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Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple (worship on August 5, 2018)

Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple (worship on August 5, 2018)

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To Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple, which is the Daimotoyama of Hinhasune.

One of the fourteen Spirits Redeemer temples of Hinhasune as sacred sites of the Nichiren Saints ‘ extinction.
It is a spirit redeemer that is also cited in one of the seven large Motoyama.

I wanted to worship from the front and no
Because it takes time to transfer a little when it is a train,
I’ve been putting it aside for a long time.

This time, I decided to raise a heavy waist and pray at last.

Even so, it’s very hot in the morning.

How far will you endure penance? (^ ^;

Address: 1-1-1 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Sect: Hihasune
Principal Image: Xers
Founded: Hiroyasu 5 years (1282)
Founder: Nichiren Saints
Kaiki: Ikegami Munanaka
Fusiji: Sacred Sites Hyakoji Temple, Keihin 4 Daimotoyama

Nichiren Saints from now about 710 years ago in the five years of Hiroyasu (1282),
It is the spirit mark that has been lost at the age of 61.

Nichiren Saints say goodbye to Minobu, who was habitat for five years, nine years,
It is headed to the Hitachi hot water for the sickness recuperation, and the way
He died in the museum of the village of Ikegami Munenaka, Musashi-no-Sato.

The origin of the name of Nagei Yamamoto Mon-ji to prosper as long as the dojo of Lotus Sutra,
It is the one that the Nichiren Saint was named with the prayer.

And after the Saints ‘ extinction Nichiren the large Shing Ikegami Munehito
The temple area of about 70,000 Tsubo is donated to match the number of Lotus Sutra (69384),
Because the foundation of the temple was built, it is called Ikegami Honmon-ji.

Received the protection of Kanto Samurai during the Kamakura and Muromachi period
After entering the early modern era, he became a temple of prayer for the Kisho Kato and the Kii Tokugawa family.

In the Edo period, the temple was a theory of the body pond.
It was settled under the umbrella of the Kuonji temple.

The five-storey pagoda, the total gate, the library, by the air raid of World War II
After the war, the temple was destroyed, except for the Treasure Tower.

Main gate

It’s a 10-minute walk from Ikegami station.

The car is not able to park on this side.

There are several heads in front of the total gate, but the back burner.

This total gate was erected for genroku years,
The one that escaped the air raids of the Second World War.


Mr. Kato Seisei was donated,
The origin of the name is the Myomethod Lotus Sutra article eleventh,
Shing was named by a verse sentence of 96 characters.

[Sanemancipation Gate]

It is the imposing three gates worthy of the great Temple.

Keicho 13 (1608) the gate with the five-storied pagoda was erected by the two generals Tokugawa Hidetada.
It has been designated as a national treasure as the great Gate of the Momoyama period,
It burnt down by the air raid of the previous war.

Its loss flabby and enormous.

It is too regrettable.

The present three gates were rebuilt in 1977.

It is said that it took 32 years to rebuild the temple.

[Statue of Niwang]

It is said that the former Ninwang statue was a bodhisattva of Yuki.

【 Sun Morning Temple 】

It is called the subject Hall, and it is a temple of the subject training place.

It was rebuilt in 1973.

The Saints were enshrined in the morning of the day.

[Jojyo Bodhisattva]


There seems to be a festival, apparently.

【 Belfry 】

Bell tower

There was one more reason why the big bell tower was enshrined.

This is the daughter of Mr. Kiyomasa Kato, and apparently Inoue Lin-in, who became the Chamber of the Mimisho Kishu feudal lord Tokugawa Yoriyoshi
It was donated in the fourth year of Masaho (1647).

However, cracks and distortions occur in the air raids and have been temporarily enshrined.


The previous daido was a national treasure, but it was burnt down by air raids.

The present Daidou was rebuilt in 1964.

It is mistaken that it hits the main hall if it sees normally, but
Daido is the statue of Nichiren Saint, the second day of the Saints on the left
On the right is the Soshido temple, where the third day Saint statue is enshrined.

I don’t find the main hall.

The Temple of Hinhasune is more splendid than the main hall.

I think this is more important Nichiren saints than Buddha. (^ ^;

【 Spirit Houden 】

Evacuation to the heat of the remainder.

The room was very clean. (^ ^


In the precincts seen from the Spirit Hoden,
You can see the five storied pagoda in the back.

【 Hou’an Tower Phase Wheel 】


4 years (1784) was rebuilt,
It is still in existence to withstand air raids.

The car prayer of Ikegami Honmon-ji was held in the library.


The car will be parked in the free parking lot behind the hall.

It is easy to Shing because you don’t have to walk on a difficult slope.

【 Main Gate 】

There is a gate, and a big building is seen in the back when proceeding behind Daidou.

It is a little hard to enter but let’s go.

Main shrine

There is a main hall made of concrete in the interior of a fairly large precincts.

It is called the main hall although it is a place where it is usually called.

In the reconstruction of the old Shakado,
The four great Bodhisattva of the Buddha Muro of principal image
Stupa and others are enshrined.

Still, there are few people who visit here.

Daido not come to the main shrine to visit the shrine,
I personally think there is a problem.

Rather than having a problem with worshippers,
It is a problem that the Great Hall is built like the main hall, and not guided to the main hall.

This might be the idea of Hinhasune and the teaching,
It is funny after all.

There are two temples of the main hall and the Daishido pilgrimage
I will visit both of the Daishido after the main hall is torn.

It is not a matter of course.

The inner circle looked through the glass,
It seems to put it in the place in evening attendance at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

【 Hospital Terasa Office 】

There are also the Lord and the Shoin.

[Kongo sumo wrestler]

It’s really cool. (^ ^

It is not, and the model seems to be Antonio Inoki.


The five-storey pagoda was over there.

It’s far. (^ ^;


The temple is enshrined in the honor of the Guardian God.


It was near the entrance of the large cemetery in general.

【 Tower of the Kato Seisei room 】

It is difficult to photograph without reflecting the grave of the general public. (^ ^;

[Nichiren Saints]


An important cultural property currently in the old national treasure.

The Keicho of the Momoyama period (1608) was erected in 2001.

There are four five-storey pagoda before the Edo period in Kanto,
There are only one pagoda in the Momoyama period in Japan.

The five-storied pagoda before the Edo period, the former Kan’ei Temple, Lotus Sutra-ji Temple
It is the four groups of Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

There is a sense of discomfort in the Kanto area from the Kansai people. (^ ^;

[Ridoyama Tomb]

If you go to the depths of a cemetery full of crows,
There is a tomb of that Ridouyama.

I have not taken any graves,
There was a statue of Ridouyama before.

The people who erected this statue are only big names, and the chest heat.

Ikki Kajiwara, Tenryu, Akiyama, Satoru Sayama of the first Tiger mask,
The world is a tourney member, such as Beat Takeshi.

It was not enough to see this name.

[The title]

If it is other than the title book, it becomes the red seal of Myomethod.<!–


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