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Intact the goodness of the previous work, the completed form of the animated Rakugo anime [Showa Genroku rakugo suicide-Six again hen] Review

Intact the goodness of the previous work, the completed form of the animated Rakugo anime [Showa Genroku rakugo suicide-Six again hen] Review



Intact the goodness of the previous work, the completed form of the animated Rakugo anime [Showa Genroku rakugo suicide-Six again hen] Review


Broadcast time 2017 Winter Anime
Original Haruko Kumoda
Official site Http://

Yortaro who became every time to attach the name of “Suroku” at last.
The arm of Rakugo was polished for the elder sister who was able to do the child, and the teacher Yakumo who was still despairing Rakugo.

Evaluation score: 78 POINTS ★ ★ ★


Works that overcame the shortcomings of the previous work

This is the sequel to the anime that was broadcast in the 2016 winter anime called “Showa Genroku rakugo Suicide”.
If you do not see it now, please take a look first because the work is Chimpunkampung.

Your review is here.


The previous work is a story that focuses on the two rakugo performers of “Suroku” and “Yakumo”.
There were a lot of wonderful points such as the wonderful acting of The voice actor and the smoked silver drawing and directing to take advantage of it.

However, it has killed it, the heroine of play Megumi Hayashibara, “Mikichi” is the miscellaneous of character making.
She’s caused by the darkness of the story.

The appeal of the work has fallen more and more because of this darkness even if it is a work that is just plain.

But now the work has been a perfectly covered piece of these shortcomings.


Appearance of the hero is bright and stupid unlike the previous work, the heroine is bright and cute to support it.
And the performance of the wonderful voice actor and the Rakugo scene unchanged.

It became a work that was much more powerful than the previous works.


A couple of “Yotaro” and “Konatsu”

The most attractive of the work now is the charm of Yotaro and the hero of Konatsu and two of the heroine.

This is a big attraction that was not in the previous work.


The main character, Yotaro, is a big idiot who loves rakugo.
That Rakugo is really nice to watch.

Assistant six of the previous work was a similar character, and there was brightness.
However, I was seriously thinking about how to survive rakugo in the midst of a heavy way of confronting Rakugo, while a lot of art was born.
In addition, after falling in love with the heroine of Mikichi, including his character, the story becomes dark at a dash.
The charm of his character has fallen greatly by throwing out the rakugo for the lover. (The second half picked up)


On the other hand, the main character is sincere, easy to understand, and is bright for the Rakugo and the love.

Unlike assistant Roku, you can enjoy Rakugo and “do it” only in your mind.
It does not worry about the future of the Rakugo world like the master.
I “Do” the rakugo that I love the best in the form.
Live for that.
It is simple, but it is very easy to understand and is a hero who can cheer.

However, it is not so if it is thought that it is a person like the Rakugo machine.
I get very sympathetic to the figure to be swayed by it in love with the heroine who seems to be a man.
Unlike the previous work, the attitude to rakugo, even in the part of his private life, has become a character that is easy to sympathize with the viewer.


In addition, the biggest difference between the previous work and now, the heroine would be attractive.

Heroine of the previous work was put out to make the evil fall really suroku, that is a circle-understood character, other than voice, it was a difficult character to feel the charm.

However, the heroine of this time is different.
It is said by the main character and “elder sister”, but it is a spirited character, and the destructive power when the minute de is distinguished.


Her own episodes are also carefully drawn and very easy to be emotionally populated.

He has mixed feelings about Rakugo, who made his parents unhappy, but tries to live on it.
And, hate mingling complex feelings for the upbringing parents Yakumo.

If you mistake one step, a clever psychological depiction, and a character with a dynamic character, to avoid it splendidly, and to heal by cuteness, the tension by a heavy theme is a wonderful character attached to the work where it seems to become a menhera character.


And this charming couple will create more charm by combining them in the story.

The exchanges, such as the couple Manzai, give the amusing a soothing work that tends to be a serious mood.
Moreover, the character of the hero that only the part of the comedy is emphasized is born in the correspondence with the heroine also coolness as the man.
Before the yakuza, caustic word for the heroine (caustic word of rakugo) to cut the figure, the man is a falls man.


The existence of these two people was the power of this work, and it was a splendid fuel to blow sober.


A profound theme that the character of Yakumo portrays

The one flown by this fuel is a theme at the basis of the work now.
One of the themes is “What is Rakugo?”

It can be said that Yotaro who is the main character does not face seriously in a sense in this theme.
He just likes Rakugo and does not think about what he thinks of Rakugo, how to play it, or how to entertain him, and he does not act on the fate of Rakugo.


It is a character from the previous work, and it is “Yakumo” of the previous work “chrysanthemum ratio old” that it is the existence of the opposite and the true one.

He always thought of rakugo heavily and had his own thoughts on the Rakugo.
The end of the story was a decadent one, and that’s why his rakugo was a unique thing that no other rakugo had.

In a sense, it can be said that the work which has been lightened has given weight to the work.


The atmosphere of the work darkens a little as he appeared, as if he were proportional to the shade of the smell.
It’s not a bad meaning, but a story that tightens up and gives a good presence to the piece.

It is also because of the fierce experience of life depicted in the previous work, and the “weight” he feels for Rakugo that was centered in the experience.
His appearance gives “weight” in a good sense to the entire work.
It is not only about the theme of “Rakugo”.


To portray multiple themes beautifully

The theme of this work is not about the one thing called Rakugo.
I show the spread of “art” from Rakugo.
There is a macro extension, too, and there is a theme from a microscopic point of view such as “kin”, “parent and child”, and “talent”.

It is a characteristic of the work now that it portrays these themes splendidly at the same time.

At the heart of these themes is Rakugo, and on the other side there is Yakumo.
It was very high evaluation to have such consistency, and to have finished the story neatly to the last minute.


Acting as a wonderful voice actor as the previous work, the drawing to highlight it, the screenplay with a sense of stability (I feel that pull is better than centerless or previous work).
There, joined the charm of the heroine and hero, more power-up, was a good work.

However, it is still sober (laughs).
It will definitely be a modest topic.

However, the depth felt from the refreshing, profound theme which remains after it sees is quite the one.
I would like you to take a look.


Yota Talk

I wrote that “Yakumo” is the center of the theme.
But the main character in the review is “Yotaro”.
It is a “Yota talk” about this.


The main character is “Yakumo”, and only his life is a frame of the work though it is through the work “Showa Genroku Rakugo suicide” including the previous works.
However, I think that the hero of “now work” is “Yotaro”.
It was troubled to the last to this.
A double hero is the best answer.

Both of them meet the elements as a hero in terms of “growth”.
And both are at the center of the story.
However, it is yortaro to have always moved the story in the work now.
Then, I think that it is an element which makes it to the hero most.

Not only are you involved in the center of the topic, but the strength to move the story on your own is the essential condition of the hero.

That was the story.



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