan of the maid.

I’m going to tell you a few words of congratulations. (One hour of stay)


          (Tbd) Akihabara cat ear Maid Shop

            I will go if you have a waiter of Yuri-chan maid.


Akihabara- Rim Roman Museum

-We will toast with the sake of bringing the maids and Christmas.


December 24th (Mon) cleaning and tidying at home

Dec. 28 (Fri) I went to Osaka with my parents at night.

Dec. 29 (Sat) Osaka, Nihonbashi maid Cafe ” Andante “, ” burst “, ” Milk Cafe

December 30th (Sun) no plan (cleaning at home)

December 31st (Mon) Home cleaning, year-eve


(Supplementary) other than the above schedule, the Edge Roman Pavilion is undecided but may go.


January, 2019

Jan. 1 (Tue) plan to spend at home.


It was dispatched to Nara on Wednesday, January 2. Shrine


January 3 (Thu) Day trip to Hiroshima.

            Maid Cafe [ Purari Mofumofu ] to

           ※ Because the business of the New Year of Purari Mofumofu is undecided,

             If you are in business after 4 days, the plan change may be four days.

            I went to work from the 4th day at the convenience of my job, so I took a bullet train through Tokyo

Return to Saitama. (‘; Ω; ‘)


            I am going to the wonder parlor in Ikebukuro in the afternoon.



I will return to Tokyo on Friday, January 4 .

           * There was a plan to go to Nagoya, but this time I will forgo.


           I’m starting work.

At night, the Tachikawa Hearts Theater is a maid café

I plan to go to the Maid Café “machi-Karabi” in Hachioji.


Saturday, January 5 I’ll be at home.

January 6 (Sun) same as above.


This time I go to a shop where I can’t take it off, I really want to.


In Akihabara, Osaka, and Nagoya, you will not be able to greet the New Year’s New Year’s greeting.

In that case, I would like to send a message with Twitter reply as much as possible.

There are many maid’s events such as birthday and the first anniversary this month, but only the maid’s event promised at this time is scheduled to go.

















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