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Hoonji Temple (worship on July 26, 2015)

Hoonji Temple (worship on July 26, 2015)

He enters Wakayama and runs along the Sea road.

I drive on this road with Navi.

It’s a fine road and I’m worried about having a parking lot.

The temple was seen when running for a moment.

This is the entrance, but the short tree in the middle cannot park by the way. Weep
It was good to park at the entrance, but it is annoying when other worshippers come
Also back to the first entrance. (^ ^;

If you listen to the temple in front of the nearby Okawa Hachiman Shrine,
It was to be parked in the vicinity of Su Iron.

Address: 117 Okawa, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama
Sect: Nishiyama Jodoshu
Principal Image: Amida-Nyorai
Founded: 2 years (1208)
Kaiki: Honen People
The temple: The Five Spirits of Honen

The return of the man is allowed to the exile of Shikoku,
Because the sea was rough, it was thrown ashore to this oil raw beach.

At this village people were taught by Honen.
It is said that it converted to the Jodoshu sect entirely.

When Honen was able to leave
It is told that it was made an eye opening by the image which copied the appearance of oneself to the rest of the person who regretted.

Moreover, it is said that it was given by making a million times in the remainder material.

The hall where this tree image is enshrined is this Hoinonji temple.
The character of the lecture of the future is added, and it is a temple name now though the temple is called the Jiunzan Temple.

It is a temple treasure and there is a pure Land mandala of the Spirit Priest’s brush and the running down famous issue.

Stone Monument

Temple Gate

It is the gate which is splendid more than the expectation.


It was the great four of the small but splendid deki.

This is a must see.

Main Hall

The main hall must be reserved in advance.


It is the inner team that seems to be the Jodo sect.

A seated statue of Honen who has been enshrined in the Zushi.


Buddha statues and other Buddhas were enshrined.

It was explained to the wife in detail.
If you hear a lot of stories, and you want to keep the temple hard,
It has made a thousand yen a generous effort as the stamp of the involuntarily. (^ ^

After that, I chatted with my wife for a while.

It is said that Kataoka Ainosuke visited the aimlessly alone two weeks ago.

In the Mokuami to pray for the success of the original stage
He was told that he was quite religious and that other temples were often torn.

Also, Anri Sakaguchi also visited the shrine alone.

After Ryoko Sakaguchi’s death,
It seems to be troubled variously by love or the stepfather Jet Ozaki,
I heard such a story from my wife that I was crying at the time of the visit.

Even if it is said that Anri Sakaguchi is the father of jet Ozaki at puberty,
She is also a hard trap.

It is greatly over time that it rises with such a story.
I was in the temple for about an hour somehow.

[Kannon statue, Zushi]

It is said that the Zushi is enshrined in the 33rd Kannon and the left hand of the West Country.
It seems not to be understood well because it does not open all the time.

【 Belfry 】

The six pillars are very rare.

If you look closely, there is no bell tower.
It is in place in the war ahead, then, it seems to be in a certain temple in Shikoku for some reason.

But it is not certain whether it was a bell tower of this temple,
It seems not to be able to return it after all. (^ ^;


[Red Seal]


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