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Fukagawa Shinmei Miya (worship on February 17, 2018)

Fukagawa Shinmei Miya (worship on February 17, 2018)

Enshrined to a place 900 meters away from Enoshima Sugiyama shrine
It is the Fukagawa god Meigu which enshrined to the birthplace of Fukagawa.

Today is the last visit.

But 400 years ago, this area was a delta of reeds.
No one lived there yet.

It is unbelievable now.

Address: 1-3-17 Morishita, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Enshrined: Amaterasu Sacred
Founded: Unknown
Fufustation: Seven Lucky gods Fukagawa
Company Rating: Gosha

Keicho years (1596-1615), Fukagawa Hachiroemon of Settsu Country,
He led the clan and pioneered the house of Nitta, and had been holding it in the mansion,
After it was written with Taijingu shrine, the individual respectively one width of Emperor Tsuchimikado was a Guardian God.

After that, it was established that the spirit of Ise and Emperor Daijingu shrine had been
Since then, it has been referred to as the Temple of the Fukagawa shrine, and has attracted adoration.

Izumi-ji Temple founded by Hachiroemon and Shujun-Hoshi in Keicho (1596)
He served as a separate servant throughout the Edo period.

When entering the Meiji era, the company issue was renewed with Tenzu-sha, and went to Gosha.

It is called the Fukagawa total Guardian God Meigu unawares,
It will attract a lot of adoration and reach today.

【 Shinmei Torii 】

【 Sham Ito Birthplace 】

It was the birthplace of Sham Ito, the master of beautiful painting.

By the way, the Morning Hill is a daughter of the real.

[Mikoshi Depot]

At both ends, there was a mikoshi warehouse with such a picture drawn.

Because there is only this portable shrine,
It’s probably a great festival.

Front Shrine


[Shouaoi Shrine]

[Harmony Inari Shrine]

[Precincts Company]

【 Shinmei Kindergarten 】

[Red Seal]

The red stamp fee was 500 yen.

Tokyo has a lot of 500 yen shrines.

After all, it is a place like the price height of the red stamp. (^ ^;

The Red Seal of the Fukagawa Seven Lucky Gods Tour can be awarded until the middle of January.

【 Ramen Yoshidaya 】

The store in the vicinity of Morishita station alone is hard to enter,
After all, to eat the ramen of family tree.

Order all the rides.
Char Siu was delicious.

Just because there are so many cabbage and sprouts,
The soup becomes thin by the moisture of the vegetable.

You should have a thick soup with your eyes.

【 San Morisita Hotel 】

Today’s Inn.

The staff were very friendly and the room was clean. (^ ^<!–


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