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Hyakumanen-ji Temple (on June 18, 2016)

Hyakumanen-ji Temple (on June 18, 2016)

Twenty-five spirits of Honen were also the remaining three temples.

I will go to the temple of one million times.

To tell the truth, it is mistaken as the Temple temple at three o’clock, which is already visited.
I thought that I had already visited the temple. Wry smile

Kamo-zu shrine, Ginkakuji, Gold Komyoji, Kyoto Imperial Palace, etc.
While being in a land surrounded by a tourney big name
I was ashamed to have missed it until now. (^ ^;

Therefore, it becomes the first visit.

Address: 103 Tanaka Monzen-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Sect: Jodoshu
Principal Image: Amida-Nyorai
Kaiki: The Genta genchi people
Founder: Honen People
The temple: The Five Spirits of Honen

The original is in the village of Mount Hiei merit in the House of the Emperor Yen Ajari,
It is told that it was founded by Enjin in the early Heian period.

Honen is invited from the Kamuji of Kamo, and the temple is
It was called the Zen-Bo of Kamo.
It is the predecessor of Bai Man-ji temple now.

2 years (1212) the Honen people were
The person who is the direct disciple of Honen person is ahead or the teacher’s pension
You have to know the kindness to repay.
It was named the temple which knew the kindness, and it was an unkindness temple.

The first year of Motohiro (1331) at the time of the eighth good-sky circle, when the plague spread to the capital,
Daigo the emperor’s Edict of seven nights Bai Man
Bai Man’s issue has been settled from the plague.

Since then, it has been Bai Man.

Then, after several transfers,
Moved to the current location in 2 years (1662) in the Edo period.

It is called “Mr. Hakuman Ben” of the bead and is popular now.

Temple Gate

There is a large parking lot, but there is a charge.

Because the gate is on the other side of the paid parking lot,
I went to the gate and started to visit.


This is the precincts of the Motoyama class of the Jodo sect.

It is Goeidou that is the main hall that I see in the back.

【 Inari-sha 】



After being erected in 1811 for eight years of culture, the fire was rebuilt in 1832.

If you look inside because the hall was open,
The college students were playing with the children in the neighborhood.

It seems to be doing such a event in recent years.

I had you put in the place in the thing thankfully.

Strangely enough, it was like a zen atmosphere.

Amida Buddha was enshrined here.


There are only three groups in the whole country, and the other two are in Masabayashi temple and Munakata Taisha.

Both visited, but no memory. (^ ^;

Maybe I didn’t visit Munakata Taisha.
I guess they are enshrined in the Shinto Museum.


The current Goeidou is 7 years (1667), and a man on the 39th world of Mt.
The one that it was erected by the pilgrimage of the whole country for 500 both gold from the general at time.

It is a splendid Goeidou.

In the atmosphere such as the main hall of the Jodosect,
The statue of Honen who has the remains and hair in the womb.
Amida Buddha was enshrined in the style and technique, which is presumed to be a kei-Saku.

The biggest of the world was hung in the foreign team.

The touch of the great Ideju is OK,
Shooting in the Domin was NG.


Kanbun 4 years (1664) the one that was erected.

Shakado didn’t put in, but
There was a wonderful Buddha.

【 Belfry 】

【 Seto-Dou 】

【 Ossuary-Dou 】

[Kamo Daimyojin]

[Hyakuman Benzaiten]


[Red Seal]


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