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Haguro Yamashiro [1/3] The huge mountain ruins of Ashina, the feudal daimyo of Aizu

Haguro Yamashiro [1/3] The huge mountain ruins of Ashina, the feudal daimyo of Aizu

会津 向羽黒山城
The Haguro Yamashiro (across from Meguro Yamajjo) is the largest mountain fortress in Tohoku, built by Ashina, the warring feudal lords of Aizu. The 16-year-head Ashina-Sheng, who built the heyday of Mr. Ashina, built a huge castle over eight years, but his successor died a succession of deaths. Mr. Ashina is crushing defeat to date Masamune in the Battle of sliding Uehara in just a few years after Mr. Sheng’s death. Date Mr. Gamo and Mr. Uesugi who became the lord of Aizu after Mr. Ashina also renovated and maintained the directed Haguro Yamashiro, but it became a deserted castle by the Yonezawa rolling seal of Uesugi Scenic. The ruins of a good medieval fortress remain in the entire area, even though it has been partially destroyed by the roadway and other parts of the castle, which is 0.9 miles east-west and 1.5 km north and south, centered on the top of Mt. Iwasaki.

Basic Data >
Name: Directed Haguro Yamashiro (Wikipedia)
● Location: Onuma-Gun, Fukushima ( map )
-Lord: Mr. Ashina Sheng/Date Masamune/Gamo Ujigo/Uesugi Scenic
● Castle: Nagoku Juroku (1568)
-Remains: Melody, Horikiri, vertical moat, earth base, cut shore, tiger mouth mark
● Information: Japan Hyakuna Castle No.111 ( list )

Date of Visit: May, 2017
Visit to Haguro Yamashiro-the one , two , three .

Visit >

mukai_haguroyama-01_0229The Haguro Castle is a road in the whole area and can be traveled by car. It seems to be a standard course to stroll from the parking lot near the Sanno Maru in the middle. This is the entrance to the north side of Mt. Iwasaki. Let’s see because the explanation board and the picture drawing are built.

mukai_haguroyama-02_0227Haguro Yama Castle ruins explanation board. Sengoku daimyo Ashina Sheng, along with his retirement, established the Haguro Yamashiro in the mountains from Kurokawa Castle, the base of the plains. It is called “凰鈴 Haguro” castle because it was built in Mt. Iwasaki in the opposite side of “Haguro Yama” of one of the white Sanzan. It seems to have maintained it as a castle to renovate the direction Haguro Yamashiro and the Sengoku Daimyo tourney barrel by date, Gamo, and Uesugi after Mr. Ashina ruin. It is regrettable that the character of the second half is hoarse and cannot read.

mukai_haguroyama-03_0226Restored Bird’s eye view at the trailhead. It can be seen that the whole mountain is fortified. Because there is not the kind of old drawing left, it is drawn based on the ruins.

mukai_haguroyama-04_0226-2Restore the bird’s eye view part up. The lower left is north, and the mountains extend to the lower right.

mukai_haguroyama-05_mapBecause there was no guide board depicting a rope in the castle, quote the rope-clad figure that has been published in the leaflet. (PDF of leaflet can be downloaded from Aizu Misato Town Tourism portal site ). This is the north of the top. The parking lot is written “two West tune group” in the center of the roadway which extends from the top (the line that the color is painted). The picture is small and hard to see in detail, but I took a stroll in reference to this figure in the locale.

mukai_haguroyama-06_9918To the parking lot of two west of the wheel. The road and the parking lot are completely paved and it is not understood at all though there might have been a tune ring here before.

mukai_haguroyama-07_9919Let’s go back to a little north of the parking lot and see the top of Kamimachi and Mr. Mori’s mansion. The explanation board is seen, and this is the one of three inflection wheels on the left side. Let’s look at it later.

mukai_haguroyama-08_9914The empty moat that had been dug deeply long on the right side of the roadway. It seems to have been partially buried when constructing the roadway.

mukai_haguroyama-09_9922The road turns to the left, and if it puts it in the right back, it leads to Mr. Mori residence. It was the one of “Haguro Shrine (Advancement Inari shrine)” which stands on the hill in the right back though the explanation board was built.

mukai_haguroyama-10_9924The whole view of the Haguro Yama castle ruins. It is drawn as “○ Maintenance District” by the color painting on that though a detailed territory is drawn with great pains, and it is hardly seen. It can be read that a huge castle was built across the southern part of Mt. Iwasaki and the ridge. It is between the “North Tune Group” (purple) and the left “three-wheel Group” (green) now.

