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Greetings in 2018

Greetings in 2018

Happy New Year to everyone.
Thank you again this year.

The blog of the castle visit, which started in March 2013, also exceeded the 270 times in 2017.
In October 2017,I was transferred to ThailandI was able to go to the castle in August in Hokkaido. Still, the number of castles75 CastlesIt seems to have said. The Castle Blog is able to continue somehow60 CastlesI was able to update the article more than. I just spit out the accumulated material for a while, I will continue to update.

Where was the impression of the castle in 2017?
2018年ご挨拶/丸亀城  2018年ご挨拶/長岩城
[Left] First of all, I visited with my wife on New Year’s DayMarugame Castle
Existing towerA small tower and a magnificent high stone wall were wonderful in the castle which had not gone in.
If you take me to the castle, you will be in a bad mood.
[Right] one more shot in January,Castle Tour ChannelOfOoh.Two men in Oita Prefecture.
Feel the risk of lifeLong Iwaki
The Denjeras zone where many of the victims abandon their reachBow-shaped gun seatIt is still not possible to reach.
ThisStone Masonry TowerPeople with fear of heights cannot reach.

2018年ご挨拶/山中城  2018年ご挨拶/楽々前城
[Left] and in March, it was revisited for more than 15 years Buri.Yamanaka Castle。 I visited a castle in Kanagawa Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture with a friend whom I met at work unusually. That’s greatRidge Moat, Shoji HoriEven more than the remains of, the castle that was built by Mr. Hojo, who won the Kanto building by making full use of the technique of the palace, is able to feel the turning point of history to the point that it was made to the tree edge without having one day.
[Right] Last in July, two of the Castle Fellows and one senior in the company gave a farewell to the joint.Effortlessly Maijo(Hangin Bear)Ridge-like vertical moat。 I went to the castle of the mountain name.

This blog has an analysis of the ranking in the site, 2014-2016 I tried to think about the reason of the castle with a lot of access number, but how was it in 2017?

It’s completely runaway.Jincheng CastleBut in October 2017, theCountry Historic SitesSeems to have taken a further boost is pointed out.
2016 NHK saga “Sanada Maru” has been in second place since the effect of,DaisakashiroKeep up the standings.
After all, although I did not go to the castle of the 2017 NHK taiga drama “Woman Lord Straight Tiger”, Daisakashiro where the topic of the Ishigaki excavation project etc. of the Toyotomi ERA was originally on is strong.
I took third place.Sumoto CastleI think it is a wonderful castle originally,Japan 100 CastleI think that the effect chosen to be large.

I only introduce a little at the time of the greeting of the new Year until now, besides the castle tour to meMusic activitiesThere is life work, but I cannot help but to pause this activity for a while. I can barely come to a steady person for a while.
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Such a thing, continue, thank you in 2018.

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