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“Hama no Ya” Mr. ‘s tendon is not to be underestimated with a major system!! ~ @ Chiba/Kashiwa & Saitama/Koshigaya

“Hama no Ya” Mr. ‘s tendon is not to be underestimated with a major system!! ~ @ Chiba/Kashiwa & Saitama/Koshigaya

The major restaurant chains in recent years
You have a number of brands…

Not only naming the brand name like a specialty store, but also
There seem to be a lot of cases in which it is not understood that it is a big chain dare.

The reason why major is taking such a method is,
“Flexible Manual”
“The central kitchen is designed to make it uniform”
“No specialization, no one pattern and high”
“The byte is made by the use of frozen food”
“The taste is stable, and it seems to the customer that there is no uninspiring in the taste of the same everywhere”

… Such as the image is attached,
Because there are cases where it works to the detriment… Thought

It is good even if it is a store which recommends it at low price and recognition,
It seems that other stores are required to have expertise and added value…

Leading restaurant companies that have led the era
The negative image of the name is reversed,
Is it because the diversification of food advanced?? …

But it is a big company with many talented people!!
The change of the idea is terrible.
Dare to
Because it was thrown away easily and it left it (; ° Д °)

It is certainly better divided into specialty stores by genre,
It is possible to do more elaborate, and the loss of the ingredient is reduced, too
Nurturing employees is easier.

If you don’t hit or get tired of customers after a few years, it’s relatively easy to build & scrap to other genres

Just the right thing to do…
Looks like a natural flow…

Some of the restaurant chains are listed, mainly in the restaurants and food courts of the SC and shopping malls.

Inside is one food court,
There are also places where different brands are put out (-_-;)

There is a real specialty store in the shop in the food court.

For example, if you are a ramen store in Chiba
There are a number of specialty stores in the local area, such as “Tomida” or “Aoyama” or “anyway”.
Some of the local culinary arts stores have satellite outlets in the food court.

There is a case where “real specialty shop” is included like this, too,
The “Familiar specialty store” in the food court
The number of major chains is increasing.

I’m going to do this.
Major stealth chain specialty stores
For short, it is called “major stealth” without permission.

At this time, I went to
I’m selling fried tempura rice bowl,
A brand named Hamoya seems to be one of them.

I can’t write much about where I’m affiliated…
It seems to be the same company as ISO-maru fisheries and, shabu vegetables, roast beef stars, etc.

As for the Hama no ya, because there are only a few stores yet,
It might be a rare store…


But don’t underestimate this store;)

The direction of frying tempura in front of the customer
It is quite powerful.
There you can see the well-cooked figure

Or there is a machine to serve in quantitative rice, or assembly line, but I can not deny that some inorganic,
In many ways, there has been a production that does not come out without a major unique know-how.


Anyway, the procession of the visitor is terrible on Saturdays and Sundays.
Ramen shop and, the procession that is similar to the steak and Mac suddenly, is seen in the “tendon shop”, just a rare sight…

Because the rotation is early,
Tempura is fried from next to next.
It means that you can always eat fried (^^)

We ordered an ordinary tempura bowl!!


Tempura is of course crispy
I was worried about the dirt of the oil because it was fried in large amount,
It was finished in a light feeling neatly.

The seaweed tempura is surprisingly delicious.
Shrimp plump. (^-^)/
There was no persistence, and the sauce was serious.

Obviously, more than a certain major Japanese restaurant tempura,
It’s definitely a notch above taste.

Some of the customers
And avoid major stealth,
Some people seem to be disappointed when they enter the store without knowing…

But, it is also true that the know-how of various cooking has been accumulated in the major
Or, it buys the specialty store, and absorbs the technology.
The stock is strong, too.
If the brand is still a few store deployments,
It is interesting to dare to aim.
It’s rare…

Because the menu and the policy of the store are decided by the team on those soils, there is no reason to be able to do the nasty one for the time being.

If we consumers can benefit from it and eat one rank higher at the same price, we would be very welcome. (^^)

Major stealth, contempt lest (; ° Д °)

The major brand segmentation seems to be going this far.
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