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Isn’t it a mistake of the bride of the Bad man? “The Witch Bride” review

Isn’t it a mistake of the bride of the Bad man? “The Witch Bride” review



Isn’t it a mistake of the bride of the Bad man? “The Witch Bride” review




Broadcast time 2017 autumn Anime-Winter anime 2018
Original Yamazaki Kore
Official site Http://


Because it is possible to see the one by nature, it is forgotten from others and the family, and it is covered in unhappiness and loneliness and it lives, and “Hatori Tomyo” passes to Britain while it is desperate and the mystery man recommends, and entrust the body to the auction of the Darkness as “commodity”.
In the venue, Chise will be awarded to Elias Ainsworth.
He told him that he would make Chilse a sorcerer, and eventually make him his wife.
In his life, he will meet the people of the unfortunate circumstances as well as himself, and face his past in saving their hearts.


Rating points: 62 points ★ ★ ☆ ☆


Overwhelming excitement at the beginning

The girl who despaired of life is bought by a solitary witch, and as a disciple of the Witch, the Second Life is sent.

That is a brief synopsis of this work.
As a fantasy lover, it’s a setting you can expect.


In addition, there are a lot of exciting depictions from the early stages to meet this expectation.
The hero, the girl who bought the “Chilse” is a lone witch, “Ainworth”, aka “Elias”.
His head is like a demon, but wearing a robe and talking to a gentlemanly, it is eerie and mysterious at the same time.

The house he lives in is in the remote countryside of Britain, and the background is wonderful.
It’s a forest, a house, a character.
They are pictured in beautiful pictures.


And why did the girl, who is a hero, become doomed to despair of life and be bought by wizards?
It will be revealed later in one story.

She is a singular predisposition to be liked by fairies.
However, the fairy who is liked does not necessarily make everyone in the person and surrounding people happy.
Therefore, her surroundings are often unhappy, and it has been made to the House of the relative in the waffling.

The witch does not treat such her, and it touches the extreme usual.
Because, he himself is another “creature” that deviates from human society, and does not embrace fear or discrimination in the chilse.
In such a wizard, the Chilse gradually opens his heart.

Girl x Outside, the Royal road Love story begins now…



There was a time when I thought so (weep)


My husband ruin all the.

The main character, the Chilse.

She is a good character.
It is the one that it is useless if it thinks about the past, and has power to move the story like the hero though there is a scene which is too dark.
With courage and wisdom, we save people and increase our companions.

But sometimes she worries like a girl, and she is hurt.
From there, with the help of the surrounding people, the appearance to grow and solve it firmly by oneself is a mirror of the hero very much.

In addition, it is lovely. Important
It is a hero who is good.

It is the person who becomes such her husband, the master, and the second main character, the witch “Elias”.
This is the reason why he lowered the appeal of this work.


In short, his faults are“totally unreliable.”

The strong character feeling is great in the early stage.
It is rumored that it is an excellent wizard, and the Terrible of the witch who lived for thousands of years is felt from the irregular appearance and calm manners though it is a dislike of the human being.

I came to help Chise who was likely to be kidnapped by a fairy, and it was active at the stage of one or two episodes.
But it really is only in the early stages.


First of all, “I protect the chilse!” It is not possible to defend almost all while saying the thing.

In most cases, it is not possible to prevent harm from being kidnapped or injured.
Only once, and not a similar mistake many times he will.


Then, it is not so if it is a work to save the chise which became a pinch cool like the cobra now.

In a pinch, the chilse basically solves it by himself.
Ainnes is only giving advice while silently watching and making a big sense.

When it was terrible, it came to help, and the Chilse was able to help it oppositely.
I don’t think he’s cool at all.
THE incompetent.

Moreover, it turns out that it is a body which cannot be unreasonable such as using magic from the beginning of Oita.
Nevertheless, to pinch the chilse, and to bear almost all of it, Elias continues to stay with the unknown face is only hatred.


This is a work that can be satisfied if the struggle of the girl who supports the gag work and such a bad witch.
But now, as the work has been described earlier, Elias is set up as a great magician.

The violence of the gap here is the best contradiction, and I cannot immerse myself in the world by seeing contradiction here.

It is not possible to import feelings into the exchange of Chilse and Elias which is the main axis of the story.
This incompetence is why the Chilse is falls and left…
Such a doubt is born.


The way of fascination with the hero is a very skillful…

The way of the exchange between Chilse and Elias is quite skillful.

The chilse is trying to lower self-esteem from past upbringing and to save others by self-sacrifice and to improve their own value even a little.
Therefore, it just carelessly makes it unreasonable without thinking about me.

As she is swayed by such a girl, Elias begins to have a human feeling.
, But I don’t know how to deal with this feeling for the first time, and I feel like a child.


The negotiation in these two people’s Daily parts is wonderful.
We create relationships that depend on each other’s past episodes.
And, when the story progresses, the dependence is made a problem.

, But this wonderful negotiation is ruined by the bumbling of Elias.

First of all, Elias doesn’t feel attracted to himself.
There is a convincing depiction of the falls of the main character.
It is because it is the other party admitted for the first time in having lived in the society which has not been admitted until now.
But that is why it has become dependent.
This has become a problem in Sakuchu, and the Chilse is trying to break away from there.

Here, Elias has to show his efforts and results to get rid of it, but he doesn’t.

Moreover, because it is shank like the child though it cannot use it, it is making to the troublesome man.

He has little sociability.
Because there is no ability in spite of that, stress accumulates more and more.


The characters around him are helping (including Chilse).

Elias is already a heroine.
Moreover, it is a nasty heroine.
He just pulls his foot, and he gives almost nothing to the hero.


Other sub-characters are only good characters

On the other hand, all characters except Elias are good characters.

Pupil of a magician who hates witches.
Elias is the mentor and administrator of the Dragon.
A faithful guardian spirit of the Chilse.
A quiet parlor straw.

All of them are unique, and there is a fantasy element there as well.

They are competent as opposed to Elias, and a good help person in the chilse.
I watch over her.

I would be annoyed by the incompetence of Elias all the more because the character is good…


The world view of the masterpiece

One of the best things about my work now is that I draw a wonderful view of the world carefully with a good drawing.

Magic, fairies, dragons.
It is a perfect representation of a wonderful fantasy world in which it coexist.

When we portray this world view, there is not much work to do now, although it is too hard to describe the setting and the tempo of the story becomes bad.
The scene of the depiction of the view of the world is relate to the event such as the hero’s growth well, and it plays the story progress and compatibility.

Somewhat, the inner depiction of the main character and the depiction of magic may feel kudoi, but because it is drawn by beautiful drawing, there is no stress up there

The stress of the work now is the incompetence of Elias. R (Ry


Everything is excellent.

World view, story, theme, character.
Everything has a very high quality.

However, all are destroyed by Elias’s incompetent sore.
Only one character is useless, and I have realized that the fascination of my work is changing.

If there is a better place, if Elias is a little more cool.
The evaluation of this work would have changed a lot.
It’s very disappointing.


The tempo might be a little slow if another disadvantage is given.
It is good to be polite and emotional depiction of the main character, but I felt that the battle scenes were a little more appealing than the high tempo.


It is not kitsch that is not seen at all, and there are a lot of good places to start the view of the world.
It is good to try to put in a candidate when you want to see fantasy anime.
However, it is not recommended.

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