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It’s a love story with Tsundere & twin tails! “Tsukana Cooll × Sweet” Review!

It’s a love story with Tsundere & twin tails! “Tsukana Cooll × Sweet” Review!



It’s a love story with Tsundere & twin tails! “Tsukana Cooll × Sweet” Review!



つよきす Cool×Sweet 全6巻セット [マーケットプレイス DVDセット]

Broadcast time Jul. 2006-Sep. 2006
Original Tsuyokase
Official site Http://

Nao Konoe has been transferred to a private Ryumeikan.
She is a theatrical lover and tries to create a drama club at Ryukan, but the student council president, Misty Night, Erika says, “If you are moved by watching a play, you acknowledge the wound.”
After school on that day, it is Nao who performs the theater alone, but the play of Nao was failed in the influence of the Tsushima Leo which appeared by chance in the place…….


Rating Points: 66 points ★ ★ ☆ ☆(I think I’m working hard)


※ Does not include spoilers.


Tsundere Love & Friendship is not to be reckoned with

The original is a love game, but if you watch this work without knowing the background at all, simply

Love Drama

As the sides are strong.
It is a love story of a maiden viewpoint drawn by the main character Nao Konoe who was the standpoint of one of the heroine in the original.


And the perfection of the story is never low.
The reason for the love comedy is to be piled up effectively in the story of one stripe of slapstick which goes around the drama club creation.
The character of the main character Nao is “easy to understand Tsundere”, but the character is a single source without elements like flatter to the viewer, it is a very pleasant tsundere to watch.
Is this straightforward tsundere (contradiction? W), as it gradually wobbles in love, is indeed “girly”.
Like a girl cartoon…… It is not, and it is not, and it is likely to be the one to stimulate the viewer’s instinct that the love picture of Tsundere who shakes to the true feeling in the back of the chest and oneself which cannot be obediently is often made.
I think that the depiction of the feeling that moves little by few is in the quality which can be called honorable mention without failure.


Also, the character of the other heroine is not bad.

…… Rather, each heroine to be drawn around the relationship between basically Nao Konoe, the color inevitably leans to “friendship”.
And because each character is a tsundere (W), it is not a pedantic friendship, it becomes the development that the friendship grows up after it has caused the friction and feuding.
The exchange of the mind of this heroine is also prepared neatly dedicated episode, and is drawn politely.
There is no doubt that the good of this work is helping.


Maybe the original fan is not funny? W

I have never done the original story, but this animation works

“Works depicting only Nao Konoe thoroughly”

Other heroine comes out of course, but it is never even a little turn, the main character is Nao Konoe prime.
The love story is the one of Nao Konoe, and it is Nao Konoe that the setback and the success are experienced.

In other words, it is not hard to imagine that the other heroine fans will never get the thrill W


However, in order to make such a gal game an interesting animation, this is a must to throw away the element of multi-heroine.
The interesting thing about this film is that there is a foundation for creating a neat love story after a clear hero is placed and an easy-to-understand enemy role is put in place.
I think that it is not unreasonable in the guarantee of the quality of the story though the other heroine is considerably “slash” and thrown away.


“Entering” is difficult for people who do not know the original…

Since there are elements like the above, it is not an anime that can never be recommended for the original story lover.

Then, if it is said whether the person who does not know at all has the chance to see this work, perhaps not.
In the first place, there are a lot of works with a reputation of low quality when compared with the original.
It is still an impression that there are still a lot of mine animation in the age of this work though the tendency is considerably recedes in 2005 when Kyoani made Air.

This influence also, at a glance “Oh, I guess the original game? The title “Tsukana” that would have guessed with, to have the audience to watch anime lovers who do not know at all, it becomes a pretty hurdle.
It is likely to be avoided in “GE, this time of the GAL Gengan animation is a landmine W”.
The picture of the package and the cut of the scene also to compliment “God drawing!” There is no element that can be said, only at first glance, “The Big Game of anime (the possibility of landmines large w)”.

It seems that there was an aim of wanting to enter a new fan to the original by seeing the animation at that time, but at least now, there will not be a lot of people who try to advance this animation.


I think it’s too bad.
At least this work is not a kitsch or a landmine, and it is a high quality youth scroll which was drawn seriously.
It does not stop because it is too interesting, and there is never at the level that it does not have the wacky setting which attracts interest, but it is a story of the young girl who was made to Masuki really seriously.
Those who like it, I think it is a work worth watching.

By the way, I did not like the last scene so much that Shing treated the score.
I think it is a work of the honorable mention line until then.

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