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Henshoin (Worship on December 24, 2018)

Henshoin (Worship on December 24, 2018)

Then to Henshoin, which is exceptional motoyama.

There is a triple tower of important cultural properties here.

There are many triple towers and five-storey pagoda in Okayama.
There are 15 tower before the Edo period.

It is good that the number exceeds Kyoto and Nara,
There is a great temple in this region.
It is worth mentioning that it has been carefully preserved until now.

Henshoin is now that the old Times Cathedral is lost,
As long as the triple tower is still alive and still happy.

It is not seen in the five-storey pagoda of Okayama in this,
This is a temple and a Kinzan.

I want to complete it in the trip of the next Okayama pilgrimage.

Address: 464 Nishiachi-machi, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama
Sect: Shingon sect Miventricular Sect.
Principal Image: The Bodhisattva of ten-sided Kansera
Founded: Den-en-Kanwa (985)
Kaiki: The person in the sky
Imperial: Emperor Hanayama
The temple: Setouchi 33 Kannon Sacred Sites, Asaguchi nishicountry Sangoku Kannon Sacred Sites

The Eizan of the Emperor Hanayama (985),
It was the opening of the Satasa.

It is reported that it was canonmade to Emperor Sanjo’s imperial office after the 1st of Hisashi (1069).

The old one was the only middle-temple in the region that had the Sudaiji temple in the thirty places.

In Tensho years, I was given the two thousand stone from the Mouri family Cathedral equipped,
The temple’s luck has also flourished, but then gradually decadent by the change of times.

Later, in the Tokugawa period, he was given a teriite stone from the Lord Ikeda family.

The Sueji Temple became the twenty-three temple in the Edo period, and it had the eighteenth temple in the first year of Showa.
It queues up to the exceptional motoyama of the Mituro sect now.

Not so

Park your car in a large free parking lot and start worship.

Next to the parking lot there is a triple tower of your own.


[Triple Tower]

This is really elegant and good tower to see. (^ ^

Was rebuilt in 23 years (1416).

It’s beautiful from wherever you look.

【 Belfry 】

Temple Gate

[Large entrance]


[Triple Tower]



【 Belfry 】

Main Hall

The main hall was closed unfortunately.

[Igusa Prayers]

I tried this for the first time.

Apparently, the area was Igusa’s main industry,
And, it seems to have such a thing.

Gacha Gacha

It looks like a fortune.
I want you to stop such a thing because the dignity of the temple is dropped.


[Training Daishi]

[Life-prolonging Jizo]


Bizen Ware

A million yen will not be ruined when the large jar of this much is not.

[Red Seal]


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