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I want to eat many greedy women must see!! Original Sendai] of the local hamburger chain [Milky Way], volume and greedy mix-based plate @ Chiba, Itsuka Matsudo

I want to eat many greedy women must see!! Original Sendai] of the local hamburger chain [Milky Way], volumetric & Greedy Mix plate @ Chiba, Itsuka Matsudo

At least in the Kanto region
The hamburger chain which cannot be seen first of all
“Milky Way”

It seems to be a local restaurant of Sendai originally.

If it is “refreshing” in Shizuoka,
There is a Milky Way in Sendai!

… It is not known whether it was said (̄ ̄;)
I heard that the name was passing over there.

After that, he entered the subsidiary of the Daiei Group.
When the Daiei became a management crisis,
This time, he joined Zenshaw, a leading restaurant chain
All the stores were converted to big boys and disappeared.

The reason is different, like Wendy’s, it’s a disappearing brand (> _

But in the last few years,
Conversely, the case to re-switch from the big boy to the Milky Way came to be seen.
There are still a lot of stores…

In March, because there was an errand to go to the five incense of this Milky Way,
I decided to come in anyway.

It invades the territory of the rival is the B-class Grumecate people of Livedoor blog,
There is no forgiveness… (^^;


Because it was daytime on weekdays,
All the customers are younger than me. Mom (̄ ̄;)
The rest is a couple…

The inside of the store is high ceiling, and woody is fashionable somewhere.


Hamburger Steak with an Angus beef hamburger
It seems to be two kinds of Ei hamburger whey a Glass &

A glass is a cow that is bred from Australia.
There is a little smell in the original, but it is formulated well with the ternary pigs, there is no smell at all.
This is enough for me…

By the way, an Angus cow is a beef grown by grain fattening using the seed of the Japan black beef species, 50 yen higher per 100g.

Both sizes can be chosen from 100g, 150g and 300g.

If you’re looking at the menu,
For lunch only
The menu of a stylish presentation came into my eyes (^^;


Milky Natural Garden

The dish is a greedy plate with a variety of things in the center of the salad.
It is a menu that seems to receive a woman really!

What, this bolium 800 yen without tax!!
This is the only way to go. (^-^)/

I ordered it with a touch panel immediately!
Wait, ten minutes.


With hot vegetables of pumpkin and okra
Fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce
Special dressing.
Is this a bagna cauda-conscious??

The presentation of shredded radish is directing the great Bolium.

Fried Shrimp with vegetable curry
And fried steak… It’s quite a few!

Rice plateful free. Rice is like “Dainan missile” is two shots. (Usually 1 piece)

The amount of original rice itself is modest because it is a vegetable center.
A woman-conscious menu (^^)

Vegetable Curry has a sweet taste of vegetables.
The flavor of curry flour is strong, and is the sweet and spicy system??

The hamburger is working with onion.
Taste that there is no smell peculiar to the Aussie is alive.

It is not a reason to cheat the smell in nutmeg ☆ like seeing in a cheap hamburger well.
It was a top notch taste at this price.

I am glad that the lunch soup is free instead (^^)

In addition, for the efficiency of labor saving and human resources,
Order Touch Panel Type (-_-;)
It seems to be a major around here…


I didn’t order this time,
I feel like the sweets system is also good sense ~

In conjunction with the drink bar
Mom and dad have a chat time…

A stylish shop of the Meriken system

The milky natural garden which eats a lot of things by little
And this sense of sweets…

I understand why there are so many female customers.

By the way, a glass of wine, 100 yen (^o^)
There are also dice steak, fried chicken and pizza.
If you have a chance, I drink Choi here. (^^)

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