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Fudo-In-the-Temple (5 August, 2017)

Fudo-In-the-Temple (5 August, 2017)

It is easy to descend on the Unzen Ropeway.

I’m going to know the joy and excitement of my hard work.

But I would choose the person who is easy to do after all. (^ ^

I do not think that I can understand something even if I walk and pilgrimage. (^ ^;

Now, the last visit to the shrine today is Daiheung-ji.

If it was the pilgrimage of the temple, it would be open until 5pm.
So I decided to go in a hurry.

Address: 4209 Komatsu-O, Tsuji, Yamamoto-machi, Mitoyo, Kagawa
Sect: Shingon sect Zensuji-ji Sect
Principal Image: Yakushi-Nyorai
Founded: Tenpei 14 years (742)
Kaiki: (DEN) Hiroshidaishi
The temple: Shikoku 88 Places Sacred Sites

It is erected in the northwest from the current place as the Todai Tersue temple for the sake of Kumano Sanzo Gonen
11 years (792) to the temple of the Daishi, and by the Edict of the saga Seitei, Hirohito
It is reported that it has been revived.

However, it burnt American enterprises will leaving part by the fire of former parents Chosokabe Motochika at the end of Sengoku period,
It was rebuilt in keicho years (1596-1615) but it was burnt down.

The current daexing temple is a temple in Shingon sect, but old times Shingon twenty-four and Tendai Iraka,
It has a rare history that the Shingon Tendai two sect was a study in the same precinct.

Therefore, the influence of the Tendai sect is large, and it goes to the main hall along with the Hirohoudaishi Hall on the left
The remnants are fastened to the place that there is a Tendai Daishido enshrined the Tendai sect. Chih to the right.


There is a temple in the place where it is so long as it falls out of my mind.

The Jizo is a guide to the lonely.

Park your car in the free parking lot and start worship.


The atmosphere of the castellan is a splendid gate.

[Statue of Niwang]

It is a work of the Luck Kei.

Well, what do you think? (^ ^;

[Training Daishi]


【 Sacred Tree 】

What a thick and splendid big tree it is.

The word hit becomes good.

Stone steps

Stone Pagoda

Main Hall

The main hall was erected in the year of Hiroyasu (1741).

It was nice to see the outside and the inner team.

I was not able to see the principal image and the work of Kobo Daishi.

However, the number of statues transmitted by Kobo Daishi and Denkyo Daishi in the whole country

Not to put a stingy,
Most of it is a creation for authority.


[Jizo-son treasure 亮h Mark Tower]

【 Tendai Daishido 】

The Daishido is a temple peculiar to Shingon sect,
It is said that there is a temple that enshrined the Chih on the top of the pilgrimage.

【 Belfry 】


It’s unusual to have a jizo on a pond.

Kuromon Ichiba

There was a splendid gate in the temple of this place in Kuri and the height.

[Red Seal]

It was a little past 5pm, but
I was just writing to my wife. (^ ^;

【 Sanuki Udon 】

I ate in the service area somewhere.

After all I prefer soft udon.

Now, I’m going to go back for about four hours in the future.

It was a day trip but it was fulfilling. (^ ^<!–


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