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Hardboiled Twins Story! Ufotable excellent work “Fukoi alternative” to know!

Hardboiled Twins Story! Ufotable excellent work “Fukoi alternative” to know!



Hardboiled Twins Story! Ufotable excellent work “Fukoi alternative” to know!


フタコイ オルタナティブ DVD-BOX

Broadcast time April 2005-June 2005
Original Hina Futaba, Mutsumi Sasaki
Official site Http://

A private investigator, Taro Futaba, took over his father’s footsteps.
The story of a mysterious living with him and the mysterious twins and the White Bell Sisters.
It is a mysterious squid star who appears suddenly as the resident of “Nico Tama” who is rich in individuality, and those who wish to be three people.

The story of a Han who moves slimy with hard-boiled nekketsu in a fool.


Rating Points: 79 points ★ ★ ★ ☆(Honorable mention)


※ Does not include spoilers.


The essence of the Orthodox youth drama

The fragrance of the old anime and the Love Adventure game “Bikoi” is this work.
There is no relevance to the view of the world even if the main character, to the end “completely different work using the same heroine”.
At the same time, the essence of the work does not feel like a trace of the past romantic adventure.
And twins burdened with a heavy fate, Nekketsu Superman hero, and mysterious terrorist (or squid), the smell that can stand out from the whole, but not the sweet and sour of love, masculine hard-boiled, it might be something like the smell of my father’s colon (different? W

And, the maximum weapon is an outstanding tempo feeling generated from the episode which is put on without interruption.
Probably the greatest attraction of this work.
The contrast between the good comedy that follows from the beginning and the shadow that keeps on the other side is always an effective shade that tightens the whole work.


To put it simply, this work is the hero of Koi Taro’s “Youth picture Scroll”.
It is this work that the story that unfolds is a foolish story to Mororets, and it sittin’ to the story and is Cusomazime in the youth.
Anyway, the foolish story is drawn to the serious thoroughly in a blue smell.

And, the essence as the drama of the youth is extremely orthodox.
It is a story to go to the royal road of the hero to grow up agony and suffering worries.
However, because it is a ridiculous and stupid story without seeing the essence, the part of “agony” is well wrapped in medicinal wafer, there is a sense that greatly lowers the hurdles of viewers.
If you’re aiming, I think fanatic.


In addition, Ufotable is a super-stable and ultra-drawing.
The animation at that time has reached the level of the difference in dimension, and compared with the present image quality, there are few things which are pale in the drawing side.
The drawing is a masterpiece as for a dark shadow which colors everyday, and an acrobatic aerial circus generally.

So, the remarkable goodness of this work becomes “drawing” and “rhythm”.


The sense of stability is outstanding, but it lacks the skill of decision.

The above-mentioned “drawing” and “rhythm” is not only the charm of this work, of course.
However, there is an impression that the part of the story does not catch up a little as the work unfolded on an overwhelming scale so far.
Of course, the degree of perfection is high, and it is my personal impression that there is no “skill” in the scenario though it is thought that it is an interesting animation even if it sees.

As mentioned above, the gist of the story is “an extremely Orthodox youth drama”, so I should say that the story from beginning to end in the category of expectation.
Of course, it is thought that another one twist was wanted in the episode of an essential main plot though there are a lot of elements which do not attach the expectation to the beginning with a foolish squid in the foliage .
Of course, there is the impression that it is not able to reach the level “the impression of the last remains in the heart” though it boasts the perfection which cannot be bonbondo other animation at present, and it is too regrettable. Of course, the last is good, too.


Then, it is likely to be “depth” of the heroine when said what is missing.
This does not mean the perfection of the character, but simply the background, the part of their “setting”.
Of course, there is no chance in the creation of the character of Sara and Fuyuki, but it is never in the thing like dropping the quality of the story normally, in this work to begin with, the story of the Koi Taro as “very Orthodox youth drama” has been completely completed, the appeal ” I think that you have to add some depth to the twins is the heroine when you add “.

The “mystery” element of the heroine that is depicted in this from the beginning.
On the other hand, the “contents” which become clear might be comparatively and the usual one, and be the only places of stingy.

Well, but if you want to be deeper than this, because it will add something “more stringent” elements in the setting of two people, because the atmosphere of the story will also be different from the development of the last, this work may still be good as it is now.
Because it is not heavy, and can be seen many times because it is not severe, it will be charm of this fukoi alternative.


No, no, Detective kicks, ma’am.

However, there is one scene like the miracle that no other animation can do in this work.
This is clearly a level that there was this work to do this scene, the main episode with a focus on Koi taro Buri, it is a name scene that soot the height of the perfection.

The company which boasts the super-drawing of ufotable made this work aiming at what.
As a matter of fact, if you look at this work,

“Oh, there was a drawing of ufotable for this.”

W that can be strangely convinced
The best excitement of the story, the best drawing ride.
It burns to the highest as it does not have the best thing like this!


So if you do not know this work, please watch it by all means.

And let’s shout at everyone.

“Detective Kick! And

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