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Fukiage Onsen Open-air bath

Fukiage Onsen Open-air bath


It is an open-air bath too famous for the drama “from the North Country”.


Here is what I entered three times in the past, except that I was swarmed in the people of the circle system of the university is vacant basic.

This time I went to around 10:00 on Sunday night.

There were two visitors, and they were back soon, and there were about 20 minutes of private charter, and the couple came.


When I was alone, I could see the light and the light in starlight, but it is basic darkness.

The first is just a little helpless .


It is not scary because there is a light of the town in Furano with the starry sky of the full scale when accustomed.


But I do not know anything that there is no light at midnight, it is the fear of the level back in the parking lot when you first come.


I’m quite afraid of myself, but it’s okay if you know in advance what the Mont.

So it was OK to be familiar with the hot spring of this fukiage onsen.



By the way, when I went alone at midnight to the hot water of Totsugawa onsen in Nara, I turned back to fear too much.

There is a dangerous place.

From the National Highway of 400 series (cruel road) must be immersed in a hot spring to go down the stairs without outside lights at all, it is a level that do not know what punishment game.

I don’t have to go there at midnight! The uncle who preaches at the beginning on Friday of the 13th is over the head.



This is an aside, but I have a memory that I put up with a lot of scary hot spring is a water free seaside hot spring that only appears at the low tide.

I was immersed alone in the sea at night without anyone while enduring the fear of the dark Sea of night….



On this day, the open-air bath had no clouds and the stars were visible, but it was a little foggy? It was not so beautiful, but the stars are beautiful at the level when the air is beautiful in winter or when it comes.

The shooting star also flows in how much.

(At this time, I said “gold, gold, gold” and three times!) )


It is OK to put a light with a flashlight and a lantern from the parking lot to an open-air bath here, but it seems to be manners to turn off the light in an outdoor bath.

(You will be scolded by regular customers)


The star looks beautiful, and it is possible to become bold in the mixed bathing certainly in pitch black. (I don’t care about my gaze at all)

In that wake, when you come here I think you should be careful with the unspoken manners.



The hot springs are a little painful when you get into your eyes.


There were three baths with rocks, and the biggest bath on this day was a little lukewarm and comfortable.

The bath near the most source was hot in the hot water commercial level. (I don’t know the temperature of hot water commercials.)

I just put my foot on the heat! I did not put it.



This hot spring has been maintained quite a lot of free, there is no light at night at all in the mountains in the dark hot spring is fun there is a sense of non-daily.

It is a recommended hot spring.







Overall rating 4.8
Free of charge
No amenities
Facility Board


Bath Open-Air bath x3
Spring quality acidic-sodium-calcium chloride spring

Business hours 24 hours

Bathing Day 2018/6/3


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