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Hato Bus Sightseeing, Sensoji Temple (October 14, 2018)

Hato Bus Sightseeing, Sensoji Temple (October 14, 2018)

After finishing lunch at Yonehisa Honten, you will be free for 50 minutes.

Well, then of course you will worship at Sensoji Temple.

It is the third visit of the Asakusa Temple in three years.

This is a solid tourist area, but there are people who are disgusted.
Nakamise Street is fun, and cathedral is also respectable because it is a favorite temple.

On July 14, 2013, visit >

November 28, 2015 visit >

Address: 3-1, Asakusa 2-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Sect: Seikannon-shu
Principal Image: Seikannon Bodhisattva
Founded: The emperor of the Meiji era 36 years (628)
Kaiki (DEN): Satoru
Fusho: Sacred Sites Bando, Edo 33 Kannon sacred sites, Asakusa sights seven Lucky gods


The top layer of the five-storey pagoda is from the Isurumuniya temple in Sri Lanka
It is said that the stupa which was Shong in 1966 was paid.

[Main Hall, Tokyo Sky Tree]

Dō and Tokyo Sky Tree collaboration. (^ ^

Tokyo Sky Tree is beautiful even if it sees from a distance.
The design is indeed excellent.

Main Hall

The tourist is in Ujauja. (^ ^;

It is a splendid main hall.

The former main hall was a national treasure, but it was burnt down in war
The present hall was rebuilt in 1958.

[Large lantern]

The internal team was not able to shoot,
I think that the ceiling picture seen from the outside is OK shooting.


[Baozo Gate]

Collaboration with Tokyo Sky Tree.

Collaboration with five-storey pagoda.


Main Hall

[Baozo Gate]



[Benten Pond]

Nobody’s trained

Visit Asakusa Shrine lightly before going to Nakamise Street.

About Asakusa Shrine
Every time he visits the shrine, he sees the tricks of the monkeys.

There was a monkey today, too. (^ ^

I was happy to visit. (^ ^

We do not have the red Seal of Asakusa Shrine this time.

[Nakamise Street]

It was taken from before Kaminarimon.

Because there are a lot of tourists and it is difficult to walk,
I usually want to avoid it, but
Nakamise Street has a lot of shops and it’s fun.

I think this is because there is charm in the Nakamise Street.


The symbol of Asakusa.


This Doya face is unbearable. Lol

[Red Seal]

I received it in the Shadow Hall.

There were two red stamps.<!–


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