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Ishijini Castle

Ishijini Castle

Ishijini Castle is a castle in the Shakujii Park in Nerima-ku, Tokyo, and it is said that Mr. Teshima, who ruled this area until the fifteenth century, was attacked by the famous Ota road-irrigation that had built the Edo Castle in the Civilization 9 years (1477). A large base is left but no entry is allowed.

shakujii_coverBasic Data >
Name: Shakujii Castle
● Location: Nerima-ku, Tokyo ( map )
-Castle: Kamakura era?
● Built principal: Mr. Teshima
Classification: Hira Yamashiro
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Visit >

shakujii01The Ishijini castle ruins are in the interior of Ishijini Park. First, we went to the park.

shakujii07Xers Teraike, which would have been the natural outer moat of Ishijini Castle. There is a ground base which is a castle ruins in this interior.

shakujii05This is the ground base which is Ishijini castle ruins. It is said that the trace of the mansion is found on this as a result of the soil base investigation according to the explanation board which has been installed a lot in the inside although it is blocked and it does not put it.

shakujii02Since the castle was abandoned in the Muromachi period, there are not so many documents and ruins, but I am glad that the explanation has been made as such. This is the explanation board of Tokyo. However, there are few figures because there is nothing.

shakujii03The explanation board is next to the splendid stone monument of Castle Ishijini. This is Nerima-ku edition.

shakujii04A beautiful explanation board made in 2003 is erected in front of a splendid soil base. This is the joint name of the city and the ward.

shakujii06Explanation board up. The inside of the enclosure is flat, and there is a large empty moat with a width of 12m depth 6m, and the ground base is higher than 3m now, and it was a considerably strong defense equipment.

Date of Visit: November, 2011


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