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Ikegami Honmon Teruko-In, Honsei-in (5 August 2018)

Ikegami Honmon Teruko-In, Honsei-in (5 August 2018)

When I go to Ikegami Station from the Science Center
This is the house of the Academy which has impressive temple.

Dedicated Fukurokuju at the Temple of seven Lucky gods Ikegami.

Address: 1-35-3 Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Sect: Hihasune
Principal Image: One tower, four
Founded: Hiroyasu 5 years (1282)
Founder: Hinata Sainthood
Fusho: Ikegami Seven Lucky Gods



The building on the left is very impressive.

Expectations increase.

Temple Gate

I did not put it in the place, but
It was good that I was able to worship Kannon Bodhisattva.

Main Hall

There is a main hall behind the dō.

This is the main hall of the common type.

The main hall is also seen in the inside and worship.

Even if the main hall is not able to be up to the inside
It is glad only to be seen.

The main theme and the Red Seal are available,
It’s hot here too, so don’t press ping pong.

The desire that it is too hot is lost. (^ ^;<!–


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