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“Honvinos in. Ebi’s Yozakura dog??” I found “Honvinos shellfish Hamayaki” from Funabashi Specialties! @ Funabashi/. Ebi Jogging Road

“Honvinos in. Ebi’s Yozakura dog??” I found “Honvinos shellfish Hamayaki” from Funabashi Specialties! @ Funabashi/. Ebi Jogging Road

Sakura ~ ♪
Sakura ~ ♪
Is ~ Loose ~ ♪

It seems that the cherry blossoms in Kanto are in full bloom in recent days.

… So,
Until. Ebi Jogging road last night,
I went out to see the cherry blossoms.


Anyway, here is
Well, there are many things that dogs have… (̄ ̄;)

The good smell of the stalls,
Everyone twitches their noses.
I was begging for my owner (^^)

Not seven cherry blossoms in this
Yozakura Dog (̄ ̄;)

Well, because I do not go to take the dog of the person,
Just a picture of cherry blossoms (̄ ̄;)


By the way, in the classic language of Hawaii,
The word “dog” seems to refer to “drinking sake”.

The people who are taking a drink to see the cherry blossoms in the dog cherry blossoms are quite apparent…
Yozakura dogs are the words of walking a dog and drinking sake at the Hanami (^^)

In, the real issue!!

In the stalls here,
I found the Hamayaki of Honvinos of the Funabashi specialty.

Previously on the article,
There seems to be a branch of the third sanase.

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I was reluctant to sell local products. Funabashi
It seems to have finally put out seriousness.

Was there a theme song of Honvinos?
The first time I knew it (; ° Д °)


Honvinos Shellfish and
Caught white clam thing at Funabashi.

It’s a little smaller than a real big clamshell,
The flavor is good, and the tendency of the taste does not change so much clamshell.

And inexpensive (^^)

The original is a foreign species, but also strong reproductive power,
Because there is more than the price,
It grew up to the Messiah existence of Funabashi where the clam was not able to be caught very much.

The business trip sale at night is more than 300 yen in three,
Let’s eat the chance of the trouble.


Honvinos taste is too strong,
Because the soy sauce is burnt by hanging, it salty further.

But this is the absolute sake!!
Oh, I’m drinking beer!

Oh, there are many other stalls out there.

While eating mein
Watching cherry blossoms on the banks of the river is special!


The stalls here are only on weekdays.

I don’t know how long I’ve been doing it.
I should go in the day after tomorrow.

I don’t have a parking lot, so I’m careful to park on the road!

Of course, while we were eating honvinos,
Dogs of “Yozakura dog” of So,
It smells good.
I promise you… (^^;

This Honvinos Hamayaki,
In 2019, we opened a store here.

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