mukai_haguroyama-11_9923To the ruins of Mr. Mori’s mansion. It is in the middle of the road leading to “Kamimachi major mouth” which is considered one of the major.

mukai_haguroyama-12_9925This state in May. There is a large empty digging on the left when looking closely.

mukai_haguroyama-13_9929On the other side of the big Hollow, you can see the place surrounded by earth base. This is the site of Mr. Mori’s mansion. This side where I am now is north of the wheel. There was a mansion of a huge Lord Sheng Mr. On the other side of Horikiri in the hit where Kamimachi major mouth climbed and it passed through the North inflection ring (However, “biography”).

mukai_haguroyama-14_9937It is a composition which understands well like being surrounded by the base of the Earth.

mukai_haguroyama-15_9943This is a hollow moat dug around the residence of Mr. Mori. There was also a place where the complex was bent. It hangs sideways. In the previous bird’s eye view, the sky-digging which bends over Mr. Sheng’s mansion is drawn.

mukai_haguroyama-16_9958Horikiri and Kirikishi were built on the outside of the North Bend, preparing for an attack from the foot of the mountain.

mukai_haguroyama-17_9965The Masugata Tiger Mouth was built in the part where the North Bend and the foothills were connected. There was a big mouth in Tokamachi, but the road was almost lost and it was difficult to get off the slope.

mukai_haguroyama-18_9967I entered Mr. Mori’s mansion. A high ground base solidly the circumference of a vast site. The inside is to the top of the soil base because of the grass. I wonder if the excavation is being conducted.

mukai_haguroyama-19_9969Then, it returns to the roadway, and the next goes to three inflection wheels. The road between this guide board and the management building to the back.

mukai_haguroyama-20_9921Haguro Yamashiro Sanmaru Trail explanation board. In the directed Haguro Yamashiro, there is a way called “○ Circle” by the explanation board and “○ Tune Ring”. It seems to have been built the gazebo and the command Jinya because the view of the west side was good because three inflection rings were construction as a training ground (BABA) of the horse.

mukai_haguroyama-21_9976Three-round mark. -Hyochu to come in and quietly stand on the other side.

mukai_haguroyama-22_9971This is the direction of Haguro Yamashiro 3. It was a gentle slope, but how many steps did the narrow-cut plain make? The surrounding trees were cut down, and the view was still good.

mukai_haguroyama-23_9978The West Castle seen from three inflection rings. “Maruyama” is a small mound seen in the plains. Old Times is likely to be one of the forts.

mukai_haguroyama-24_9977Then, from three inflection wheels to the back further. Because the castle is maintained as a hiking course, the road which connects each Melody group has been reasonably maintained.

mukai_haguroyama-25_9979In the south side of the three inflection wheel, “Geunpeuma”. Was it a valuable water source at that time?

mukai_haguroyama-26_9982I went back to the first parking lot after stepping down the stone steps from the pond.

mukai_haguroyama-27_9991Then, it is one of the sights from three inflection rings and “tiger mouth under two inflection wheels” is aim. In the castle, there are many paths as well as a maze, and there are not a lot of guide displays. I will always be where I am now so as not to get lost, I’ll stroll while checking the map and Niramico.

mukai_haguroyama-28_9994It aims at two Melody Tiger mouth through a narrow passage surrounded by the bush.

mukai_haguroyama-29_0001It arrives at the tiger mouth under two inflection wheels. On the right side of the slope is two rings. The left recess has become a disagreement tiger mouth. There seemed to be a huge boulder piled up inside the mouth. This is the inside of the tiger mouth, and there is a huge horikiri and Dobashi in the left back. It does not rise to two inflection rings at once, and it goes to see the tiger mouth.

mukai_haguroyama-30_0008To the inside of the tiger mouth. The left and right sides are surrounded by high soil bases (the right side is a cut shore), and the prospect is bad.

mukai_haguroyama-31_0025From the outside of the tiger mouth. The road is bent on the right side though the left back is two inflection rings. There used to be a gate built between the walls of the earth. The soil base might have been making stone walls both sides.

mukai_haguroyama-32_0020The outside of the tiger mouth is built the sky digging, and the Dobashi is extended.

mukai_haguroyama-33_0028See the empty moat from the top of the Dobashi. It is still overwhelming what the deep moat visited.

> > Directed to Haguro Yamashiro [2/3] . < <

Date of Visit: May, 2017
Photographic equipment: FUJIFILM X-T10 + XF14mm
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